Consul Report #9: All Aboard the Hype Train


Consul Report #9: All Aboard the Hype Train



A very happy March to all ye Sith, Force Disciples, Mercenaries and Loyalists out there beneath the Sadowan banner. As I am sure everyone is aware, this month finds us working together with Clan Plagueis in a bid to get some dark artifacts. Well, that is what we are after anyway. The Consul/“Conseal” of PLA is after some nonsense like ores and tech, I think. In any case, we are after good stuff for both Clans. Much to get very excited about.

hype train can't stop

The Prologue week and Week 1 of Operation: Antiquity has had a decent showing from Clan Naga Sadow, with 14 of our members taking part in at least one competition. Better than that, at least eight of those have taken part in at least three competitions so far! So, of course this means that I start making slightly excessive use of exclamation marks! Because you know what!? PARTICIPATION MAKES ME EXCITED!!!

(after all, any chance I have to lump some well-deserved praise on your lot makes me a happy man)

I know that Week 1 was a bit heavy for some folks with the twofold fiction prompts to address, but as we march into Week 2, you have a number of options to choose from. You can write a fiction from a pirate’s perspective. That sort of fiction not quite to your liking? There is a flash game and a puzzle to check out as well. Oh, there is also a cryptogram which gives you all a chance to stretch your brain muscle. For those who who like a slightly different vein of creativity, you can also take part in a humorous comic creation competition and a poetry competition. You can also help both Summits by locating some data on a couple of members of the Clans.

Go take a peek at the events that our own Ashia and Ronovi have put up on offer for Week 2. Of course, do not forget about the co-op fiction that runs the entirety of the three weeks. You have a week to take part in this phase of the event, and two weeks total to write and refine your co-op fiction.

Very much to get excited about. Very much


News Across the Clan


Member Accolades

Since the last report...

  • Hilgrif was promoted to Knight

  • Mu'L'Guh was promoted to Trainee (Novitiate 4)

  • Dakor Terro'k was promoted to Hunter

  • Xuner Holst earned an Anteian Cross

  • Etah has earned a Steel Cross

  • Erik Cato earned a Grand Cross

  • Xuner Holst has reached rank VII in the Inquisitorius

  • Hilgrif has reached rank VIII in the Grand Master's Royal Guard

  • Hilgrif has reached rank II in the Inquisitorius

  • Calenhad has reached rank II in the Shroud Syndicate

  • Ciara Ternan Rothwell Tarentae has reached rank II in the Inquisitorius

  • Ciara Ternan Rothwell Tarentae has reached rank II in the Shroud Syndicate

  • Xolarin has reached rank V in the Shroud Syndicate

  • Calenhad has reached rank X in the Grand Master's Royal Guard

  • Ciara Ternan Rothwell Tarentae became ACC qualified


It’s That Time Again…#askbenny

Hades asks:

  • "when is the fictional timetable for the clan to retake the system?"

If all goes according to plan, I hope to see us retake our system this summer.

Hilgrif asks:

  • "If people have suggestions to improve our clan Who do they contact"

If you have a suggestion for an improvement on a Clan level, you have myself, Ashia and Tasha’Vel as easy contact points. You can also talk to your respective Quaestor. Good folks on both House and Clan levels. We can give your thoughts a bit of a listen and take it from there.

Hilgrif asks:

  • "Will there be a list of top 10 or 20 locations from the location wiki comp from antiquity prelude for people to use in there antiquity comps"

I don’t think plans had been made to that effect. I have had some folks ask if they can use their location they created in the prelude, which is perfectly fine. Or folks can even create new ones that fit with the brief description given of the larger planet. They could even try to spin off into new locations on the planet. You had a great deal of wiggle room to be creative. I really don’t want folks to feel like they are restricted by what a small group of folks wrote up in the Prelude week, if that makes sense.

Hilgrif asks:

  • "Top three tips would you give the clan as a whole for antiquity"
  1. Have fun; 2. Try a bit of everything and ; 3. Focus on the things you enjoy, rather than worrying about pushing out as much content as you can

Hilgrif asks:

  • "If One of the members thinks they were portray incorrectly in a clan or house fiction Who would you suggest they contact the person who wrote it or the person in next line of command for example if in a battle team the battle team leader or if not in a Battle team the Aedile of there house (and on a side note my character has been portraying correctly in all the Fictions I have seen)"

If you have a concern, a worry, feel that you have not been portrayed properly in a fiction? Talk to your fellow Sadowan or DBJ’er. I mean, that would be the easiest way to do so. Another way to help ensure that your character is properly portrayed is to ensure your character sheet Aspects are up to date. I mean, sometimes folks don’t get your character 100 percent on the nose, but it will help. You can also do as some folks have done and include a bit more about your character on your Wiki so folks writing your character have additional insight into how to better portray properly.

A direct talk with the person is generally better than kicking it to the chain of command. We can help mediate if you feel you need it of course, but I hope that folks can resolve these things without having to refer to us.

Hilgrif asks:

  • "Will there be any competitions in antiquity aimed at the battle teams As a task force of some sort and if so will the battle teams have scores for competition sake between the battle teams"

In a short answer, no. Our focus was a bit more on personal autonomy over Battle Teams for this event.

Hilgrif asks:

  • "At the end of Antiquity will the relic change bentre any?"

< laughter is heard>

Possibly? We do not know what we might find, or what effects it might have on Bentre or any member in particular. I mean, it will be a bit hard to tell what sort of effects anything might have on the man until our payload is secured. Be it relic, relics, some big mystical mcGuffin or a Star Map, it could have some direct or indirect effect. However, it is just as likely to have some effect on any other member of Plagueis or Naga Sadow.

Hilgrif asks:

  • "With so many comps in antiquity can you suggest people focus on what they do best or try Speed running through them all"

If you want to speed run through everything, go for it. However, I would suggest that folks focus in particular on one or a few competitions each week that they can particularly shine with. I mean, I have found when I have a chance to focus on a particular competition I tend to enjoy myself more. I think that should be a bit more important than ticking all the boxes.

Then again, some folks (including myself) like to tick all the boxes. So, it does really come down to personal preference to a degree.


Parting Words

Operation: Antiquity marches on (in March) into Week 2. Probably said that already, but that is what we are currently rocking. We have seen a decent ratio of the participation from Clan Naga Sadow, but I do hope we will see more. I enjoy reading/watching/admiring the content created by our members. That and, the more folks do, the more chances we have to brag on our members. And give shinies. I really like having opportunities to reward our members.

can't stop

Don't stop believing in yourselves. You can do so much. Get out there. Take part. Have fun. More than all that, remain awesome, Naga Sadow. In all that you do.

I remain, as ever, your Servant in Darkness,


Consul of Naga Sadow

I'mma use the handbrake on this hype train.

What do you mean the handbrake is broken?

We're all going to crash and die?!

I blame Benny.

The hype conductor has passed out.

All aboard to Hype Station.

One way only.

On getting to destination with the hype train ; a fleet could be available for rescue hours before destination point. For safety,I guess. Extraction plan.

good report. looking forward to more competition

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