House Shar Dakhan Quaestor Report #6: Veiled Curtain Part I: Three Shades of Black Finale


House Shar Dakhan Quaestor Report #6: Veiled Curtain Part I: Three Shades of Black Finale



Scene 5

The Escape

The teams started their evacuating process immediately, escorting the wounded Rangers that could be moved out of the dig site. Those that were not attending to the injured gathered vital equipment. The Rangers moved with a purpose, no doubt still amped up from the firefight. Commander Krill instructed four Rangers to reconnoiter the auxiliary tunnel at the back of the site.

“Sergeant, recon that tunnel, let us see how these clown shoes flanked us. I want eyes and ears wide open, full spectrum analysis, maintain communication and live feed to the gunships.” Krill instructed.

“Roger that Commander,” replied the Sergeant.

DarkHawk paused for a moment to watch the House members working in unison, their coordinated efforts completing the mission. Just then the Quaestor’s commlink squawked followed by a familiar voice.

“DarkHawk, this is Jurdan, I have Macron in Spectre Two. He sustained a couple of good hits but is stable for the moment. He’s a tough old buzzard. He wants to speak.”

“Copy that, go ahead Spectre Two.”

“Give them Hell,” coughed the madman. “Kill all of them.”

Jurdan’s voice chimed back in. “That’s the spirit. The rest of the Rangers and myself are on the way back in….Copy.” “Copy Jurdan, double-time it. I don’t know how much time we have so let's get these folks the hell out of here.”

“Copy that boss…”

Within minutes more Rangers flooded the cavern with medical supplies. The quick and efficient efforts of the Rangers were impressive to say the least. Battlefield medical has never been a pretty sight to say the least. It is raw in every aspect, forever burning the image in one's mind. Krill’s men were impressive tending to their wounded. Each Ranger had meticulously trained to treat their brethren. They were combat medics. They handled the injured and began to extract them out to the gunships. The casualties would receive further treatment and surgeries upon return to the fleet.

Commander Krill began barking orders as soon as his reinforcements hit the dig site.

“Devil dogs! No time for lollygagging, stabilize and mobilize! Move your arses!” Krill barked.

Sanguinius Enter remained stoic as he stood over the burial site. The three remaining Sadow’s, Malik, Malisane and Jades, approached their Aedile without disturbing his thoughts.

“All this time our history laid in this desolate gravesite, forever lost,” the Aedile spoke in soft words.

The four Sons of Sadow embraced those words and allowed them to flow through their consciousness. The Staff of Urais is more than an artifact to the members of the House. It is heritage, which at that moment was everything.

Krill and his Rangers continued to evacuate the dead and wounded diligently. Battlelord Jurdan Krennel and a dozen lively Rangers entered the site. With fresh medical supplies and gurney’s, the last of the dead and wounded would be on their way back up to the surface shortly.

DarkHawk approached the House Aedile and the other Sadow’s cautiously. They appeared to be in deep thought.

“Master, we need to get to the gunships. I feel this fight is not over.”

“Indeed DH, I agree with your assessment. Though I feel we should leave our new friends with a parting gift…”

To be continued, be ready to follow the House’s adventure’s...


Hello Dakhanians, welcome to another fun-filled HSD report. I am late, I believe I am still on my Aedile schedule of report release, so since this is a short month, you will get two, so I can drive between the lines here!!!

Well, Three Shades of Black is wrapping up and the fiction part is still WIDE open until tomorrow to get your submissions in. Soooo..... GET YOUR SUBMISSIONS IN!!!!! I have given you all the Intel and Dossiers on our aggressors, so I know you have used that wisely to properly plan out your retrieval of this sacred artifact!

I will let you all know that once all the fiction submissions are in and the rest of the containers close out, I will be putting together a survey on it, so YES I want good honest, solid feedback lol!

Now we will be heading into a joint Clan endeavor that our illustrious Summit has coordinated with Clan Plagueis and you can indulge yourself with the cool Prologue here:

Cal and Vosiri are working a comp up for the House. So if any of you have ideas or want to collaborate with anyone else, please let myself or Master Sang know so that we can keep those projects in the books (So to speak). Your ideas for events/comps are just as important as whatever Clan/House come up with. So please feel free to shoot some ideas over I know you dirt merchants have them!!!!

On House Accolades, I was deep in battle at the ACC then it timed out on my opponent, so I will have to start over. Was hoping I would have had it down and then I could have posted my 2 Sage degrees I would get from it. Ok, so that is my mission for this week ACC!!!

Cal raised his GMRG up to a whopping X!!! Way to go buddy!!!! As well as 3 Clusters of Graphite for Participation in the Fancy disguise competition.

Malik smashed a few comps these past few weeks and retained his strength in the puzzle comp arena! Awesome Sir! Cal and Xuner are working an NPC project for Dark Council/Summit, congrats to you both can’t wait to see what you two come up with.

I will be revisiting (on paper) our role(s) as a House with the direction of the Clan. Master Muz had given me some excellent inputs and I want to start fleshing them out in relation to us as a House. So I will probably be asking you a ton of questions on your characters in the near future.

When you guys get a chance, please congratulate Ciara from HMR on her selection as the new Magistrate to the Headmaster. CONGRATS!!!!

Not finished with HMR! As well as Mis Ciara, please congratulate Xolarin for his selction as the new HMR Aedile! Very well done Sir!



Comps, GO GET SOME!!!!:

CNS Rollmaster:

Fist Report:

Headmaster Report:

HMR AED Report:

Combat Master Report:

Wiki Tribune Report:

Justicar Report:

NightHawks BTL Report:



So one last thing as a reminder, GET YOUR TSoB SUBMISSIONS IN!!!!!!!!! Other than that I want to thank every one of you, and I have started the process of recognition for all your efforts over the last few weeks. You ALL have made my job easy, except Marcus and Mac who are always hitting me! LOL! As always if I missed anything please let me know so I can correct it.


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