Consul Report: Coming Home from Homefront


Consul Report: Coming Home from Homefront


Good afternoon to all ye Sadowans.

Now, this report is going to be a little crunchier than normal. That is just kind of the way things go, though. I am sure everyone has seen the War results, but I am going to go over some things and offer a bit of perspective. That, and I think highlighting what folks accomplished is a lot more meaningful than just saying “hey y’all, thanks for coming out!” Though, I do thank you all for that too.

This war was competitive. Everybody brought their A game. The results could be seen as slightly discouraging at first glance. I urge you all to take a look at the bigger picture, however. You all fought hard. The results do not in any way diminish the efforts of our Clan folk. For example, I want to offer my congratulations to the Champion from Clan Naga sadow for Great Jedi War XIV. Cymbre Kall earned a Silver Nova and a Bronze Nova for her efforts in this last War. I also wanted to take some time to congratulate our other members for their efforts during the War.

We had a number of you who hit all the bins: Sanguinius, Hades, Malisane, DarkHawk, Tasha'Vel, Cymbre, Shimura, Kojiro, Muz Ashen, Zsarion Bloodfyre and (as loathe as I am to toot my own horn) Bentre. Kojiro (and myself) also listed among the 7 members who participated in all the available competitions in this last War. Folks fought hard, got Seals for themselves, got credits for themselves and the Clan, and further contributed to our Clan's war bonus credits. Good stuff. It earned the Clan just over 52 million credits and some change. This, alongside the credits we get from clusters, will allow our Clan to further supplement our military and space fleet assets.


Clan Participation Breakdown

If we break down the participation numbers, we get a pretty interesting picture of things. In the Event-Long competitions, Clan Naga Sadow had 96 entries between 26 unique participants. In the Phase 1 competitions, Clan Naga Sadow had 108 entries among 26 unique participants. In Phase 2, Clan Naga Sadow had 95 entries between unique participants. Over the course of the War, Clan Naga Sadow's efforts brought 299 individual entries by 29 of our number.

Let me give this a little more context. Our Clan brought 16% of the entries from the Event-long competitions. Our Clan also brought roughly 16% of the entries in during the Phase 1 competitions. Just over 15% of the Phase 2 competitions came from our Clan. When you look at the overall numbers, you can see that Clan Naga Sadow's 299 entries rather consistently again made up 16% of the total war entries. As a matter of fact, our Clan makes up 16% of unique participants.

While this might seem a bit odd, it is worth noting that Clan Naga Sadow's participation tracks alongside that of other Clans per participating individuals when you compare entries relative to unique participants, on the average. (I compared Arcona to Naga Sadow when looking at ratios)

When you compare our roster at the end of War, we had 69% of our members take part in some portion of the War. When you look at our potential participation, we reached 23.73% of our total potential participation.


Individual Participation Breakdown

  • Muz Ashen earned 14 Seals of Vision
  • Zsarion Bloodyfre earned 14 Seals of Vision
  • Macron Goura Sadow earned 1 Seal of Vision
  • Malik Sadow earned 5 Seals of Vision
  • Bentre Sadow earned 30 Seals of Vision
  • Ashura Sadow earned 3 Seals of Vision
  • Etah Obsidyn earned 8 Seals of Vision
  • Robert Sadow earned 4 Seals of Vision
  • Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar earned 18 Seals of Vision
  • Locke Sonjie earned 5 Seals of Vision
  • Ashia Kagan Keibatsu earned 4 Seals of Vision
  • Kojiro Keibatsu earned 30 Seals of Vision
  • Malisane Sadow earned 14 Seals of Vision
  • Pel Tarentae earned 5 Seals of Vision
  • Tasha'Vel Versea earned 12 Seals of Vision
  • Darkhawk KogaRyu earned 22 Seals of Vision
  • Hades earned 12 Seals of Vision
  • Raistlin earned 19 Seals of Vision
  • Cymbre Kall earned 19 Seals of Vision
  • Armad earned 4 Seals of Vision
  • Shimura Keibatsu earned 21 Seals of Vision
  • Scarlet Agna earned 3 Seals of Vision
  • Alexander DelGotto earned 2 Seals of Vision
  • Hilgrif earned 2 Seals of Vision
  • Rivio Rosan earned 4 Seals of Vision
  • Crawramek Turazza earned 2 Seals of Vision
  • Malevek earned 5 Seals of Vision
  • Xolarin (though now with Taldryan) earned 10 Seals of Vision


Individual Placements in Competitions Breakdown


What The War Results Mean for the Clan

Simply put, this War was as super competitive as always. The nice things of War- the Novae, the accolades, the recognition are all just that, nice. The absence or presence of internet kudos do not diminish the work you all have put in. I saw a lot of excitement in this War, I think that is evident by the entries we did see.

I do not want the results to take anything away from what all of you put into this event. Again, you all fought hard. One part of me wants to use the sort of saccharine sweet lines that make people cringe at their cliche nature. The other part wants to be a bit more analytical. I figure that a mix of both is really what is called for here. We have a shared experience as a Clan. We craft these stories, these experiences, together. The things that we create together, those are something to be proud of. And in that way, I could not be any prouder of you all for your efforts in the War. That is how I felt before the War results were published, and that has not changed.

As I said before the War, the competitive nature of things would have the other Clans gunning for our backs. We have some talented people both within and without our Clan. Above all though, the end of this war is not the end. We have our own Clan narrative to pursue, our own tales to tell (besides the storylines that we will doubtlessly pursue on the club level) as we move forward. The Summits are already working so that we can hit the ground running again, on the other side of our next wee event.

You all stand by, we will start plugging out awards and recognitions soon!


Pro Bowl

So what comes next? It is none other than the 2020 Pro Bowl. This fourth iteration of the Pro Bowl will see members of Clan Plagueis, Clan Naga Sadow and Clan Taldryan coming together to compete. Now, the neat twist to a Pro Bowl is that the team lines won't be along Clan lines, though. Rather, the results of the PB's prologue competition will determine the draft order of the teams.

The Pro Bowl will be a three week event hosted by Plagueis. Comparing this event to other major events, a Pro Bowl is neither lore-heavy, nor is it meant to be strenuous in its content. Teams will be drafted from a mixture of members from each of the three Clans. The big focus of the Pro Bowl is to submit to as many competitions as possible! The more competitions you enter, the better your team will do. These teams, like these competitions, are meant to be fun. (Also, a special thanks to Arden Karn di Plagia, Justinios Taldrya, and Sanguinius Entar for being our organizers and judges!) Keep an eye

So, to get things started, I am going to highlight our three teams and their respective captains:

Team BAT: Bentre Stahoes, TuQ'uan Varick, Appius Wright

Team TEDTalk (TED): Seraine "Erinyes" Ténama, Takagari "DarkHawk" KogaRyu, Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae

Team Lightning- or as I call them Team KACHOW! (ZRT): Ronovi Tavisaen, Zyxl Taldrya, Tasha'Vel Versea

There is a whole lot of fun to be had as we head into the Pro Bowl season. All of our team captains are looking forward to working with our members across the three Clans and within the other respective Clans. Have fun, and may the best team win!

If you have any other questions pertaining to how the Pro Bowl will go, you can click here for the official competition page.


Parting Words

The end of this last Great Jedi War is just the beginning of yet another great journey for the Brotherhood and the Clan. I do want to take a moment to offer a congratulations to our competitors in Arcona, Vizsla, Odan-Urr and the other Clans. The Dark Council also ran a pretty smooth War, and for that I wanted to take a moment to thank them. And again, I want to thank you Naga Sadow. All things equal, we had a good War effort. There are some things we have to take away from our experience, and the Clan Summit will be discussing what is actionable and how we can help us improve as a unit. Those discussions will begin with House Summits as well in short, and I am confident that we will come out a stronger Clan in the end for it all.

We still have Collective-aligned infiltrators and other story threads to chase in Orian, and beyond. I look forward as we continue exploring and developing our collective galaxy far, far away with the rest of you in the months to come. Don’t worry your heads too much, either as the Consul, Proconsul and House Summits are already hard at work reviewing everybody’s War efforts and activities. Watch those email boxes. :)

And As Ever, I Remain Your Servant In Darkness,


Overlord of Naga Sadow

Well said and job well done, all things considered.

Nice report, Bentre. I feel like you laid things out pretty well.

Nice report. Congrats on a well-fought war.

Anyone down for some bowling? ;)

I've heard from a guy it will be the most pro of bowls

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