Consul Report January '19 #1


Consul Report January '19 #1


Hello Taldryan, happy new year and welcome to my first Report in 2019.



Clan news

While I am still looking for someone who will be able to take up Quejos work as Proconsul, both Andrelious and Nihlus along Aldaric and Morax have started working on their house level projects and have released their first House Reports along a few competitions. You can find their reports here and their competitions a bit further down this report:

In other Clan related news, Justinios Drake has been awarded the titel of Son of Taldrya. For anyone paying attention on the activities of Taldryan, Justinios shouldn't be unknown to. Among his work, he was largely responsible for the development of House Ektrosis and the SRI while leading the House by example.

Along this, two more members of Taldryan have been rewarded for their outstanding work:

  • Alaris Jinn has been awarded a Ruby Scepter for his activities as part of the Fist staff and in the recent Rite of Supremacy
  • Andrelious Mimosa-Inahj has been awarded an Amethyst Kukri for his service as Aedile of Ektrosis, his exceptionally good work during the recent Rite of Supremacy and for him being largely responsible for the proposal that led to the recreation of our second House Archanis and its reopening.

Brotherhood news

Reports from the Dark Council


Caelus Chronicles: Chapter V – Endgame (Fiction part #3)

Jiq Morvit, a human of average height stood completely silent inside his set of Caelus Security Force armor as the second Caelus Security Force officer opposite of him on Ceyra’s other side pressed the button for the third floor of the spaceport. It would not take long for them to arrive; the window of opportunity was small, and he would need to act quickly. A moment later, the lift doors slid closed and the hulk of metal thrust downwards.

Grabbing Ceyra by the bicep, Jiq pushed her against the wall of the lift. He drew one of the blaster pistols holstered at his hip, before leveling it at the other guard in a flash. A soft blue coil fired from the end of the weapon and hit the Caelus Security officer squarely in the chest, stunning him.

“Lady Ceyra, we need to get out of here.” Jiq said, turning to the woman still stunned by the most recent events.

The ring of a bell announced the lift arriving at its destination. “Come on, we need to warn the Consul.”

“Who, who are you, and why are you helping me?” Ceyra stammered, slowly recovering from the shock of her experience.

“Jiq Morvit, at your service.” the human said with a grin, “I have been recruited by Clan Taldryan during one of their missions to locate the individual Vishes - I’ve have been working with one of their members, named Justinios Drake.”

You can find the full and all following fiction updates here on discourse: Caelus Chronicles Chapter V: Endgame (Clan Fiction)

I admit the splitting of the pieces could have been better as those of you that have already taken a look at the Endgame Fiction #1 competition have been aware that both Ceyra and Jiq managed to escape, anyways I still hope you are enjoying the fiction and event so far, the last part will be up shortly and I will post a separate newspost for that one once its up.


Honorable Mentions

There are still a few awards that need to be given out for the participation in the recent RoS and I am apologizing for the delay I will correct this as part of the news post with the final part of the Caelus Chronicles Endgame fiction.



Caelus Chronicles - Chapter V: Endgame

Clan wide

Brotherhood wide







That's the end of my first report in 2019, I hope all of you have savely arrived in the new year. My start so far has been sort of mixed from my new RL job but things are settling there and I am slowly accomodating to the new office. In terms of the DB, this will be the last month of the Caelus Chronicles and while I can assure you that there will be more competitions around the Caelus System and its citizens, the next thing you will see from me will be a interclan event between Ektrosis and Archanis in May so stay tuned on updates on that one.

~Rian Taldrya

Son of Taldrya

Consul of Taldryan

Ektrosis vs Archanis: The Beginning. Can’t wait!

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