CSP Rollmaster Report #1 | Smoke and Mirrors


CSP Rollmaster Report #1 | Smoke and Mirrors



  • Welcome to my 1st Report
  • Project #1 - CSP Wiki (volunteers welcome)
  • Project #2 - Regular Gaming Nights: (volunteers needed)
  • Volunteers will be Rewarded for the Efforts
  • Clan Health: Member Survey
  • Comps for the Clan!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first report as the clan’s Rollmaster..!

As you all know, I have very big shoes to fill given that our very own Proconsul has held the position for over 2 years (from September 12, 2016 to November 29, 2018 to be precise)! Seriously, two years… does anyone remember a time when Mune didn't have the job?

So a big thank you to Mune for looking over us and congratulations on making it to PCon! And everyone bear with me as I adjust to the new reality.

In my application as Rollmaster, I told our Clan Summit Leadership about some changes that I wanted to bring to the Rollmaster’s position during my tenure. One of these big changes is that, I want to use my neutral (houseless) position to create rivalry opportunities between the clan’s Houses. My hope is to work with each House’s Aediles and Quaestors in an effort to pit each house against each other.

I mean, what makes a good story? Honestly, is it the same old status quo? NO…! It’s all about making people believe that they know where things are going and then pulling the rug right from under them and closing a chapter on a cliffhanger so that folks have something to rave about, and hopefully come back for. I wouldn't have gone through 8 seasons of Walking Dead if it weren't for that recipe, cause honestly the ghouls are all old news.

With that in mind, I’ve already approached each house’s Aediles, and I’m already cooking up something for the Clan’s latest spurt of competitions that Eli and Mune have in store for us for Valentine's day. I’m hoping you'll enjoy our little twist and have a blast!! So stay tuned for that…!!

Clan Projects

Part of being Rollmaster is being involved with clan projects, and as always with such projects, one needs helpers / volunteers. If you're interested in any of the projects below, please reach out to me.

The CSP Wiki

The latest project that now comes with the position is the Clan Wiki. I've surveyed 26 clan pages, all of which have various degrees of attention needed. For example, CSP's history page hasn't been added to since December 2015 when we finished the Monstrosity campaign! Add to that the CSP main page that has far too much information about everything on it, including the more recent clan histories. I'd also like to create a New Member page that helps members integrate themselves into the Clan itself (make things simpler)

Simply put, there's a lot of information to sift through, but the idea is constant deliberate progress over the next few months, and I might tap BTLs, Aediles/Quaestors about specific sections, etc.

Regular Gaming Nights

I know this idea has been discussed in the past, but I don't think it went anywhere. Instead of negotiating a time that is perfect for everyone, I'm looking for people that can host a gaming night once or twice a month for roughly an hour. The idea is to have regular gaming nights that people can jump on whenever they have spare time, not have a perfect date for everyone.

Volunteer hosts should choose a game and gaming night that is convenient for them, and I will advertise those gaming nights on our clan information page. I want to be able to tell everyone that the <<Game Name>> Night is being held every 2nd Tuesday between 8-9pm Eastern, if interested please contact <<Volunteer Name and contact info>> for more info.

To volunteer your time to host a regular gaming night (your favourite game at the most convenient time for the organizer) there is now a form for that: https://goo.gl/forms/CWSf9oTnefi8Hpbq2


Those of you that take the time out of your schedules to volunteer their time for various functions like assisting with plot twists, doing wiki work or hosting gaming nights; I'm letting you know right now that I'll be keeping track of your efforts, and will be including them in any performance reports that may cross my desk.

Volunteering goes a long way towards helping the Clan do better and it shows potential managers (summit leaders, Dark Councillors, even real life managers) that you're reliable, engaged, and dedicated, which means you're more likely to be chosen if you've shown consistent effort. It's also experience that looks really nice on a résumé IRL (particularly for students looking for that first job) and will potentially get you firm letters of recommendation from your summit leaders.

All your hard work will be rewarded.

Clan Membership Health

The day I applied for the Rollmaster's position the Clan membership totaled 43 members. In the short span of a month since then, our numbers are now down to 41.

Two in a month isn't so bad,you're right; but when you consider we had 55 members when I first joined the DJB back in 2015, that translates into losing slightly more that a quarter of our initial membership within four years… we have to collectively look at why that is, and then we have to start turning the tide and attracting more people.

One of the things I'd like to do is create more opportunities for rogues to join in on our clan fun (ie: regular gaming nights). I also want to hype the story lines we weave, the houses we have, the games we like to play, and the wonderfully unique and extremely creative members we currently have.

In that vein, I want to know what brought you to the DJB? What made you choose CSP? Is there something you'd like to see happen in CSP, something you'd like to see less of..? Do you have ideas of your own that you'd like to see brought to life?

If you have any answers to the above, then I urge you to fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/PspFuRgNETlIflP72

All your comments will remain confidential, but I will reach out to you if you do write.

Ask the Cali

Dek Ironius asks:

More people to play OW with, even if it’s just for fun.

But a question: what are some interesting things in CSP we can look forward to?

Thanks for the question, Dek! Hopefully I covered everything off in my report with what you can look forward to with me as RM. In general, I'm hoping we get more fun in as a clan, so I'll be pestering folks to get that!

With respect to OW: did you want to volunteer and host a regular game night?

Kadrols asked:

Can I have a Museum?

Believe Eli answered that one! Stop going around to mom when dad already gave you an answer!! ;)

Mark Schueler asked:

No Minecraft any more?

I totally forgot about that! My kids found my PC Minecraft and decided to play with my settings. I might have to show up in a Spiderman costume or something weirder!

Jorm Na'trej asked:

Just how tempted are you to rename every requirement and certificate "Calification?"

Ohhhhh! Such a good idea!! It's totally out of my hands for now, but as soon as I have spies in the Shadow Academy, I will try to make this happen! That, or when I get the HM’s job… the chances of that happening now is probably nil given the answer provided. ^.^

Competitions (or playing for bragging rights)!

There is lots going on competition wise, but not always inter-House stuff where we can encourage a little bit of friendly rivalry! As Rollmaster, I'd like to encourage anything that either encourages CSP members to play against each other or outright play together, so I’m concentrating my efforts in pointing out inter-House / CSP Wide comps.

In that vein, I'm very excited with Bale Andros’ Excidium Contract Board [EMB] competitions! If you're a creative writer or a graphic artist, he's got stuff for you to sink your teeth into, and he's opened it up too anyone in CSP! <3

EMB Comps:

CSP Consul Monthly Fiction Topic

Our supreme leader is also hosting a monthly fiction writing competition! I'll be listing them here:

There's plenty more out there! Check out a full listing here: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions

So go forth and play, and if you don't see something you like, then reach out to someone and get the discussion going on how to get it up and running!

And that's it from me fellow CSPers..! Find something you enjoy, have fun, and keep at it!


But I like mom better!

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