HAP January Mid-Month Report: There's Stuff to Do Right Meow!


HAP January Mid-Month Report: There's Stuff to Do Right Meow!


The Left Wing of Dread Sends...Again

Meow, I know what you are thinking. It’s the middle of the month, Drac’s not supposed to do another report! I know you are all expecting a report from our ballin’ Aedile, Taranae, but as sometimes happens, real life has her a bit preoccupied at the moment. So, in order to help take a load off of her, I’m dropping a SECOND report this month! Since I just reported on the state of the House two weeks ago, I’m going to use this as a chance to remind you of all the great stuff going on in the House and Clan right meow!



What’s HAPpening Meow

A reminder, Clan Plagueis: The Wise is going on right now. The House Summit is keeping track of literally every single activity you take part in. Do stuff, get rewarded. Meow that’s what I call a pretty sweet event! As a refresher, here’s how the whole event works:

Here’s how the whole thing works:

Every general activity you perform within in the Dark Brotherhood has a point value. These point values are listed below and are based on perceived difficulty and time taken. At the end of the month the points will be tallied and the top three most active members of Clan Plagueis will be awarded a crescent.


  • Competition placement: 5 points

  • Competition participation: 3 points

  • Co/organizing a competition: 2 points

  • Earning 1 Cluster of Ice: 2 points


  • ACC win: 6 points

  • ACC loss: 4 points

Shadow Academy

  • Course: 5 points

  • Novitiate Course: 1 point

  • Pundit: 3 points

  • Maven: 5 points

  • Savant: 7 points

  • Sage: 10 points


  • Cluster of Fire: 2 points

  • Cluster of Earth: 1 point

  • Pendant of Blood: 5 points

All activity will be tracked and tallied at the end of each month by the Clan Plagueis summit. No need to submit anything through this competition to count.

Also, don’t forget about the big Clan-wide Run-on, The Tides of Darkness. A lot of you have either posted or are in the wings to post, and that’s awesome. Eiko and I have already reserved a spot for the next driving post, so be on the lookout for that once everyone has finished their reserved posts. We’ve got some fun stuff planned for both Houses, so go reserve your spot right meow!



Meow, About that Upcoming Feud


The feud with Clan Odan-Urr is almost upon us. While I don’t know any of the major details, I will tell you that Teylas and Slags have been working extremely hard with the COU Summit to bring us a first-class event. I do know that unlike most Clan Plagueis competitions, participation will probably not play as much of a role in this event. Since it’s a feud, placements are going to matter. So brush up on your writing skills, get out those stubby pencils, and test yourselves in the fires of PVP gaming. Meow is the time to prepare!



There’s always something to do in the DB. Go to the Competitions page RIGHT MEOW to find more stuff! As a friendly reminder, be sure to check the target unit for a competition prior to signing up. If it’s DB-Wide, Clan-Wide, HAP or DoD focused, you’re good to sign up. If it’s outside of that list of units, email the competition organizer and make sure they’ll actually let you place or even participate in the event. Some will, some won’t. Don’t allow yourself to be surprised and disappointed if you compete in another Clan, House, or Battleteam’s event and wind up not receiving any credit!



Honors, Arrivals, and Promotions

Welcome to Crythis Dragos! Crythis has been tearing it up in the Shadow Academy! Glad to have you on the team!


Go Read Some Other Reports Meow!

FIST Report - Val says goodbye. Val is a real life friend of mine, and has done absolute wonders for our gaming community. Go read his report, look at the comments, and feel free to leave your own. Val’s service as FIST is a testament to his character and leadership.

Headmaster Report #18 HM is looking for a Praetor and a Magistrate.

Clan Plagueis Report - An absolutely outstanding farewell fiction from Callus, a solid explanation of what it means to be Dark from Teylas, and all sorts of info about the upcoming Feud with Clan Odan-Urr.

Plagueis Rollmaster Report - Kelly drops a RM report. Go check it out right meow!

Herald Report #11 - Vyr shows off some of the awesome new sabers the Herald Staff has designed. There’s a #asktheherald section! Meow that’s pretty awesome!



Meow For Some Final Thoughts

Folks, there’s plenty to do right meow. The Summit is working extremely hard to make sure that you all have plenty to do between now and the feud. Go sign up for competitions. Give the ACC a try. Immerse yourself in everything this Club has to offer. And remember, while we all come from different backgrounds and countries, we are all alike in our love of all things Star Wars. Come join us on Telegram. Send us an email from time to time. As I said in my email to the House just the other day, we WANT to hear from you. So log in, do some things, and keep having fun. Seriously, though...go do the things!


Until next time!



Great report. Good job!

Thanks for doing this for me Drac. You don't know how much it means. I'll be sure to be back next report - thanks for your time and a great read!



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