Headmaster Report #10


Headmaster Report #10



I've been lucky to have a relatively stable staff since I assumed the role of Headmaster. A few docents and professors have retired in that time, but my core staff -- Ood, Meleu, Farrin -- hasn't changed until now. As Mav noted in his most recent report, Meleu has moved on to bigger and better things. I wish him the best of luck as M:DGM. So now I find myself down a magistrate. It's not the most glamorous work, but it's important, it can be very rewarding, and I'm a great boss (unlike that Mav guy, I hear he's mean).

But also! After nine solid months as Professor of Combat Studies, Turel has decided to step aside and focus on his duties as a Quaestor. This is another very important job, overseeing a full slate of courses already available and two (maybe three?!) new courses in the pipeline.

I'm opening both positions for applications, due by 11:59pm EDT on Saturday, March 28. You can apply for both positions in a single application, but I will be appointing two different people to these spots. Send your applications to me and Ood.


Magistrate to the Headmaster
I don't have any hard requirements for the magistrate spot, but I'd prefer to hire someone in the range of GRD - EQ2. Whoever gets this job will need to be good at communicating with me, Ood, Farrin, professors, docents, and whoever else may be working on courses, in a coherent and timely manner. The job involves a lot of writing and editing, and may be asked to grade exams from time to time. If you have any great ideas for the Shadow Academy -- courses, competitions, whatever -- put it in your application!

Professor of Combat Studies

  • Rank of Jedi Hunter.
  • 24 hour grading turnaround.
    • This is a big deal! Our average turnaround is now well below 24 hours and we're going to keep it that way.
  • Have passed all courses in the department with at least a 90%.
  • Have ideas as to how to improve the courses within the Department and must be willing to regularly reevaluate your courses for substance and readability.
    • This is critical. Professors are responsible for more than mere grading -- they bear primary responsibility for keeping their courses up-to-date and error free.
  • Be prepared to work on two or three courses-in-progress immediately upon appointment.


As I mentioned in my last report, there are some big changes coming for the gaming degrees. After reviewing options and tweaking numbers with the Fist and Voice, we have decided to split the current Combat and Tactics Savant and Gaming Sage degrees into two separate tracks, one for writing and one for gaming. Both will share the Combat Maven as a pre-requisite and roughly mirror each other in requirements. These changes will be implemented as soon as James has time to make the changes to the database:

Maven - Combat (MVC):

  • Lightsaber Studies
  • Combat Tactics I
  • Combat Tactics II
  • Advanced Lightsaber Studies
  • Hand to Hand Combat

Savant - Warfare (SVW):

  • Dark Maven: Flight
  • Dark Maven: Combat
  • General Warfare
  • GMRG History
  • GMRG Rank V (400 CFs, 1 PoB)

Sage - Warfare (SGW):

  • Dark Savant: Warfare
  • TOR Basics
  • GMRG Rank X (2220 CFs, 10 PoBs)
  • Practical:
    • Serve as M:FIST or higher for 6+ Months, or
    • Have the Following:
      • A total of 3500 Clusters of Fire
      • One of GN/SN/BN/CR-D/CR-R in a Gaming Competition (a comp requiring Fist approval)

Savant - Tactics (SVT):

  • Dark Maven: Writing
  • Dark Maven: Combat
  • ACC Fundamentals
  • ACC Qualification
  • Complete 5 ACC matches
  • Earn 30 CIs

Sage - Tactics (SGT):

  • Dark Savant: Tactics
  • Complete 25 ACC matches
  • Earn 150 CIs
  • Practical:
    • Serve as M:Voice, ACC Judge, or higher for 6+ Months, or
    • Have the following:
      • A total of 250 Clusters of Ice
      • One of GN/SN/BN/CR-D/CR-R in a Fiction Competition (a comp requiring Voice approval)

As you can probably tell, the primary goal here is to make fiction/ACC a viable alternative to gaming. It now has its own degree chain.

These changes are not final. The new combat studies courses in the works will be incorporated into these requirements when launched, possibly as part of a new Maven. Likewise, as the Fiction Society takes shape I will work with Shad to incorporate it into the Tactics line of degrees as the GMRG is incorporated into the Warfare line. If the CF/PoB/CI/ACC match numbers need to be tweaked further, they'll be adjusted. As always, feedback is appreciated.

The New Courses

First up, the rewritten Grammar Studies is live. Everyone loves grammar! Second, the total rewrite of Alchemy Studies based on the amazing new guide is complete! We're in the process of coding it to markdown and uploading it to the website. It should be available this week.

The Audit!

Audit work is progressing on both the Department of Writing Studies and the Department of Lore Studies.

Top Exam Takers!

Since my last report, the top five exam takers at the SA are:

Name # of Exams
PRT Torin Ardell 41
PRT Vyrim 24
PRT Rhan Ocheron 23
PRT Vexander Graves 20
GRD Marcus Kiriyu 19

Great work, everyone!


As always, I'd like to close this report by asking for your help. The SA is a massive wall of text that covers ever-shifting topics and is prone to typos and run-on sentences. If you spot substantive or grammatical problems, please let me, Ood, and the course PROF know so that we can fix them ASAP. As we work through the Departments during the audit, we're also going to be asking for help reading and editing -- if you have any particular expertise, let us know when we announce the next Department being audited. There are shiny things available. :P


Dark Side Adept Dacien Victae di Plagia
Headmaster of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Good stuff. Also yea to first post, I have no life, lol

I have to agree that Bubba is a great boss

Concerning the Tactics degree...can we use past ACC Matches (ie. on the old site) as part of the total ACC matches, as long as we provide proof?

Halc, good question. I'll get back to you. :P

Well, congrats to the 13 people in the lifetime of the DB who have earned 3500 CFs I guess...

Do old Novae/Crescents from the older, pre-VOICE days count for the fiction comp requirement?

Halc and wally got the best questions. Cause.many of us have had prior ACC battles and lots of those awards from past fictional work.

Great report from the local redneck as always

CIs/novae/crescent all damn well should.

Also? You totally missed the boat, Bubba - on the CFs.

It was novae in lieu of TOR Advanced. Not to make it 50% more difficult if you aren't selected for a Fist of the Brotherhood staff position.

Bubba, excellent report. I appreciate that you encourage candid feedback and look forward to reading constructive issues and subsequent recommendations in regards to the earning of these restructured degrees.

Good luck to all the Obelisks applying for Combat PROF! :P

Also that gaming Sage has literally turned for the worst...grats on the time wasting..

Thanks to Bubba, Odd, Farrin and Meleu, it was an honor to work with you all. I'm sure Meleu will rock M:DGM with the same gusto he did at the SA.

Best of luck to all the applicants, especially for the Combat Studies professorship. There's a lot going in with degree changes, new courses and the new lightsaber and hand to hand guides but I'm hanging around to freelance for the new guy (for as long as he/she wants me to) and the SA staff will provide their full support. If you are passionate about the subject matter and have ideas on how to improve the courses, don't hesitate to apply!

Current M:HM, can confirm Bubba is a great boss.

/me looks nervously over at his shoulder at Bubba

Yay for the Crusade causing an inflation in the number of Novae awarded which meant I managed to get one in both gaming and fiction somehow? :P

Err so what is happening to people who already have the Dark Sage of Gaming are we keeping it but it is no longer counted or what?

Of course you're keeping it, Rial.

I think those degrees have issues, and they need to be changed.

Will the current Sage of Gaming transfer over to the Sage of Warfare, or are we going to have two gaming Sages?

Sage of Warfare probably should drop ToR basics. If it's a general gaming degree nothing relating to a single game should be a requirement, IMHO.

I'm just happy that TOR Advanced got dropped. :)

On one hand I can see a point in not having a specific game course as a requirement, but on the other, why do we have specifics on any courses? Why do we have to have a course specific to poetry? Why for Run-Ons? Because those are platforms of writing. TOR is a platform for gaming. A better response is, why don't we have courses for all our Tier 1 games? What about a course on the RoC? The only SA specific requirement on the SGW is TOR Basics. There's room for addition and change. Altternatively, the TOR Basics course gets removed and there's no SA presence specifically in the SGW requirements.

I decided to think quite a bit of what you said, Mr.Furios.

In relation to having specifics on gaming, I do believe that is genuinely a good idea. However, in relation to the TOR platform, I believe we should instead think of "MMORPG". A series of courses or the like which teaches the basics of MMORPG's, i.e essentially TOR and co, as well as genuine game mechanics(Not just basic, generic knowledge.)

On another note, having courses regarding the other Tier games sound quite wonderful.

Furios is right, and do you know ToR is FREE by the way.......

And as for a "MMORPG" course, since most mmo's are different that would be fairly hard to do, but at the end of the day ToR is a DJB supported game, supposably, so I believe the courses should be ToR specific and should of kept ToR advanced in there, as it is FREE to DL and not hard to play. have I mentioned its FREE?

Armags: Yes it is free, finding a desktop or a laptop that smoothly runs it, is not :P

people have said that to me for quite some time, I ran it off a laptop and played and actively raided for well over a year.

Turn all graphics down and make sure drivers are upto date, simple it should run fine.

I think these look like some pretty worthy and reasonable requirements. The practicals are especially interesting. I approve.

As for ToR, it's not like you have to play the game, just take the rest, which I doubt is terribly hard or going to kill anybody. And just on a note...a game don't gotta be smooth if you really wanna go for it. ;P

Great report, content, and discussion, Bubba.

Pardon, test*

(In which Atty goes to revisit the Writing hall.)

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