HKM Report #4: Code:Dread


HKM Report #4: Code:Dread



Hello there my Muurderous Muurfolk. So here’s how this month’s report is going to go. First up, I’ll cover the outstanding achievers of HKM in the past month. Then we’ll also look at the competitions and news posts out there before tying everything together in a pretty little bow at the end.


HKM Activity Spotlight

  • Furios Morega di Plagia: Grand Cross 4x Crescents,( 1x each of Ruby Amethyst, Sapphire and Emerald) 40x Cluster of Earth and 23 Seals of Discord.
  • Arden Karn di Plagia: 16 Seals of Discord.
  • Az: 1xCrescent with Emerald Star, 34x Cluster of Earth, 2x Cluster of Graphite and 6 Seals of Discord.
  • Talos: 3 Seals of Discord.
  • Brimstone: 7x Crescents( 1x Diamond, 1x Ruby, 2x Amethyst, 1x Sapphire, 1x Emerald and 1x Topaz), 24x Cluster of Fire and 30 Seals of Discord.
  • Abadeer Taasii: 12 Seals of Discord.
  • Zuser Whuloc: 1 Seal of Discord.
  • Kryy: 1 Seal of Discord.
  • Obsidian: 2 Seals of Discord.
  • Lokast Falls: 2 Seals of Discord.



This report is being assembled in the twilight hours of Code:Dread’s second week. Firstly, we know how we did as a house in the first week. The other thing we know is that week 2 will end soon. I don’t have a final number for week 2 entries yet, but the first few days garnered a pretty encouraging number of entries. As for how to tackle the remainder of Code:Dread, I would suggest quickly wrapping up any week 2 entries while you can. From there, look at the week 3 competitions decide which you are going to do,(hopefully all of them) and then rank them in the order you’ll do them in. With regards to the fiction, which has been running all event, I’d suggest submitting a base entry fairly close to the word requirement to guarantee an entry and then flesh it out once you’ve done your other comps. We know RL gets to all of us at times, even I, Julius. Disclaimer: Julius didn’t write that. So do what you can, but take care of yourself first.


Comps, Comps, Comps!

  • Code:Dread Go forth and fight for the the Fancy Hats or for the Half Cyborg.

  • All Hail the New Empress CSP are running a short club-wide event for the whole club to celebrate their new Consul.

  • Main/Alt Ads Magik of Arcona is running a GFX competition.

These are just a few competitions, to see the full list check out the competitions page.


Muurmurings From Around The Club



That’s all from the HKM report for this month, though we urge you to enjoy some friendly competition before our major event ends later in the month. We’ll look forward to seeing how you get on and if you ever have ideas about things or need to talk you can contact either of us on Telegram or via email.

Scudi and Julius

Dread it up, dread it up!

short report

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