Consul Report October 2019


Consul Report October 2019


Hello Taldryan, and welcome to Taldryan Consul Report for the month of October.


## News

Clan news

A new face on the Summit:

Jumping straight into it, I would like to officially introduce Taldryan's new Proconsul. After reviewing the applications that have been sent to Mav, Evant and I, it became quickly clear that one of the applicants clearly outmatched the others. Now without any further delay, please congratulate Dark Adept Serraine "Erinyes" Ténama on becoming Proconsul of Taldryan.

Erinyes is no newcomer to Taldryan nor the DB and brings a lot of experience to the table based both on her time in the DB as well as her Real Life job and she had already started turning her ideas into something tangible and while you will be spoilered on them later in this report, I will leave it to her to give away all the details about these ideas in her report.

The end of a short journey

The next thing on my list of news is a rather bad one or so it feels to me. Ten months ago we have re-opened Archanis as a counterpoint to Ektrosis SRI theme. While the house started great, its drive soon faded and at last forced us to put the House on probation to see if there was still enough desire in its members to stand tall for its cause. While there were members taking on the fight, sadly it were too few to rectify Archanis to remain open and thus we will close the house for the near future.

Brotherhood news

With the Dark Council already looking for a new Voice, they also opened Applications for the Position of Fist of the Brotherhood, this and other Fist and Voice related News can be found here:

But there are even more Reports from the Dark Council:


Unsteady Ground

Like I mentioned earlier in this Report Erinyes has jumped straight into it after Justinios left the Summit. Right now we are already at the point of fine-tuning and finalizing the related documents and look forward to start the event soon, so keep an eye out for more updates on this. But for now, have fun reading an excerpt of the first fiction updates for Unsteady Ground:

Unsteady Ground

The Zeltron across the desk shrugged. “Why not? It’s all things they would’ve done anyway. We’re just asking them to do it in ways that benefit the Clan instead of putting their personal projects first,” said the newly-minted Proconsul, Adept Seraine “Erinyes” Ténama.

“Yes, several of them seem to be doing that already. Speaking of which, why did I receive a requisition form from Nihlus that said you’d authorised him buying a Baleen-class freighter for research purposes?” Rian raised his eyebrows.

Erinyes raised a hand to object. “Okay, first of all, I told Nihlus that SRI would get that freighter, not that he’d have it as a personal ship. Second, it’s not like we don’t have the credits to spare for it, and we need his technical expertise.”

Rian stared flatly at the Proconsul for a moment, then shook his head. “Next time you want to promise something like that, ask me first, or it’s coming out of your booze budget.” Erinyes started to sputter in protest, but her response was cut mercifully short by an electronic chime from Rian’s office door. “Come in.”

The door slid open, revealing a towering Twi’lek man, and a diminutive Near-Human woman, both wearing grave expressions. “There’s a problem,” said the woman—Ektrosis’ Quaestor, Cymbre Kall, now also known as Taldryan’s Archpriestess.

“Uh oh. They’re agreeing on something,” Erinyes stage-whispered, with a melodramatic sideways glance at Rian. The Consul’s expression remained neutral, but a glimmer of humour crossed his eyes.

Vodo Biask Taldrya, newly-titled Spymaster of Taldryan, shook his head. “We’re serious, Erin.”

## You can find the full fiction update here on discourse: Unsteady Ground


## Honorable Mentions

Several members of Taldryan have been recognized for their hard work for the Clan in the recent days, please join me in congratulating:


## Competitions





That's it for this report. It was a rough time with a lot of delays caused by my vacation diretly after the end of the Great Jedi War, but thanks to the Erinyes stepping in and helping me out in the recent days we are almost on time again. Next I will be grading the recent Clan competitions so stay tuned on an update for this Report with the results. So far I got some good feedback on them so I will make sure to make the retro games a regular thing for the Clan.

If you want to give me any further feedback on the competitions feel free to hit me or Erin up on telegram, by commenting on this report or replying to the e-mail (exclusive to those on the Taldryan Mailing list) with the same going for Erinyes fiction and the upcoming Clan event.

Until next time.

~Rian Taldrya

Consul of Clan Taldryan

Son of Taldrya

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