This Time, It's Personal


This Time, It's Personal

Plan of Attack

1 - Fiction

2 - Aedile Report

3 - Foodstuff

4 - CNS Report Links

5 - Dark Council Report Links

6 - Peer Into The Abyss

7 - Final Thoughts

Let’s do this!

Aedile Report

Hello everybody! No fiction tonight, because CNS is pointing in work and Summit is putting in EVEN MOAR WORK!! Trying to set up some really fun stuff for the rest of the clan members. So let’s. Get down! To business.


Today’s picture comes from Teu Sadow. Homemade beef and broccoli stir fry is always a great thing to have and to eat.


CNS Report Links


Aed, HMR

Dark Council Report Links




Regent Combat Master



Xolarin offers 2 questions:

1 - Why for art thou dost mercenary?

Answer: Because Vesh had grown tired of Xuner’s resolve and the two worked together to get her a new body. So Vesh has a new body, but one with a weaker mind.

2 - What robe/accessory will you change to on your profile now that you're EQ?

Answer: Nothing. Xuner’s ranger armour will remain as it is, except he will not have the helmet. As much as I like the selection pool, I don’t really want to change it as it would really match how I would want to present Xuner to people looking at my profile.

(Note: Shoutout to whoever had made the changes to the selectors. Amazing work!)

Hilgrif offers 2 questions:

1 - Are you going for ranged merc, close combat, or a different type of merc?

*Answer: It would be a mixture of close combat and different type. Xuner Holst is a ODST (Yes, a copy/pasted of Halo.) The difference is that Xuner has a sword and shield, coupled with his rifle and pistol. This, coupled with his jetpack would make him a very potent force on the battlefield.

2 - You (your) thoughts on Wargames?

Answer: It's a good segway for Operation Olympia. I really hope people participate in the Wargames despite the hiccups we had trying to make this work.

**Final Thoughts*

Congratulations to Abadeer and his wife! From his words to my report: “Healthy baby girl born. 7lbs 9oz 20 1/2 inches. Very adorable.”

Welcome to the world Ella Louise, The future Dread Lord of Clan Plagueis

(Note: This announcement was made with Abadeer’s permission)

If anybody had anything they want added to my report (i.e. shameless plugs, shoutouts, etc.) feel free to ask me. I’ll do what I can to make some magicka happen! Happy_face.jpeg

Glory and Honour to Naga Sadow!

Long live the Empire!

short report, ruined by broccoli lol

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