Hoth Battle Team: Wildcards Report #3


Hoth Battle Team: Wildcards Report #3


Picture by Ozosi Vym <-

Table of Contents
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  3. Rewards
  4. News
  5. Questions


The news for the battle team, Wildcards, is as follows:

The Run-On has started as you can see: Stealth and Recovery. Please refer to this link for the basic information and then the chat in terms of communicating within the team.

New things to come:

  • New Comps
  • Weekly Questions
  • New Logo/Graphics

Members who have joined us include:

  • Droveth Kathera Vectivi

Members who have left us include:

  • Gen Solari has elected to go Rogue
  • Sariel/Kah Manet (He is the Aedile of Hoth)
  • Daniel “Seraphol” Stephens (He has become the Headmaster of the Shadow Academy)


Some say destiny is brought with a shift hand of the Fates who bring about the destruction and birth of life through small hair strings of variable sizes. Others may spit upon you with your idealistic approach to summarize what creates these changes in one’s path, calling it hogwash, and carrying about their meaningless existence without a sense of real purpose. However, I write to you to speak in person upon the various forks in my life I knew would bring me to you and create a family of which I could always hold dear in my heart of hearts. Please be safe and be alive when I find you.
Jael Chi’ra
The New Leader of the Wildcards


This is a collection of information from April 28th until today.


  • Jael Chi’ra (Formally Ozosi Vym) promoted to Equite 1.


  • Daniel “Seraphol” Stephens appointed to Headmaster.


Luna Okami

  • Diamond Crescent: 1
  • Ruby Crescent: 2
  • Amethyst Crescent: 4
  • Clusters of Fire: 739
  • Clusters of Earth: 32
  • Seal of Loyalty: 1

Tisto Kingang

  • Emerald Crescent: 1
  • Clusters of Fire: 154
  • Clusters of Earth: 12

Ka Tarvitz

  • Diamond Crescent: 1
  • Amethyst Crescent: 2
  • Sapphire Crescent: 2
  • Clusters of Ice: 13
  • Clusters of Graphite: 3

Jael Chi’ra

  • Emerald Crescent: 1
  • Clusters of Graphite: 6






Zujenia asks:

How does Jael fit in with COU? Jael fits as the “adoptive brother” of Ozosi from her childhood. I long wanted my alternative and main character to be related in some way and Jael happens to be the creation of that link between myself and Ozosi’s character. Jael is, by some summary, a part of who I am. What I would call the bad parts largely because of how he swears, how angry he is, etc.

If there was a job that involved smashing up some Collective Cybermen with a midget, you game? Oh for sure. Ozosi would be the one not game for it, but Jael, he is all game for destroying those who hurt his family and would literally kill anyone, even just for the fun of it but more so if someone harms Ozosi or has a plan to harm her, he will fight.

Ever thought about visiting Port Ol’val? Jael is game as would Wildcards be. Jael is persuasive in getting those who follow him to do as he wishes.

What does Jael think about the Collective agenda? Jael, too a degree, silently agrees with part of their agenda which is to remove the Dark Jedi Brotherhood; however, as a force user, he is adamantly against their agenda and wants to protect Ozosi, who he knows would be a target.

Kah Manet (Sariel) asks:

Once you have your ship, what are your plans? To rescue the porgs!

Aurora Ta’var (Blade) asks:

Do the Wildcards have a hidden lair? They have a ship more so than a hidden lair. I’d have to ask the team if they want to establish themselves a hidden place upon Solyiat.

What do the Wildcards think of Cou’s new space stations? Jael likes the new digs. He just wants to flaunt his potentially new ship too.

Celevon asks:

How will the team dynamics change with Jael at the helm? Nothing much will change other than Jael’s leading style is a tad different. He is much more in your face about the needs of the team and what he deems as needing to be done. The relationship between Tisto’s character, Tisto, and Jael might be strained as Tisto is the deputy to Ozosi, but Jael is working to rescue her.

Thank you!

Jael Chi’ra//Ozosi Vym
Mystic of Odan-Urr
Battleteam Leader of Wildcards/Praetor to Herald
Porg Master

Nice report, Zos!

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