Hoth Quaestor Report #4: Change


Hoth Quaestor Report #4: Change


Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. News
  3. Competitions
  4. Awards
  5. Transfers
  6. Conclusion


Hello to my fellow Hothians and Odanites, as well as possible onlookers from other units. Welcome to the June Edition of the Hoth Quaestor report! I’ve got a lot to go over, so I’ll keep this quick.

Another month has come and gone and, with it, another section of the Scimitar of Hoth! These are the top five of May’s Scimitar:

  1. Reaver Luna Okami—239 Points
  2. Ranger Ka Tarvitz—148 Points
  3. Mystic Jael Chi’ra (Formerly known as Ozosi Vym)—95.4 Points
  4. Augur Edgar Drachen—82.55 Points
  5. Augur Daniel “Seraphol” Stephens—71 Points

The overall numbers are currently very interesting and can change up at any given time depending on exactly how much effort you put forth through your activity. If you’re curious as to how specific points are earned, they’re clearly laid out in the competition details.

In an additional note, Seraphol’s activity is only counted up to the point when he was still a member of Odan-Urr.




  • Our lovely Consul releases his fifth report, full of juicy details and bird pictures.
  • The crazy PCON lady (you know the one. Moderately consensual hugging, cookies, etc... yes, that one.) announces two NEW Councillors of Urr! If you haven’t already done so, give them your congratulations!


  • GM Mav announces the new Headmaster of the Shadow Academy, our very own Daniel “Seraphol” Stephens!
  • The Combat Master released the sixteenth report with a lot of shiny details on Scenario Hall and the Coaches Corner ACC event.
  • The Office of the FIST has been fairly busy. Drac decides to recycle his whole staff and released his nineteenth report. His new Praetor, Junazee from our sister House, released her first report.
  • There have been a few changes in the Shadow Academy Staff to speak of. Farrin stepped down, joined Hoth (Yay shiny members!) and Seraphol became the new Headmaster. Before officially retiring, Farrin announced the new CoJ: 101 course. Seraphol released an introductory report (labeled report 0.5), where he gave a call for a new Praetor... which were due today.
  • The Herald Staff have been hard at work, releasing a number of new item graphics that can be seen in the new Star Wars film, Solo. There are a lot of pretty pictures to be found in the Herald’s second report.
  • The Justicar announced the passing of amendments to the DB Covenant.
  • And, finally, the Wiki Tribune released his second report.



For further competitions or if you’re reading this a few days after I posted my report, check here for a list of competitions. There will always be end dates attached to each competition for your ease of decision making on which competitions you would like to sign up for. All Competitions End At 1859/6:59pm CST.

House / Clan

Brotherhood Wide



In order to avoid potential confusion, this activity is tracked from my previous report.

Warden Celevon Edraven Erinos

  • Cluster of Ice (x2)

Augur Edgar Drachen

  • Cluster of Fire (x39)

Reaver Luna Okami

  • Crescent with Diamond Star
  • Crescent with Ruby Star
  • Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • Cluster of Earth (x12)
  • Cluster of Fire (x556)

Reaver Saba Astor Tarentae

  • Cluster of Fire (x107)

Seer Tisto Kingang

  • Cluster of Fire (x73)

Ranger Ka Tarvitz

  • Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • Cluster of Ice (x4)

Mystic Jael Chi’ri

  • Crescent with Emerald Star
  • Cluster of Graphite (x6)



  • Aiden Dru: AWOL’d to the Rogues
  • Phebe: AWOL’d to the Rogues
  • Ti-kour: AWOL’d to the Rogues
  • Zig’Lizi: AWOL’d to the Rogues
  • Daniel “Seraphol” Stephens is appointed Headmaster
  • Saba Astor Tarentae (Farrin): joins Hoth from the Dark Council
  • Jack Sewet: Transferred to Rogues—in accordance with the new amendment to the Covenant.
  • Gen Solari: Transferred to Rogues
  • Jabis Ravenhawk: Joins Hoth from Clan Roster
  • Dia Zoler: Joins Hoth from Clan Roster



Well, that’s all for this month, folks. We’re halfway through June and summer has fully kicked in. For Louisiana, this means it rains almost every day... All I can promise is to try to not float away.

Until next time.

Celevon Edraven Erinos
Quaestor of House Hoth

Great report. Sad to see so many leave though :(

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