Hoth QUA Report - Umm is this #1 or is it #16, I'm confused???


Hoth QUA Report - Umm is this #1 or is it #16, I'm confused???


Introduction - Who Woke This Old Guy?

Hello House Hoth, Odanites and other fellow readers,

Funny story, I was laying on my Hammock on the wonderful shores of Silvanus in the Pearls of the Chosen, near the Wookie village on Avo. Then all of a sudden I’m called back to Trepus to once again help lead Hoth for the foreseeable future. It was not my intent to come back into a leadership role, but my love of Hoth and it’s members made it easy to come back home.

It’s been a year since I have stepped down and I have enjoyed my semi-retirement but I can’t ignore the needs of this house for very long. To that end, and for the foreseeable future, I will work with both our wonderful Aedile Tarvitz and the Drakes of Widreth’s BTL Dral Falgorth. I look forward to all the wonderful things we will bring to you the members of House Hoth!


General News

  • Magistrate to the Fist Job Opening - the P:FIST has dropped the requirements for the job applications and if your interested (and I highly recommend it) get your applications in by MARCH 25, 2019!

  • For our ACC fans check out the latest Combat Master Report - Tons of cool information especially about ACC Time Outs. So make sure you take a look at this for all the info.

  • Check out the latest from Blade in the latest COU Consul Report, this as an outline of the future plans for the Clan so as always pay attention to Clan Stuff.



The Scimitar Returns!

Indeed, Ladies and Gentlemen, our year-spanning competition is back once again. After a brief departure following the victory of Turel Sorenn at the end of 2018, the Scimitar will be returning once more. As something of a tradition within House Hoth, the role of this competition is simple - Earn points by participating in almost every activity the DJB has to offer and the member with the most points at the end of each month will win nice new crescent. All the while building up toward a final “end of year” victory where we draw up a total of those accomplishments.

The Overall Winner earns the best prize we can offer - The Scimitar of Lord Hoth!

Trust me, the amount of cash you get from actively participating is worth it. It’s how I was finally able to afford a ship after months of trying.

The details and the comp listing can be found by clicking The 2019 Scimitar of Lord Hoth Competition.



Competitions, New and Soon to End.

While the Aedile news letter covered a number of Odan-Urr centric competitions, we do have a multitude of others on the go. The big one among these is the one created by Marick Tyris:

  • Multi-Objective Prompt I - There are a few ongoing storylines, but this one involves you having a few options to choose from. These range from escorting a few ships to raiding tombs. Have a read carefully of each one, and please leave plenty of Collective bodies in your wake if given half of a chance. Just remember, you only have TWO DAYS to do this one.

  • Social Media Competition Creation - This is a competition to design a competition. As strange as that might sound, there is a method to this madness, as Maximus Alvinius wants you to design a new competition dedicated to our social media accounts over the main Brotherhood website. It needs to be a long-runner but it’s a chance to devise something new, rather than our usual mix of puzzles, stories and the odd minigame.

So, what about Odan-Urr itself, then? Well, we have two devised to keep you interested, both of which are minigame focused.

  • The Best Typist in the DJB - Ztype returns with a vengeance. Type as fast as humanly possible to shoot down incoming warships. Keep in mind though, there’s no autocorrect and you need to spell each word correctly.

  • Save Pinky - Dodge the holes to get to the end. Be warned, you need a mobile for this one though.


End Points

I really hope we can get Hoth active and engaged again. The Clan will need us for any and all future Wars or Vendettas that come at us. We all have a lot of work to do and I for one believe in the Glory of HOUSE HOTH!


May I be the first be amongst many I am sure to say thanks for coming back to the leadership.

Nice report. :)

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