House Ajunta Pall Quaestor Report #13: Thank god it's not Friday


House Ajunta Pall Quaestor Report #13: Thank god it's not Friday



Plagueis, it I, your friendly whip-wielding Quaestor. Non-Plagueians, I know you're reading (yes you are, you don't need to hide it) you are welcome too, if you do exist you're taking an interest which is commendable, it's easy to stay stuck in one's own bubble, but we're all part of a larger group called Star Wars fans. (Or whatever else got you to join)


Plugtastic Plagueis

So, there are a couple things I want to do here. First off, I would be remiss if I didn't take the opportunity to plug the upcoming Coach's Corner ACC event. This is an excellent opportunity for those who enjoy the idea of the ACC but are perhaps a little nervous about giving it a go. Not ACC Qualified? No problem, there are 11 days to get qualified and sign up. What's with the name? I hear you ask. Well, ACC Judges(which ones, in particular, are TBD) and the Voice himself will captain teams. What will these captains do? Ensure proofreading occurs within their team and provide guidance as to best practices in the ACC as well as help out with realism questions. I for one am excited, as not only will this provide me more credits via judging, but it allows members of Plagueis who sign up(shout out to Kul, Tahiri and Abadeer, yes I know they aren't HAP but they did the thing) to see what some sort of ACC support structure is like. If there's enough positive feedback I can look to get in touch with Atra and Turel and see if there's anything else I need to know to get something like this running in Plagueis.

While I'm in the mood, there's a competition being run by our Rollmaster TuQ'uan that is easy to participate in and can be found here. Also of note is the weekly trivia competition run by the Social Media Tribune the container for which is right here. If the first week is anything to go by it's an easy crescent, if you don't have a twitter account or don't want to use your personal account, you can either email your answers in, or consider setting up an In Character account, look for Marick Tyris for an example of how to do this. You can also follow the official DJB page @SWDJB

One last thing, I promise. I'd also like to welcome Valus Morgulus, Ágrios, Luukeee, Beskar Odin, Death and Regal to HAP, these are all members that have joined us in the past month. If any of those members are reading this and would like to meet the rest of the weirdoes(in the most affectionate way possible) the clan has to offer, our Telegram can be found [here. - Log in to view join link] Telegram is a free application that comes with Android, ios, desktop and web versions and allows you to become a bigger part of the Plagueis family.


Promotions, Medals, Crescents and Clusters


HAPpenings from around the Club

  • Dacien posts his first Justicar Report over yonder and announces a job opportunity. Applications due by 11:59 EDT tomorrow.

  • Atra announces the Coach's Corner ACC Event(go get it.) In the following location Sign-ups close on the 21st of May

  • Mav confirmed Dacien as Justicar and announced the Seal of Loyalty recipients within

  • Drac is rotating his staff, you can find the details enclosed. Applications due by the 30th of May. He also posted a report

  • Mav appointed a Social Media Tribune.

  • Our new Wrath Ronovi gets educational, inspirational and informational look out, here's a report.

  • As much as I'd hate to lose any of you, Arcona is looking for a Quaestor details. Applications due by the 18th


Closing Thoughts

So that is all from me, my precious Pallians, at least on the report front. Remember if you have the time and are eligible to sign up for the ACC event, Areticus will be dropping a report on the 20th and the Big Boss Seal shortly after that.

Lots of new joins! Let's make them feel right at home!

Great report! Good to see an influx of newcomers. Let's help them settle in.

Welcome to the club, new joins. I can't wait to see what you bring to the clan/family.

Great report Kelly :) Yay new joins, WELCOME to the club!!! :)

Welcome welcome! Always great to see new ppl :) And great report! That ACC event is pretty tempting.

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