House Ajunta Pall Report #1


House Ajunta Pall Report #1


Meet The Quaestor

I figure as this is my first report, I should speak a litle about me so you guys all know where I'm coming from. At my heart, I'm a person who cares a great deal about Clan Plagueis and the Brotherhood as a whole. I've been a member for the better part of half my life, and I want to see this organization continue to prosper. I've held various positions here and there over the years. I've always been good at the nuts and bolts of leadership and project related work in the Brotherhood, while I have struggled with interpersonal issues. But, at least I think I'm learning to better work through those shortcomings. It is my genuine hope that I can help all of you guys by providing you with things to do and an impassioned advocate, and I hope that you guys can help me get better at working with you all.


Fictional Updates

"I'm fine," Kz'set croaked, pushing himself up into a sitting position. "Where is Roh?"

Furios saw her lying across a rock about the size of a bantha nearly twenty meters from where she had been standing before. She was quite obviously injured, blood issuing forth from various wounds and large bruises already starting to stand out in contrast from her olive skin.

"There!" Furios pointed.

The two moved over to her body as explosions rocked the valley around them. Furios saw that she was still alive, but her injuries were significant.

"Take her," Kz'set ordered.

Furios pulled her up and across his shoulders in a fireman's carry and followed behind him. The Valley of the Dark Lords was now a graveyard two times over, the forces of Plagueis joining with the Sith Lords whose tombs dotted its walls. As they moved quickly to try to find refuge from the rain of fire, Furios saw others moving together as well.

Dralin had Callus beside him, the Quaestor's arm draped over the other man's shoulder for support. Taranae ran headlong through the explosions with Brimstone right beside her, apprentice and master once again working side by side. The sudden attack had fused the two sides of Plagueis together once more, uniting them against a common enemy. All that now remained was to see if that renewal of shared purpose would survive the hell in which it was being forged.

As you might have heard in the Clan report earlier this week, there is fictional development afoot in the Clan. Above is an excerpt from the gold nova-winning run on entry (Now titled "A Civil Matter" by the way) crafted by Vivackus, Kz'set, Teylas, Dralin, and myself. It sets up all the dangling plot threads the Clan and House are going to be dealing with moving forward, so I'd advise everyone give it a look see so you can get a nice handle on what's going on. It is a bit long, so I expect anyone that gives it a go might read it in bits and pieces here and there. Additionally, to make it a bit easier to read, we've provided a pdf formatted version of the story for download:

Suffice it to say, Plagueis got it's butt thoroughly kicked and one of Esoteric's flunkies (who had been dogging our Clan's heels throughout the Dark Crusade) ran away with all our stuff. The fact that we really do want our stuff back leads me to…


Post War Competitions

As of now, we're about two weeks away from the first of a series of competitions that will span the next couple of months. These competitions will offer a few competitions per month and advance the clan storyline with weekly fictional updates. Additionally, those that do well in the overall competition from month to month will have the chance to receive prominent roles fictionally within the next month's fictional updates. So if you've always wanted to have your character running around being a BAMF in official plot updates for the Clan, now is your chance! Plus, as Ajunta Pall Quaestor, I really hope that we can make it an all-HAP affair story wise. Those guys over in Karness Muur aren't my guys, and they also smell.

(I must offer a disclaimer here: The members of House Karness Muur do not in fact smell. They just had the misfortune of having their HQ facilities on the Anchorage located directly downwind from the water treatment facility. How there is "wind" on a space station I will leave up to you.)


Better Know a Journeyman

In tribute to both Stephen Colbert's "Better Know a District" segment as well as various people in the Brotherhood, Furios and I are now going to be bringing you a new monthly segment of our reports where we interview one of our House's Journeyman. (And by "tribute to", I really mean shamelessly pilfered from…) Our goal here is to make sure we highlight some of newer members each month, and also get them some exposure to help them better be a part of the community. So, without further ado, I present to you Furios and his inaugural victim:

Furios: Jai'de Serpens is an awesome new member with an eagerness to make her way in the club. Recruited from Star Wars: The Old Republic, she has an excellent affinity for gaming and has brought her talents into the other aspects of the Brotherhood including fiction and the Shadow Academy. She is friendly, outgoing, and maintains a regular IRC presence (not to mention she agreed to this interview). As one of House Ajunta Pal's rising stars, we look forward to her excellent work in the future.

Q: So Jai'de, what brought you to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood? A: I first met a group of the DJB while running pick-up raids in SW:TOR. I joined the guild a few weeks later and after copious amounts of whining, I finally agreed almost a year later to join the DJB Proper.

Q: How do you like the Brotherhood so far? A: The people I've had the opportunity to interact with are great. I didn't really know what to expect when I first joined as I've never been a part of this sort of club before. It's a really interesting place where I'm getting to try out my hand at writing some fiction which I've always wanted to do and never really had a chance to before. So in short, it's great and I'm enjoying my time here.

Q: What are your goals within the DB? A: I'm still pretty new here so I don't have a detailed vision of all of what I'd like to accomplish during my DB career. Part of what I'd like to do is spend some more time creating and developing my character within the DB, and to continue progressing through the ranks. I'd like to try my hand at some more fiction as I haven't been as active in that aspect as I'd like. Other than that, I'd just like to keep getting to know all the cool people that are a part of this club.


Honors, Arrivals, and Promotions

  • Jai'de Serpens - Not only came to us in the Clan resuffle, but just got promoted to Guaridan! Something tells me this one is an overachiever…
  • Octavia Morgan Obrie - Another new HAPian from the resuffle. Welcome!

Around The Brotherhood

Final Words

I hope for this to be the first in a long series of reports to you guys. Plagueis is the first place in the Brotherhood that I've ever felt at home in, and it really is an honor to be able to give something back in a service capacity as opposed to just throwing out competition entries en masse. If there is ever anything you need, don't hesitate to come to me. I'm a dog with a bone when it comes to getting my members what they deserve (a few times to my own detriment, but that's just because I fight hard for you!), so I'll do everything I can to help each and every one of you out.

Also, if you read down this far, there is a competition in relation to this report. Contained within the text to this report, there is a reference to the traditional unit name abbreviation for House Ajunta Pall. Be the first to find it and earn a shiny!


Honors, Arrivals, and Promotions. HAP! Nice report! And for the record...I don't stink.

Great report Slaggles!

Good to see you back at the ropes, Slag!

Excellent report, Selika Rob!

thank you for metioning me in your Post, it was very kind of you! You'll do a wonderful job. :)

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