House Qel-Droma Summit Report: We Can Rebuild It...


House Qel-Droma Summit Report: We Can Rebuild It...



A Message from the Quaestor

Hello members of House Qel-Droma, this is my first official report as your Quaestor. I have been watching my emails, and I’ve gotta say you’ve all been quite busy. I am extremely happy with all of the hard work and effort that has been put in by all of you! We’ve got some big plans coming up to help expand upon our role as the criminal foundation of Clan Arcona, and all that this entails. I hope everyone enjoys what plans we have, and we want your assistance in bringing Qel-Droma to its full potential. I hope you all enjoy the fiction our amazing Aedile has written, the competitions coming your way!.

A Message from the Aedile

Hello, darlings! Welcome to the first report for the new HQD Summit! Before I get started, I just wanted to take a moment to thank Zuji for all of her hard work as Quaestor. I really enjoyed working with you, and I look forward to doing so again in the future!

We have some big changes planned for House Qel-Droma. Among other things on our to do list, we want to solidify the House identity, and get Port Ol’val established as a fun and interesting location. Of course, we cannot do that without you! Keep your eyes peeled House related competitions, as winners of the competitions will have roles to play in shaping the future of Qel-Droma. Of course, if you have a specific idea regarding House development, but do not have time to participate in the competitions, then do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our goal is to utilize as much member input as possible, because at the end of the day, it’s your House.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. House Fiction Update
  3. News
  4. Awards, Promotions and Transfers
  5. Crescent Leaderboard
  6. Competitions
  7. Ask the Deadly Duo
  8. Featured Fiction
  9. Featured Art
  10. In Closing...


House Fiction Update

A Shadowport in Shambles, Part 2

Office of the Quaestor
Undisclosed Warehouse
Port Ol’val

Rhylance surveyed his newly redecorated office with a critical eye. The smell of cleaning agents and paint still hung in the air, a silent testament to the work that had gone in to improving the space. The homey decor that Zujenia had favored was gone, replaced by a more modern style, white and metal, with clean lines and a pristine appearance. It had been difficult securing the necessary contractors to do the work, but the out of pocket expense had been worth it.

Yet his lab was not yet complete. He still needed a few pieces of equipment, but they would not be delivered until the Shadowport was back in business.

The Chiss frowned as he crossed the room to study a holo projection of a map of Ol’val. In the past week, they had seen a significant uptick in violence from those gang members who opposed the Blindman’s reign. The fighting in the streets had been vicious, yet there seemed to be no end to the number of enemies.

Click here to read the full fiction.


  • Eilen Jath finds a coded message, which is decrypted by Rhylance.
  • Lucine and Yumni Ha survey the newly widened tunnel that leads to the docks of Ol’val.
  • As they walk, they encounter Kelviin, who is in the process of fixing a hover platform.
  • The scene is interrupted when they are attacked by one of the rebel gangs, bent on removing the Blindman from power.
  • As a thermal detonator is launched toward the hover platform where Kelviin was working, Lucine realizes that she had not seen Kelviin since the fighting started.
  • The platform blows up, and a Wookiee’s cry of pain is heard.

A special thanks to Kelviin for all that he gave up for this fiction to come to fruition. Your sacrifice will not be in vain!



HQD News

The Shadowport in Shambles is in full swing! The second round will begin shortly. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of House history as we establish House Qel-Droma’s dominance in Ol’val. It is but the first step in establishing a criminal empire that will span the galaxy!

DB Wide
  • If you haven’t had the chance yet, be sure to check out Drac’s Fist Report. It contains some useful information pertinent to all you gamers out there.
  • Along a similar vein, be sure to check out Junazee’s P:Fist Report for even more gaming news!
  • The most recent Wiki Tribune Report has a helpful reminder on an old policy, as well as some helpful wiki tips.
  • We have seen a significant uptick in new joins thanks to Maximus, the Social Media Tribune! You can get more information on this month’s club-wide social media metrics in his report.If you want to join the Social Media staff, be sure to check the report, as it seems there are open positions there!


Awards, Promotions and Transfers


  • 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star


  • Awarded the Anteian Cross
  • 1 Crescent with Ruby Star
  • 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star


  • 1 Crescent with Diamond Star
  • 1 Crescent with Ruby Star
  • 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • 1 Crescent with Emerald Star


  • Awarded the Dark Cross
  • 2 Crescents with Ruby Star
  • 1 Crescent with Emerald Star
  • 1 Crescent with Topaz Star

Kor Vaal

  • 1 Crescent with Topaz Star



  • Awarded the Anteian Cross
  • 1 Crescent with Ruby Star
  • 2 Crescents with Amethyst Star
  • 3 Crescents with Sapphire Star
  • 2 Crescents with Emerald Star
  • 2 Crescents with Topaz Star


  • 1 Crescent with Ruby Star
  • 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star


  • 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star


  • Promoted to Hunter
  • 1 Crescent with Ruby Star

Tyga Orn Nilim


Evelyn Cameron Ravencroft IV

  • Promoted to Trainee
  • 1 Crescent with Ruby Star


  • Promoted to Proselyte
  • 1 Crescent with Topaz Star


Death Stalker

We also want to extend a special welcome to our new joins! If you see them around TG, be sure to say hello!


Crescent Leaderboard

Below you will find the numbers used to determine the scoring and the leaderboard itself.

  • Diamond: 7
  • Ruby: 6
  • Amethyst: 5
  • Sapphire: 4
  • Emerald: 3
  • Topaz: 2
  • Quartz: 1
Member   Points
Rhylance 45
Tali 36
Lucifer 17
Edema 11
Eilen 11
Lucine 10
Zujenia 9
Evelyn 6
Leeadra 5
Scarlett 5
Magik 4
Kor 2
Kana 2

This month, the not-so-good doctor takes the lead in the Crescent leaderboard, with the Lovely Lavender ‘Lek in second place, and Lucifer in third. Well done to everyone, and keep up the good work!



  • A Shadow Port in Shambles: Keep an eye out for the next round of the House storyline! Ol’val must be rebuilt, but the gang violence is getting worse. Will you rise to the challenge?
  • The Great Droid Revolution: Run by our own Edema, this is a series of competitions that deal with a droid uprising.
  • Let Me Just Pull Up Your Med File: A competition that allows you to explore your character’s medical history!
  • Treason? Treason! 2!: The Shadow Sloth must be stopped! How would your character go about neutralizing Kordath?
  • One Epic Year of Trivia: A quick trivia comp run by our own evil doctor! A new trivia comp every week.
  • Summer Puzzle Series: Do you like puzzles? If so, be sure to check out this series! There’s a new puzzle every week!
  • You Done Fracked Up Ayayron: Your character has been thrown into prison. Why are they there? What proceedings transpired? What was your sentence? Write a fiction that answers these questions.


Ask the Deadly Duo

  • Sildrin asks:

    • Do you like me?
      • Rhylance: “There are few I truly like. The best most of you could hope for is to interest me.”
      • Lucine: Of course I do, darling. I hold you in the same esteem as I do everyone else in Qel-Droma!
  • Lucifer asks:

    • What is a good open position of leadership to go for right now?
      • Rhylance: “At the moment, I do not know if any open positions, but keep your eyes peeled. Aside from Clan leadership, look for DC assistant positions that interest you.”
      • Lucine: At this time, there are no positions open within the Arconan Summit. There is a position open as a Social Media Staff Member, and which you can read more about in Maximus’s report. Even if none of those tickle your fancy, be sure to keep an eye out, because positions open up regularly!
  • Satsi asks:

    • Satsi (rep Kord) vs Rhylance vs Lucine, how would it all fall out? :P
      • Rhylance: “As an intellectual, engaging the two of you in a martial battle would be a foolish action. But a battle of the mind's, I would surely come out on top.”
      • Lucine: “Oh my, it would be such a shame for our disagreements to come to blows. I will, of course, do everything in my power to make sure that it does not come to that.”
  • Zuji asks a bunch of questions!:

    • Are you the ones who arrange the blocks as they fall from up above?
      • Rhylance: “Only if you believe I am.”
      • Lucine: “By the Force, no! I have people to do that for me.”
    • What can someone do to help out Team Voidbreaker or the House on the 'ground'(on the Port)?
      • Rhylance: “We are always in need of administrative personnel. Some are better suited to help from the ground, rather than upon a starship.”
      • Lucine: There are a number of things that can be done. Participating in the periodic surveys are helpful, as is reaching out to Rhylance or myself if you have any concerns or ideas. Wiki work is always helpful. Finally, participating in the competitions is also a huge help.
    • If Zuj put out a muffin order form for a meeting some time, what muffins would Lucine and Rhylance order?
      • Rhylance: “The logical option would of course be a high fiber muffin, maybe with a fruit or berry mixed within the batter. That being said, I will never turn down a good chocolate confection.”
      • Lucine: “Any kind you see fit to bring, darling. I have long been partial to your baked goods.”
    • Does Rhylance have a sing-along blog?
      • Rhylance: “How did you kno...I mean...of course not, that would be a preposterous notion.”
      • Lucine: My Eyes is a particular favorite of mine. Ooh… I mean, what blog? I know nothing of a sing-along-blog.
    • When is Lucine launching her fashion line for the deathly respectable criminals?
      • Rhylance: “I too would like to know this answer. Apparently my choice in clothing is regarded as boring, and unstylish.
      • Lucine: “The fashion line with be available next month. Of course, I will offer free consultations to those who need it. It is my way of making House Qel-Droma more aesthetically pleasing.”
    • Does Lucine keep a separate planner to schedule her various Chiss times? How does she handle surprise meets, especially when they overlap with the other? Does a grin spread internally?
      • Rhylance: “A planner will soon no longer be necessary.”
      • Lucine: “I only keep one planner, darling, as having more than one would be dreadfully confusing. Of course, there are a number of appointments that are highlighted in varying shades of blue. As for overlapping meetings, I do try to avoid them as much as possible. After all, what woman would want two handsome suitors openly vying for her attentions? The whole thing sounds dreadfully dramatic.”
  • Atra asks:

    • I desire muffins. Can we come to an arrangement and if so, how?
      • Rhylance: “Depends what you are willing to trade for said muffins.”
      • Lucine: “Oh, I think something can be arranged, and would be happy to discuss the details further with you.”
  • Tali asked a few!:

    • How are you settling into your new power dynamic? I vas supposedt to deliver this maidt outfit to the Aedile's office, but it got delayedt...
      • Rhylance: “Lucine has quickly learned her place, and acclimated to her subservient role.”
      • Lucine: Subservient?! Why you… err… of course, it is my priority to ensure that the House is successful, which means supporting our dear Quaestor in his endeavors. As such, I have taken to assuming as many of his responsibilities as possible, to give him more free time for his… projects.
    • On a relatedt note, how is Ol'val doing? Anything to report on the new shape the Shadowport vill be heading towards? Any rebranding efforts? Ve going to become a huge cookie shop? Or maybe an all-inclusive medical destination? You know, rich folk come to get some liposuction or a nose job... Lucine.
      • Rhylance: “Ol’val is doing much better. We will soon begin a phase of rebuilding, with new businesses to increase our economy.”
      • Lucine: “While it is true that the whole port currently smells like a bakery, we have no plans of turning the asteroid into a huge cookie shop. Once Qel-Droma has established its dominance over the gangs of Ol’val, we will begin the task of expanding the Qel-Droman criminal empire. It will no doubt be quite exciting!”
    • On a non-related note, vhich legendary person from galactic history (recent or ancient, even spacer-tale legendt) vouldt you consider as your personal idol?
      • Rhylance: “I idolize no one. Such actions are revolting, and degrading to the mind. That being said, I am quite intrigued by the Chiss Thrawn. I hear his tactical mind is second to none. I would love to converse with him.”
      • Lucine: “I must confess, there are a number of historical figures that are worth emulating, such as Darth Plagueis the Wise, Sheev Palpatine or Admiral Thrawn. One could learn much from studying them.”
  • Lee asks:

    • Did Lucine ever receive a maid outfit? Asking for a friend.
      • Rhylance: “Not that I’ve seen, though I would be intrigued to discover the truth.”
      • Lucine: As a matter of fact, a maid’s outfit was delivered to my residence. My butler, Tabris, wishes to thank whomever it was that sent it, but unfortunately it was way too small for him. In truth, the thing barely even fit me! At any rate, Tabris prefers pants.
  • Satsi asked some more!:

    • What does Rhylance and Lucine working together look like? And how do their people react to them? Are they admired? Feared? Suspected?
      • Rhylance: “We have a strong partnership, I would say. I inform her of my expectations. She meets them. I care not for admiration, only the respect I have duly earned.”
      • Lucine: “Duly earned? Oh, you egotistical… ahem… I am indeed gratified by the trust the Quaestor places in me and I am eager to serve my House.”
  • Grot asks:

    • What do you plan to name the kids?
      • Rhylance: “If I were to ever procreate, I am unsure what names I would give the resulting beings.”
      • Lucine: “… kids?”
  • Kordath asks:

    • Any big insurrection plans?
      • Rhylance: “Oh, definitely not, Kordath. You have nothing to fear.”
      • Lucine: “Of course not, darling. After all, it seems I have some cleaning to do in my own house before I consider any further plans.”
  • Emere asks:

    • Is this a legit question?
      • Rhylance: “Any question is a legit question.”
      • Lucine: “Finishing a statement with a question mark indicates it is a question. So yes.”
  • Sildrin asks one more!:

    • How much does the way how your character is defined, influence the leading style of the house (fiction wise)
      • Rhylance: “It truly depends on how the character fits into the storyline. Rhylance fits the role of an intelligent crime boss, so he will be used that way.”
      • Lucine: Lucine is, at her heart, a manipulator. As such, she seeks to lead first through charm. If that does not work, then other more nefarious means can be brought into play.



This lovely version of the Voidbreaker was commissioned by Tali, Lee, Lucifer and Kelviin. The artist is AdamKop. Truly, it is a ship worthy of the Voidbreaker name!


In Closing…

Make sure you all do the Ol’val in Shambles competitions! Together we can make Qel-Droma a successful house! There are more great things coming down the road for our House and for Arcona, so keep your eyes peeled, and keep your activity going. Do what you can, and don’t worry if things are a bit too stressful IRL. We love our membership and can’t wait to talk more in Telegram!

!!! That fiction ending, nuuu!

Great work, everyone, and welcome new folks! Awesome report, Rhylance and Lucine! Although surely there is more than just administrative roles one can ic take on within the Port's inner bounds, unless 'administrative' is used in a broad sense. ;P

WHY?! I had ONE person to speak Shyriiwook with around here, and you blew it all up! You damn dirty apes, you blew it all to hell!
Wait... wrong movie. Good report, good fiction, but bad for the above.

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