HSD Quaestor/Aedile Report 4 - It's the Final Countdown


HSD Quaestor/Aedile Report 4 - It's the Final Countdown


35 ABY

Field Journal

Parking Lot, Antares Consolidated Armourers

Last minute shopping for Life Day was a bad idea… what an inconvenient time for the Brotherhood to go to War. This list is way too long...


Well, my hand hurts. Uh… from writing reccs, I swear!

Last report of the year! You know what that means, last update on the Disciples of Dakhan points placing before the end of this eligibility period. More details on that later, but first, the news:


Major News




Disciples of Dakhan - A Brief Update

DoD Wiki page for details about the team, and the perks of being on it!

Getting close to the end of this eligibility period! Discussed below are the points before the last 9 days of this round. The majority of those who display any activity have made the 60-point cutoff, which is great to see. However, there is a drastic bias towards gaming points. As discussed during the release, the system will be adjusted from phase-to-phase. Thus, there will be major balancing during the next phase which will be discussed in my January report.


DoD Current Point Standing

These are the points for the DoD eligibility period 7/1/17 to 12/31/17 as of December 23rd, 2017:

Total Points Details

But, because I prefer to see my data visualized in figure form:

December 2017 Points Summary

As you can see, those members who’s bar is colored green and fall above the blue line (indicating the 60-point eligibility cut-off) are poised to be inducted into the Disciples of Dakhan during the next period of January 1st to June 30th.

I’ve made a point of including the CNS and HMR Summits in the figure to demonstrate that these members, with positions of leadership, are also highly active. This should be an indication to the rest of the House, and new members to come, that usually activity leads to appropriateness for positions.

Also, I’m a big nerd, so let’s do some statistics:

Trend Summary

These box plots represent each member of the House (min-max with median; no CNS or HMR summits) for each period that I updated the points. Update 1 was included in my 2nd report, Update 2 was included in my 3rd report, the Post-GJW points were never released (but were tabulated the day after competitions were scored) and Update 4 is this one. The blue dotted line is the 60-point eligibility cutoff. The statistics were performed as an ANOVA with an Uncorrected Dunn’s post-hoc test calculated in GraphPad Prism 7.03. P-values displayed on the figure are <0.05 (one asterisk) and <0.0001(four asterisks), and “n.s.” meaning non-significant. The superscript Phi indicates that the statistical comparison was only 12 days in between tabulations.

What an we learn from this? Well, activity has been on a fairly steady upward trend. It’s impossible to completely attribute this to initiating the DoD system, but when looking at individual members it’s clear there are high, low and no-performers. The high and low performers are gaining points at the same rate (slope), and the no-performers need to get off their butts :P. The GJW gave a boost to activity reaching statistical significance. It will be interesting to see if large events (Feuds, etc.) result in a similar activity boost.

To repeat from last time we discussed points:

Remember, the point here is that the DoD is a competitive team, and doing competitive things gets you on the team, and allows you to reap the rewards. Be competitive, participate (well) in competitions and gaming and getting on the DoD is very possible.

Placement on the team will be finalized on 1/1/2018.


Contract Board

These are the last 9 days of the DoD eligibility period so new contracts will be released in January. While the system is biased towards gamers, I would recommend those who haven’t hit the cut-off and wish to make it on the team to go get some Clusters. This won’t be so easy to do moving forward.

P.S. Remember, a random member will be selected to receive an art commission!


And now for a brief intermission…



Message from the office of the Aedile, Jurdan Krennel

Hey guys welcome to the Aedile’s Corner for the month of December. We were waiting for the results of the Great Jedi War as well as the fiction update so we could determine where we were going to go with our house story but the fictions are still being worked on. I know the DC is going to make this fiction great and I can’t wait to see what happens.

We saw a great deal come from the war and lots of our participants have been rewarded for their contributions:

  • Malik – Dark Cross

  • Locke – Steel Cross

  • Vosiri – Anteian Cross

  • Methyas – Anteian Cross

  • Aul – Grand Cross

  • Drae – Promotion to Hunter (JM3) and a Dark Cross

  • Erik – Promotion to Warrior (EQ1)

  • Evelynn – Promotion to Battlelord (EQ3)

These are the highlights from Shar Dakhan during the war and I am proud of each and every member who submitted and contributed to Naga Sadow coming in 4th place. Guys we missed 3rd by the smallest of margins. Moving forward I would ask everyone to take a look at competitions that’s are in wars and vendettas. See if there are a bunch of easy things you could throw together, and then do what you can. That’s all we can ask of you as your leadership team. I will always lead from the front and try to push you guys where I can. If anyone needs any help my door is always open. CNS is my home, HSD is my family, and we defend our own and help our own!



Closing Remarks from the Quaestor

Oh, Jurdan was also promoted to Battlelord (EQ3)… modest bugger.

In service,

Aul Celsus
Quaestor, House Shar Dakhan

Congrats to all for the recent promotions and shinies! Nice to see Drae passing that blue line. Keep up the great work bud.

Very nicely done, House Shar Dakhan. Keep making the Summits proud! :)

Great work from Locke, Evelynn, Jurdan, Aul, Kaayn, Erik and Drae'lath!

Well kuddos to removing a BT and having the exact same amount of active members in the new one xD not to rain on any parade but these same active/inactive people haven't changed by the looks of it.

Also cool to see a graph of activity between each post, but again its the same people who were always active, and the same people who sometimes do stuff and might make the deadline or not.

In the end, I'm curious as to what the main reason was to remove BT's that allowed access to casual members, and now only cater to the members who already do stuff and doesnt matter to them which BT they are in. The exclusivity and... bonus... seems to still not appeal to the vast majority of HSD members.

Perhaps instead of making it seem like an elite team where only the real competitors get in, turn the image around of DoD into an added bonus for rewarding regular activity (which people should be doing anyways) and the Summit as well.

Currently the one BT only supports regular active members, but what about the people who want to be in a BT and mope around? Perhaps HMR is then the better choice for regulars since HSD is promoting a heavily competitive atmosphere with no room for laid back people.

Also, the amount of focus and time sunk into this seems like a massive drain on resources whereas it would have been nicer to see it spent elsewhere, such as introducing new House Lore and moving the storyline forward outside of major Clan/Club events. Perhaps this is happening, but no mention of it in the reports, giving the assumption that the only thing on the HSD Summit mind the past 4 reports has been DoD and how to get in and how wonderful it would be if you got in, the GJW and plot points leading up to the GJW (though this is also virtually non existant)

Personally, I don't care much for this, I'd rather see new stuff for the House such as Lore or activities/comps being pushed out, calls for helping with stuff the Summit is working on, or just generally involving the members than every report being about DoD and how good the already active people are blowing up your graphs and charts giving a lopsided view of total activity thats not much different than from when DS was up and running.

However, I may have missed stuff while skimming over the reports, if thats the case please point me in the right direction so I can see what HSD is up to besides DoD which has plastered every report.

Thanks for your opinion Darkblade. As you may or may not realize, because you went rogue, we were strung along for a GJW for some time and are still waiting for the final fiction. House and Clan lore depends on it and thus the delay in other events and developments. New stuff is in the works, I hope you stick around long enough to participate :)

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