Master at Arms Report 12


Master at Arms Report 12


New Magistrate - Mune Cinteroph

Recently, Qyreia Arronen informed us that life was a black hole from which he could not escape and would have to step down as the magistrate for the MAAs office. Qyreia was fun and helpful to have in the office, and we hope he took some new learning experiences away from his time with us.

To replace Qyreia, we decided to go with someone who applied the first time and was a (damn) close second. So please welcome Mune as the new magistrate for the Master at Arms! Mune has already been diving head first into all that we do and has picked up the ways of the samurai very quickly.

Please remember to CC Mune on your emails (or use the [Log in to view e-mail addresses] - so that he can learn about the things people email us - and he’s another pair of hands that can help you so that things get processed/edited faster.

New Magistrate - MAA Staff Awards

My congratulations to both of these fine people!

Great Jedi War - Competition and Transfer Holds

The Great Jedi War is coming up in Mid-July, there are some things that need to be stated:

  • I am asking that competitions not be submitted during the Great Jedi War competition window. There are a few long-running competitions that occur during this window, and I’d appreciate it if you could reach out to the MAA staff and we can see about shifting some of the dates.

  • For those competitions that are already approved - we'll be going through the list and sending out emails and moving dates around and whatnot.

  • Like during the other Vendetta lead ups in previous years, if you have a competition running and you reach out earlier, you'll learn many Mav-bucks. Redeemable for Mav-hugs!!

  • The clan to clan transfer ban will be enacted one-week prior (on July 13). No members will be allowed to transfer between units at that time, but rogue transfers are still allowed.

To quote the Vendetta Wiki Page:

To prevent abuse of the transfer system and to prevent the problem of people moving into clans solely for the purpose of participation in one large event, it is hereby ordered that all inter-clan transfers stop one week prior to any DB-wide event (including the competing clans during a Clan Feud), and continue that way until the event's end.

Rogue members may still transfer into clans during the transfer-ban-window, and may participate in said event but do not accumulate points for any unit as a rogue, and will not transfer any points earned while a rogue to a Clan

Remember to have fun in the coming weeks, and to do all the things!

Master at Arms Competitions

Long Running and Series Competitions

People love running competitions that have a dozen (or more!) sub-competitions, and these competitions generally take place over a number of months. I like seeing them hosted, and hell, I like participating in them to.

That said, we have run into issues in the past of people just bailing on their competition hosting/organizing responsibilities, and leaving it for others (me!) to grade. It also leaves the competition participants frustrated when their things don’t get graded in a timely matter.

So in the future, we will be looking at long running competitions with a more critical eye. Please keep that in mind.

Random tidbits

In this section, I’m going to start mentioning little things that we in the Master at Arms Office notice - but don’t need a full section.

  • Thanks to James, the fiction archetype now has co-op option, so this should allow the manual adding of participants. As always, if you run into trouble, just pop the MAA Staff an email and we can switch archetypes to regular (and then back again) for other types of competitions.

  • The responsibility of awarding and recognizing leaders in this club falls to their superior, not their subordinates. Please don’t award your superiors.

  • Replying all to an email is usually not necessary. If someone gets a promotion? That’s wonderful, but the MAA Staff does not need to know. We do, however, need to know if there’s a question, comment, correction, that any one of us can handle.

  • Please email us requests or questions. If you only ask me on Telegram? That doesn’t give Teylas or Mune the opportunity to answer (and to potentially answer faster!).

  • Not all placements assigned - The DB website is pretty great at error tracking, and it will flag competitions when closed that do not have all the placements assigned. Just send us a quick email when this happens (or add a comment to the competition if you can, but usually you can’t), then we won’t have to remand it or comment on it. Thanks!

Promotions of Note

Medals of Note

Thanks for the update Howie! Congrats Mune!

Beary good.

Awesome Report and Congrats Mune!

good report

Loved reading the post, congrats Mune and congrats to all of you who got promoted/awarded!

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