Plagueis Consul Report #12 - Time for a La-vacation


Plagueis Consul Report #12 - Time for a La-vacation


Time for a La-vacation


See what I did there? La-vacation? I don’t normally like leading off with a terrible pun like that, but I couldn’t help it in this case. In case you haven’t heard by now, we’re now in the midst of our latest clan travel adventure, Vacation on Mustafar! This is a fun little two week vacation event brought to you by the Wrath and our clan travel agent, Furios. You might wonder why we continue to go on vacations to places with extreme environments. Well, that would be a fair question that you’d have to ask Furios. For now, the best answer I can give is that it builds character and that if you keep complaining, the next vacation will be somewhere even less hospitable like Jakku or Quila.

On a more serious note, for those who are newer to the clan, much like it’s predecessor, the Vacation event is designed to be a fun event. We have a wide variety of events that tend to be less serious in tone. There should be events for everyone. You like to draw, we have a couple graphic events, including one co-operative one. Like writing? We have a bunch of different fiction events including one featuring Plagueis’ favorite Bothan, Reg. Flash games and puzzles, we got you. Heck, there’s even a really fun Run-On! You have until next Monday for the first week and from the 27th to June 3rd for the second week. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Ronovi, or Furios and we’ll get you straight.

Oh, the Seal of Hype that you’d expect to see here, well, he’s on his own vacation and doesn’t really like volcanic planets. Thus, here’s the Lava Flea of Hype instead!


(He really wants you to do the things)

Elsewhere in the Brotherhood

While we’re on vacation, there’s still some other stuff going on in the Brotherhood. One of the big things that occured since my last report was the introduction of a new faction in the Brotherhood storyline, the Severian Principate. First off, I want to make clear that they have no connection at all to Sevrin Arce, our friendly little antagonist from our Run-On. Who are they exactly? Well, I’ll let the fiction update do most of that job, but in summary, they’re an Imperial offshoot with control of a number of trade routes. I’ve been asked a lot how Plagueis will interact with this new faction. While we’re still waiting to see how things set up, I see a lot of possibilities in the faction and I think Plagueis could get along with them very well. Just don’t mention the s-word in front of them (you know, the one that refers to our involuntary labor force...). You want to have something to do with how we interact with this faction, there are a series of competitions on that very topic that last for a few more days. So go do those things too.

The other big news lately is that in the past few days we’ve had two members of the Dark Council retire from their positions. I wanted to take a moment to thank both Drac and Vyr for their service to the club the past few years. Both did amazing jobs in their respective positions and we as a club are much better for it. Good luck in your future endeavors both of you. Further, this means that Mav is now looking for some help. He already has a new DGM in Evant (my former boss in the Voice Office), but is now in need of a Regent and Fist. I don’t know if I’ve talked about this before, but I think applying for positions that you even have the slightest interest in. You might not get the job, you might not even think you have a snowball's chance on Mustafar of getting the job, put in for it anyway. First off, it’s not unheard of for incoming DCers to hire staffers based off of applications. Secondly, it’s not uncommon for thought out applications with really good ideas to get forwarded on to the successful applicant. Newer member, go for it anyway. True story, I applied for a DC position (Headmaster in this case) when I was just a DJK. Didn’t get the job, didn’t expect to, but I had ideas I wanted to share and put effort into the application anyway.

Last thing in the “elsewhere in the DB” column, our sword and doggo loving Voice, Wally, has put out Fiction Interlude. The topic, critters and such. I found this a very intriguing piece considering the recent addition of creatures as an option in the possessions system. Go check it out and have some fun with some of the animal characters in the DB. And no, I haven’t bought Arden a Porg...yet.

Ask the Dread Lord

Every so often I like to do a Q&A with the membership. While those are interesting, on occasion I like to have Arden answer the questions instead of me.

I really hate it when he does this, I’m a busy person.

Seal with it Arden, it’s not like you have a choice.

Fine, lets get this over with

Drac asks, “What is your greatest success as Consul?”

Turning this two bit dark side empire into a successful multi-planetary conglomerate. I mean, look at our market cap now.

Ronovi asks, “How are you spending your time while the rest of us are on vacation?”

Who says I’m not on vacation? Lava just isn’t my thing. Was looking at a submarine cruise on Naboo. The sea life is beautiful.

Andrelious asks, “Mustafar is you killing them off? Asking for a friend.”

Oh, I could kill them on Aliso. I’ve heard Mustafar and Sith go way back. I did get some extra cybernetic limbs in our medical centers. Just in case.

Scudi asks, “How do you feel about the openings on the Dark Council?”

No comment.

Silas asks, “Whats the hidden agenda for Mustafar? We didnt just travel all this way for all pleasure and no business.”

What, you think I’ll actually make you work on vacation. You’re right, you’re there to bring me back some lava fleas. Their chitin is all the rage in jewelry these days.

Closing Thoughts and Moment of Zen

Well, as many of you know from my last report I went on a little vacation involving a large boat earlier this month. I had so much fun on that large boat that I went and visited another one a week later. I took a (longer than expected) drive up to visit the USS New Jersey (pictured below) and hang out with some folks that play the same boat shooting game I do for a morning. For those who don’t know, climbing all over a battleship is quite the workout, but it’s so very worth it to learn about the history of these amazing ships.


For this week’s moment of Zen, I thought I’d present some useful information for our current event. I bet some of you have wondered if you could cook with the ever present lava on Mustafar. Well, some people at Syracuse University had the same thought and tested that idea. So enjoy grilling with lava.

Keep it evil mes amis!


I lava that pun!

good report

I can’t stress enough that members should apply for positions they have an interest in!! I didn’t think I would have a chance of getting on the Voice Staff, but here I am over a year and a half later still processing Character Sheets!

That pun is mag (ma) nificent Conseal!!! <3 <3 <3

I'll go ahead and comment on the DC openings.

Apply if you are interested. Make a good case for your ideas. Focus on how you believe your ideas will make the club as a whole better. When I applied for Fist, I never thought I'd have been able to make as much of an impact on the DJB as I did. It's a really great opportunity, so put yourself out there. Reach for the stars and all that!

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