Plagueis Consul Report #13: Pro Bowl V: The Results!


Plagueis Consul Report #13: Pro Bowl V: The Results!



I know what you're all here for, so I won't keep you waiting. Pro Bowl results are contained below!


Pro Bowl V Results


This is the culmination of a wonderful four week experience working with my fellow Consuls Bentre, Korvis, and Shadow to bring this event to our Clans. So, the moment you've all been waiting for, the overall results!


This was an amazing showing for this competition, without the stakes of a Vendetta (or even a plot!). In all, the fifth iteration of the Pro Bowl saw 56 unique participants submit 667 total entries over the course of the three week event plus the prologue puzzle. In the case of Plagueis (since this is still a Plagueis report at some level), discounting my personal entries during the recent RoS, we exceeded our entire Clan output from said vendetta by over 100 total entries. I think Plagueis in particular, and everyone who participated, should feel very good about their efforts during the event.

The top three finishers on each team are highlighted above, but a full breakdown of the top 10 placements can be found below:


The event really did end up coming down to the bitter end, with only 11 points separating first place from third, or about 5% of the points earned by those participants. Shout out to Alaris in second (bringing some of that #BeatKam energy to Plagueis I see?), TuQ'uan in 4th, Khryso in 7th, and Qormus in 9th place overall as well to all the top ten from the other participating Clans.


Post-Pro Bowl

The next thing coming down the pipe for those in Plagueis will be a new competition series: Alaris's Series of Series: The Series! - Series One. This will be a relaunch of a competition series that Alaris has run previously and set to begin on October 31st, so kick your trick or treating off with a Plaguiean start this holiday!


Ask the Dread Lord

As the Dread Lord will return in this space with the November report, hopefully with some questions and feedback relating to the Pro Bowl and the general direction of the Clan!


Brotherhood News


In Closing

Once again, I want to offer my appreciation to everyone that participated in the Pro Bowl across all four participating Clans. Additionally, the event could not have been executed nearly as well (or results posted nearly as fast!) without the able and most enjoyable assistance of fellow Consuls Bentre, Korvis, and Shadow. Please give them all a round of applause and a hearty thanks for agreeing to come along on this particular ride.


Woo, congrats everyone!

Big congrats to everyone! This was very fun :D

Thank you to all the organizers of this event. I had so much fun in this event! Great job to all the Rotworms and well played to the Frog-Dogs! One last time, for good measure...#beatkam

#beatkam is going to live on forever...and so will I. Great job everyone! So proud of the competitive spirit and engagement from everyone.

Well played everyone. Thanks for the invite Plagueis!

great job guys.

That was so much fun! Thanks for organizing such a great event, and for the awesome turnaround on grading.

Congrats to the Rotworms and well done to all of the participants!

Thanks for putting in all of the hard work! It was a hard fought and well won battle!

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