Plagueis Consul Report #9- The Future is Now


Plagueis Consul Report #9- The Future is Now


The Future Is Now

So this is my first report of 2019 and this is a year that is shaping up to be an important one for the club as a whole and Plagueis as well. We have new games coming, Episode IX at the end of the year, and a whole lot of fun coming down the pike. I wanted to take this opportunity to start discussing some of those things and some adjustments I’ve made to how we’re going to operate. The first thing you might have noticed is that I revamped the report calendar starting this month. The design is that you’ll hear from some member or members of the summit about every week alternating between the Clan and House level. The houses will be doing one report each month instead of two so that we can focus on giving you better reports with more information in them. When it comes to my report and Ronovi’s, the general plan is that Ronovi will be looking back and I’ll be looking ahead. That could change of course depending on event schedules, but that’s the general plan.

In fact, I’ve been working with the summit to put together a rough outline of what we’re planning the next few months. I’ll be updating this as things develop, but for now, here’s our working outline for 2019. As you’ll see, there’s an overall theme for each quarter as well as a lore development topic and the like. It’s worth noting that the timelines for things are subject to change, but this will give a general idea as to where we’re heading. You’ll also see what events we have planned, which is what I’ll talk about next.

My plan is still to have some sort of clan or multi-clan event once a quarter. I’ve dropped some hints as to our next event, but I think I can say with some certainty that we’re going to have a co-operative event with Clan Naga Sadow starting in mid-February. More details as we iron them out as well as fiction (which is something I’ll get to here shortly), but what we got going on is shaping up to be a rather interesting event. I also have plans for something in late April that’s going to have a co-operative focus. I also intend to revisit some successful things we’ve done in the past, such as the Pro Bowl, though that could take various forms. But I don’t want everything to be focused on events. I’m also looking to have at least 4-6 stand alone competitions each month that could be run by the summit or by regular members, though I’d suggest consulting with a summit member first, less for permission, more for logistics.

One goal I have is to get the storyline in Song of Discord wrapped up very soon so that we can move on to exploring other things. That’s not to say I’m going to scrap the idea of a clan run-on or having members contribute to the larger story. I just want to get this storyline finished and then retool the run-on for other purposes. To that end, if there’s something you want to get done, I suggest you do it soon. I also encourage you to contact Ronovi and/or myself about ways we could work your character and/or your work into the final wrap up which I’m shooting to have done before the start of the CNS event. Feel free to direct any questions to me or Ronovi. We then will start to focus on the aftermath of those events as well as to start working on some stuff surrounding daily life on Aliso.

Things to Do

While we're working on getting this event with CNS together, there's still plenty of fun things to do in the club. On the Plagueis side, our favorite Kel'dor with a sweet hat has a number of comps going until the end of the month. These include a new years Puzzle , a fun little Graphics event, and everyone's favorite, a Cryptogram. Go do the things folks, TuQ always puts out some fun stuff. There's also a number of fun looking DJB wide fiction competitions going on as well. One that looks particularly interesting is this little co-op event focused on Speed Dating. Might be a good idea to get some practice in with the co-op fictions, it might come in handy in a future event. Another fun one, especially for our tabletop gaming fans, is this event being run by Atra where the goal is to write up the results of a TTRPG session in the DJB universe. Both of these end in a couple weeks, so I'd get cracking.

Around the DB

  • For those who don’t know already, Atra has retired as Combat Master and has instead become Mav’s new Praetor. Replacing Atra as combat master is Alethia Archenksova, the Consul of COU. Read more about this in Mav’s Announcement.

  • We have a couple reports out of the Fist’s office, one announces Drac’s new minions and another discusses updates to our bot army that will make gaming life a lot easier. I'm all for better bots, as long as they don't start getting weird ideas about galactic domination or anything.

Closing Thoughts and Moment of Zen

So, there’s a lot of text here and no seals. Weird, I know, but I wanted to focus on the meat of this report. I really want everyone to have a better idea as to what we’re thinking for the future. That’s far more important than any graphics or even aquatic mammals. Know though that things can adapt. I’m open to good ideas from anyone be they from the summit or not. Right now, I’d love to have a couple more folks helping out to give Aliso more depth. This is especially true for some of our newer folks as I really want to involve new blood in the process.

For our Moment of Zen this month, you didn’t think this report would be 100% seal free, did you? These pinnipeds are so cute! I should also have a gif hmm?

more cute

Keep it evil mes amis!


Good report, Arden.

Good to see the future is to be set in motion. Brimstone will be an intricate part in this hopefully as we adapt, ascend, and avail our futures into the eradication of the light.

May the Force compel your enemies to poodoo their underoos.

Super excited for what's to come, folks. Get ready for some awesome stuff!

Nice report Arden. I look forward to seeing all the great stuff you guys do this year.

Great report Conseal!!! Can't wait and looking forward to all the great things coming up :) :) :D

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