Proconsul Report - Oct 25, 2021


Proconsul Report - Oct 25, 2021


Greetings Plagueis,



  • Great Success
  • Recognition
  • Clan News
  • Brotherhood News
  • Another Moment With Alaris



First of all, I want to thank Selika, Bentre, Shadow, and Korvis for running an absolute banger of a Pro Bowl! This was an incredible amount of fun and for Plagueis it was a rousing show of the kind of participation in major events we can be capable of. Clan Plagueis saw 18 Unique Participants with 227 total entries! Qormus’s Rotworms ended up taking the win over my Frog-dogs, which wasn’t helped when one of my draft picks got stolen away from me by the DC (I see you, Evant), but to say that I’m proud of all of you is an understatement. Plagueis kicked some serious butt in this Pro Bowl and y’all deserve all the heaps of praise that Imma rain down upon ye.

Speaking of praise…

I want to highlight our recent Promotions!

Oric Ral has been granted Knighthood! This is a long time coming and absolutely well deserved! Congrats Oric!

And of course Qormus has been promoted to Battlemaster! A mainstay in Plagueis Leadership, Qormus is a badass and now gets his custom lightsaber to prove it.

Congratulations to you both!


Recognizing Plagueis


The Shinies list is always a little longer after an event like this, so let’s dive into it!

Since my last report...

  • Arden Karn received a Dark Cross and a Topaz Crescent!
  • Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae pulled in a Grand Cross and 6 Crescents
  • Zuser Whuloc snaged an Anteian Cross
  • Qormus Aquila was granted a Sapphire Blade and TEN Crescents! *Tra’an Reith di Plagia pocketed a Dark Cross
  • Khryso Mallus received a Grand Cross and 5 Crescents
  • TuQ’uan Varick di Plagia plundered a Grand Cross and (oh jeez) FIFTEEN Crescents
  • Sinya Ani picked up an Anteian Cross and a Ruby Crescent!
  • Aleister Mavros scored a Steel Cross with his 6 Crescents
  • Livia Mariquita Daffel swooped in to snag an Anteian Cross with 3 Crescents
  • Azmodius Equesinfernum pulled in an Anteian Cross and 2 Cresecents
  • Taranae Rhode was granted an Anteian Cross and an Amethyst Crescent
  • and Teylas Ramar, first of his name, had placed unto him an Anteian Cross and 3 Crescents.

All together: Two Dark Crosses, Six Anteian Crosses, a Steel Cross, Three Grand Crosses, and a heckin’ Sapphire Blade! Put that with a bunch of Crescents and a plethora of Clusters, you’ve got yourself a stew going.

Amazing job, Plagueis. You makin’ this Pecan very proud!


News from the Clan

I’m going to start by plugging the first of my several upcoming Series!

Alaris’s Series of Series: The Series! - Series One

This will be a running series. I have three of these already planned and stored away for future use. Well… two stored away. One is ready to go! Stuff to just keep your chops working and tickle your activity bone. We’ll call them… weeklies! A Browser Game, a Puzzle, and an investigatory event (hunt the Jedi). You’ll get one of each a week for four weeks. Win one, get a prize! Win the most, get a PRIZIER prize!

It’s a word. deal.

If you haven’t please read the last few reports from the Clan and the Houses.

  • Plagueis Consul - Full Results here!
  • House Ventress - Qormus has managed a report on the 22nd of every month. It’s very clean and precise. Not like me.


News from the Brotherhood

Lots of news from the Dark Council!

  • Regent Staff Announcement - Noobis has given us his staff! To work monkeys!
  • Deputy Grand Master - Discord is official! Hurrah!
  • Covenant Amendment - So, I have this saying that if you just ask James if he can do something, he’ll probably say yes. If he says no, you’re going to need a Covenant Amendment to fix the problem.
  • Fist - Like TOR? Enough to want to run our guild and several competitions related to TOR? Apply for Tribune and join the Fist Staff. It’s fun here. I promise.


Another Moment With Alaris

As I mentioned before, I’ve been streaming since early 2020 because… well COVID. And I recently came across a massive issue with lag, which became worse as soon as I got my new 4k monitor (oooooh). Apparently, Streamlabs doesn’t like recording your streams to HDD while also streaming them to Twitch (Shameless Plug). I’ve fixed it, upped my outgoing resolution to 1080p, because converting 4k to 720p seems shameful, and now have my double stacked monitors. Will I add a third monitor? Maybe? Oh, who am I kidding, of course I will, eventually.

I’m playing an absolutely plethoric amount of Dead by Daylight, which is now technically supported because CASUAL GAMING (thanks, Daddy Drac). I own Back 4 Blood, but I haven’t even fired it up yet. Why? I don’t even know. Will I? Of course. I spent $80 on it.


I have the honour to be your obedient servant,

A (dot) Jinn


Loving the Hamilton reference there, Alaris!

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