House Ventress Report #4


House Ventress Report #4


Hello House Ventress and welcome to another report! This month was action packed with the 2021 Pro Bowl and the DJB officially completing its migration to Discord.


Table of Contents

  1. News
  2. Competitions
  3. Activity Report
  4. Final Thoughts



DB News

Just after my last report, our DGM, Bubba released an update on the Discord move. The technical hurdles preventing the move were overcome and in the end, we transitioned to Discord smoothly. Thanks to the work of Evant, Bubba, James and others, the transition went exceedingly well and for most members, was a painless experience.

Idris released a new report as well as a supplemental report. The big highlight being that several previously grandfathered species have now been made available for everyone. These include Cathar, Coynite, Draethos, Echani, Neti and Firrerreo. In the supplemental, Idris also detailed the changes to several other species feats. And in other big news, Idris announced some changes to the Species Approval Guidelines to allow proposals to add legends only species.

Drac wasted no time once his appointment to FIST was announced by Evant. He released two reports over the month. The highlight from the first was the proposal for a casual gaming queue so that even if you play a game that isn't officially recognised by the DJB, as long as you play it with someone else, you can still earn participation and clusters for it. You can get more information here. Several days later, he released a supplemental confirming that the Casual Gaming Queue was now live. Details here. A huge thanks to Drac and the rest of the DC who managed to get this implemented so quickly. Then, a few days ago he released his second report with some cluster updates and a new position for a SWTOR Tribune. The SWTOR Tribune position is still open if you're interested in applying.

Onto Justicar news next. Atra released a couple of things over the month. The first was the latest story update for the DC and Clans. There was also a verdict handed down in Case No. 68. And finally, a Covenant Amendment. Essentially, a member could ask for their dossier to be deleted, or made invisible according to the covenant, but there was no such provision in the sites infrastructure for a dossier to be made invisible, which was unanimously approved by the Electorate.

Evant announced that Appius will be the new Taldryan Consul. Appius, the former PCON opened up applications for that position which ended up going to former FIST Justinios Drake Taldrya, congratulations to them both!

Ciara released an HM report. There is a new Discord SA course, Comms 102: Discord and she opened up applications for Magistrate which closed a week ago.

Anubis was also looking for new staff in his latest report. Congratulations to Thran on his selection as P:RGT and former House Ventress member and Ewok Teebu on his selection as M:RGT.

And finally, Bubba released his second DGM report just a few hours ago. In it, he highlighted some of the benefits we are already seeing with Discord, as well as an update to the Clan and House Policies. Essentially, Clans are now encouraged to have two Houses as long as they have enough members to fill out a QUA for each house and a CON and PCON at a minimum. AED and RM are now officially optional positions. Something Plagueis has already demonstrated as Ventress does not have an AED and Plagueis is without an RM since Tahiri took over as Tyranus QUA. The other change was the removal of the six-month Clan Probationary period. Overall, some really important changes.

Plagueis News

Now on to Plagueis news. I began last months report by welcoming Drac as Aedile. Several days later he was announced as the new FIST. Congratulations, Drac! We also welcomed two new members into the House in the past month, both returning members. Everyone, please welcome Blackhawk and Mauro Wynter into House Ventress!

In other Plagueis news, Tahiri released her second House Tyranus report, and just yesterday, Slags released his clan report including the final results of the Pro Bowl.

2021 Pro Bowl

The 2021 Pro Bowl began with the Prologue competition. Each clan nominated two team captains. Whoever performed the best in the prologue competition would get first pick in the draft. Unfortunately for me, Alaris did better and thus got first pick. This set the Team Rosters for the event.

In total, there were 24 competitions spread out over three weeks. They focused on tasks that could be completed quickly so there were puzzles, browser games, word search, things like that.

Of the 28 eligible participants (Slags was an organiser), 18 or 64% of Plagueis submitted in at least one competition which is great and an improvement over the recent Rite of Supremacy. In total, Plagueis submitted 227 entries across the 25 total competitions. Sadly, we just fell short of CSPs number of 237, but I am still thrilled with how we did. We rallied towards the end too with a week on week increase of 18 entries between weeks two and three.

2021 Pro Bowl Results

As you can see, the Rotworms took the victory in the end, but the Frog-dogs put up a strong fight. Plagueis also did really well by occupying four of the top 10 positions overall.

Member Results

It was a fantastic event, and a special thanks to the Consuls as well as the other team captains for all the work they did to make it the success it was.



Here are a selection of currently running competitions that are either quick and easy to participate in or are especially interesting.

Alaris has a new container starting at the end of the month. He hasn't officially announced it yet, so I will wait until he does and then I will update you.

I also have a fiction competition starting in a couple of days and running for three weeks. It is called Time for some R&R.


Activity Report

Warlord Taranae Rhode

  • 1x Crescent with Amethyst Star

Warlord Teylas Ramar

  • 2x Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • 1x Crescent with Emerald Star
  • 1x Cluster of Earth
  • 6x Cluster of Graphite

Battlelord Aleister Mavros

  • 2x Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • 3x Crescent with Emerald Star
  • 1x Crescent with Quartz Star
  • 16x Cluster of Earth
  • 3x Cluster of Graphite

Battlelord Azmodius Equesinfernum

  • 1x Crescent with Diamond Star
  • 1x Crescent with Quartz Star

Battlelord Tisto Kingang

  • 19x Cluster of Fire

Warrior Qormus Aquila

  • 2x Crescent with Diamond Star
  • 1x Crescent with Ruby Star
  • 1x Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • 2x Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • 3x Crescent with Emerald Star
  • 15x Cluster of Ice
  • 10x Cluster of Earth
  • 9x Cluster of Graphite

Mystic Fenrir

  • 4x Cluster of Ice


Final Thoughts

It has been a tough year for Plagueis, but I am please with how we have progressed since the RoS in June. The changes made to the clan in the wake of the leadership shakeup are finally bearing fruit and I hope you can all see that. The entire clan summit are open to hearing any suggestions or issues that you may have. We're all active on Discord, and of course email is always an option. Until next month!

Warrior Qormus Aquila

Definitely some interesting news in the policy changes, I recommend everyone read up on them!

And great job to all the members of House Ventress on some fantastic results!

Very nice report Qormus.

Somebody teach me how to write awesome reports like yours!

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