Quaestor Report #2 Now with House Fiction!


Quaestor Report #2 Now with House Fiction!


House Fiction

What Will We do Next?

Tasha closed her eyes as she sat scrunched up in the small escape pod. So much had just happened and now she had lost her Aedile. Turning on her commlink, she spoke. “Tasha here, I am in one of the escape pods and will be transmitting my coordinates to you. I would appreciate a pick up.”

A crackling hiss came on the comm before Sanguinius answered. “Will do Tasha, we will have you back on board the Damnation soon, Sang out.”

After several hours, Tasha was rescued from the escape pod and brought back on board the damnation. As the blue Twi’lek stood in front of Sanguinus, Macron, Jade, and Janos, she smiled gently. “It is good to see you all again and that you are back safely. Tarryyhn paid the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect me. Because of that, I am now without an Aedile. I will need a little time to process the events and search again for a new Aedile. For now, let's all just go home.”

Macron was quiet for several moments as a sign of respect for the fallen comrade. He turned to Tasha. “War is never pretty or delightful, but it is necessary at times. The Wookiee was a powerful warrior. Tarryyhn gave his life so that the House of Marka Ragnos could continue to thrive. Don't let his death be in vain, Tasha. Learn from this and grow stronger.”

“I will Macron. You can count on that.”

A couple weeks later…

The Versea Estate

Ryloth System

It had been a long journey that was full of grief. After losing her Aedile, Tasha had to take at least a week off from her Quaestor duties to grieve. As she walked across the courtyard, she spotted the beautiful garden that her Grandfather had once kept. Many different flowers from different systems brought back pleasant memories to Tasha.

She remembered helping her Grandfather several times in his garden, mostly pulling weeds or planting. However, this garden always had a sweet fragrant smell that could always calm her mind and help her to think more clearly. It was a memorial to her grandfather, who was one of the greatest Twi’lek warriors in her timeline and this resting place is where she would also place a memorial for Tarryyhn.

She had brought a few of the items he had left in his office. Mostly they were just some useless trinkets, but to Tasha they meant something. Taking a small shovel, Tasha dug a small hole beside some of the native flowers of her planet and placed the small trinkets into the hole. After covering the hole, she then carefully placed Tarryyhn’s name plaque on top of the covered hole.

“Rest well, my fellow warrior and Aedile. May the Force be with you always and take care of your spirit. I just wished so much that we could have continued together as a team for the House and Clan, but alas, fate has decided it was time for you to rest. So, I placed you next to another resting warrior. I am sure that both of you are somewhere chatting about your war stories now.”

Standing up from the ground, she smiled a bit admiring her work. Though tears formed in her eyes, she stood there for awhile in complete silence. As the wind kicked up around her, she could almost hear a faint voice whispering. “Everything will be all right.”


Cenota Facility, Gamuslag

Macron and Janos had arrived back at the lab again.

“I can't wait to get started on these new specimens.” Janos replied eagerly as he stood at the door. “This is going to be exciting. I’m also ready to begin the search for my lightsaber crystal. I am going to be a Knight- and soon!” The Adumarian had a twinkle in his eye as he rubbed his hands together. There appeared to be some fine lab equipment inside and he was itching to begin under Macron’s guidance. He fingered the blaster pistol at his side. Hopefully he would have time for some target practice as well.

Macron grinned as his Sith eye danced wildly. “Good, good, I love an apprentice who is eager to get on with experimentation. Now let me get my keys to the lab and we can get started. The Trandoshan genome is interesting. Historically there is at least one account of the old Sith modifying them into Sithspawn. Trandoshans are rather dull-witted brutes, but their chromosomes are relatively easy to…. wait a minute.” The Alchemist began to search his pockets for the lab keys, but for some reason they seemed to be missing. “Well that is strange. I don't normally lose my house keys. This is certainly an interesting predicament.”

“Oh, you talking about THESE keys, to MY lab, Macron.” Came a familiar voice from behind them. Turning around, they could see a familiar face. Jade had stopped in and was twirling the keys around her claws as she gave a grin to the scientists showing off her fangs a bit. “ Surely, you remember the bet we had about the most kills and if I recall, you lost. But we can't keep dawdling here, we have some specimens to experiment on. So let's get to it!” She unlocked the door and went inside. “First floor, chips, dips, chains, whips, skull-saws, and injectors. Heh.”

“For a time, yes. Haha!” Macron laughed as he turned back to his former apprentice. “She is quite a character, but also quite an accomplished scientist herself. I'm surprised I didn't notice when she stole my keys. I’m proud of her drive. Don’t let her easy-going exterior fool you- she will certainly kill you if you cross her. That would leave me without an apprentice, so please don’t do that. Heh, I need to get better at not letting my apprentices win bets. Anyhow, let's go and get our specimens out of the ship shall we?”


The Fallen Spear


He turned away from the swirling miasma, the blurred realities of technology stolen from the ancients cascading across their eyes in shades of blue and grey. Hyperspace was a beautiful mistress, terrific and terrifying. Blackwind nodded at the Lord, his eyes inscrutable as always. The man turned, leaving his bridge with long strides driven by purpose.

The prisoner they kept a few decks below bothered him. There was a way about him, a calm patience that seemed in stark contrast to most of the warlocks that the Lord had dealings with. His cloth was simple, basic, almost monastic, apart from the long and ornate scarf he wore, seemingly as an insignia of office or rank. Blackwind turned back to the viewscreen, the feed showing him the brilliance of the matter between the worlds, the spots where the gods had colored outside the lines.

It wasn’t his concern anyway.


The Fallen Spear


“Where are we going?” The Iktochi craned his neck upwards, staring as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Muz tilted his head, watching the sensitive try hard to work his will, begging the Force to worm it’s way into his words, into his ears. The Lord would have smiled at the naivete of it all, at the absurdity of this man thinking he still had an opportunity behind the ray shielding of the cell doors. He crouched down, the leather of his warcoat trailing behind him as he came down to the Iktochi’s level.

“They call you He-Who-Remembers.” The voice seemed to play through the Iktochi’s ears and his head, a strange chorus assailing his senses, demanding to be heard.

“That is my burden, yes.” He lowered his eyes, thinking for a moment. The things he had been shown, the memories of his teacher’s master’s father’s instructor haunting him, the line going back to the dawn. To the time before.

Muz let a half smile crease the corners of his mouth, the edges of his eyes. “Remember.”

Generations screamed past his mind, flowing through lives long since turned to dust, places that were not much more than moldy earth any more, events lost to the ravages of time. They poured through him, tearing bits of his spirit away with them. He grit his teeth, remembering the training, the things that would help him hold on, to remain sane with the memories of a hundred, maybe more, pouring through him.

Words fell from his mouth, not of his voice. “What is it that you seek, Lord?”

Muz smiled.

Brotherhood News

Pravus has a competition suggestion seen below in the newest reports.

The headmaster is revamping some studies.

The Voice has some new character sheets for those making NPCs and some news.

Cethgus, our fist of the Brotherhood along with his people give us an update for Division and some new updates for Tor.

The Herald brings us the latest in shinies and other goodies.

And last, but not least, The Combat Master gives us the scoop on the use of telekinesis.

For more in depth analysis, check out the reports.

Clan News

Operation Firestorm has come and gone. Overall, we had a nice turnout of people and I want to thank Sang, Locke and all who helped to organize these events for us.

Below you can find the latest CNS reports.

House News

As you can see we have some exciting things happening in fiction with our House. I want to take a moment here to thank Muz and Macron for their amazing work in helping me to write up this wonderful piece of House Fiction. I couldn’t have done it without you guys and thank you for helping to serve this amazing House.

Because firestorm has finished, this month is a bit quieter so there will be a few things going on, but we've decided it would be best to give a breather to you all before we dive into the feud coming up. My Aedile and I have put our heads together as well as received a bit of feedback from our members on what kind of competitions people enjoy. Because of this awesome feedback, we have put together a mini series of fun little comps for you all to enjoy. I want to thank all of the members who gave me that feedback as well as I want to give credit to Sebz Janren for one of the competition ideas that we used.

Also, my aedile has been chosen! Ophelia is now my right hand man..er (ic) lady that is going to be helping me as we plan out future events for our house.

Muz has been doing awesome with the recently opened up BattletTeam Night Hawks and has been organizing his own set of competitions for the group. Rock on man!

Aexod has been a whirlwind in the gaming side of DJB and has been doing a weekly JA FFA competition.

As usual, here are links to some of the competitions running and coming up.


For more competitions, check them out here


5 x Clusters of Ice

2 x Clusters of Ice, 1 x Crescent with Emerald Star

1 x Crescent with Ruby Star

Appointed to Aedile of Marka Ragnos, 1 x Crescent with Sapphire Star, 1x Crescent with Topaz Star Transferred from Night Hawks to Marka Ragnos, 4 x Clusters of Ice, 31 x Clusters of Fire, 8 x Pendants of Blood, 190 x Clusters of Earth, Changed from Grey Path to Dark Path, Changed from Guardian Adherent to Obelisk Adherent, Changed name from Tarryyhn to Ophelia Delacroix

1 x Crescent with Diamond Star, 3 x Crescents with Ruby Star, Promoted from Captain to Major, 75 x Clusters of Fire, 270 x Clusters of Earth, 1 x Pendant of Blood,

605 x Clusters of Fire, 2 x Crescent with Sapphire Star, 2 x Crescents with Ruby Star, 1 x Crescent with Amethyst Star, 1 x Pendant of Blood, 222 x Clusters of Earth

2x Clusters of Ice, 1 x Crescent with Topaz Star

5 x Clusters of Fire


64 x Clusters of Earth

Ask the Quaestor and Aedile!

Ophelia asks: Which Versea family member is your favorite now that you have two more?

Lilith probably right now as she has been kicking ass in Pazaak.

Sang asks: When will you make HMR the new Jedi House?

When Muz isn’t around?

Sang asks: How much of a pain is Ophelia?

On a scale of 1-10 I’d say probably an 8. Especially when she gets into one of her “let’s shoot my office up moods.”

Ophelia asks: Which do we prefer; Sang or Locke?

No comment.

Malik Asks: What is your favorite day of the week that does not end with a ‘y’?


Well I think you stumped me.

V’yr asks: How do you see HMR's current situation and where do you see the House 6 months from now? I.e. are you satisfied with the current situation, and how would you like to improve it further.

HMR has been having some issues with activity in the past, in need of some wiki updates badly, and in general there is a lot of work that needs to be done. In six months, I am hoping to have our wiki updated to current, boost our activity levels, introduce perhaps a bit more gaming activities, create a fun place for everyone to enjoy and continue to help Marka Ragnos be what is is always supposed to be. Which is a house that members can join, have fun with the clan and house as well as others outside of Marka Ragnos. I want to help bring back that strong bond of House and clan members working together to help make not only our house and clan an awesome fun place, but also to help the djb be a fun place that people can come together and have fun with for years to come. Some of my plans are to also create some house fiction to tie in some of the current events that have been happening of late. So far with talking with members, I've been able to gain insight on some ideas for new competitions that would help participation and help me to work better with my house.

Aul Celsus asks: What is the best type of taco?

I love soft shell beef tacos best.


Ophelia asks: How does it feel to fictionally represent CNS gaming by being Guard to a dark Councillor?

I am not quite sure will have to get back to you on that.

Abbey Atty Attifer Anne asks: Tasha, what's your favorite aspect of brotherhood life?

I really have come to enjoy getting to know a lot of the folks here and have had a lot of fun with people. I have to say I do like the telegram feature a lot. It has really helped to just bring this club so much closer together. As such, I really enjoy the #Sketchsomething competitions. Because of the art club channel and that competition, I have gotten so much better at drawing.

Tasha’s Corner


Well it has certainly been a crazy month and I think we can all use this break to wind down a bit and get ready for the upcoming feud. I have really gotten to enjoy working with several members in Marka Ragnos as a team in Firestorm and I have had a blast terrorizing my Aedile... I mean, assisting and caring for Ophelia. Usually I wind up asking her a bazillion questions about things or giving her loads of work that we need completed. :P But seriously though, She’s been an awesome partner and has been an amazing help to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better Aedile. Anyhow, that is about all I have for now.

If you all have any ideas, some feedback, questions, or concerns please feel free to email me. ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) My door is always open for you.

Ophelia’s Spot

I've never been too good at talking officially. Much rather blab on and on and annoy everyone by the sheer nonsense I spew because why the hell not? I guess in starting I should introduce myself so you have some idea of who I am and what I do and can do for the House.

So been in the DJB for nearly 10 years now. Started in Arcona and with a few brief moments of Rogueness I made it all the way up to EQ1. I was BTL of Shadow Gate during the Crusade before moving to Plagueis and helping to build the Disciples of Dreypa BTL.

Real life took over, I sadly went rogue and came back sometime before Christmas. Worked in Plagueis a bit but found it wasn't for me anymore and reconnected with my old friend of many years Sanguinius. Rest is history. Been a few characters over the years as I don't see them as dossier names and I'm constantly striving for a better story in my head to play with. Makes no sense to me either. But I love Ophelia as a character and so expect her around a hell of a lot. Just being around, no constructive IC reason except to annoy you.

Active near enough 24/7 so if you need to talk feel free. Just be aware that may decrease a bit due to the incoming invasion of a new member of the Clan any day now….any day.

I've grown to love this Clan beyond anything I've experienced in my last ten years. Enjoy working alongside Tasha immensely and looking forward to pushing on and striving to deliver excellence for you.

My email is [Log in to view e-mail addresses]


  1. Firestorm has ended.
  2. House Fiction!
  3. Many different reports to see
  4. There are some laid back competitions coming up. (Please participate if you can.)
  5. People have been active!
  6. Ophelia is my new Aedile!
  7. Tasha enjoys soft shell beef tacos.
  8. Ophelia likes writing extra things in.
  9. My office now has holes in the wall. (Thanks Ophie)

Tasha hates you all (Ophelia wrote this, I need always check my datapad whenever she is around.)

(Lies, slander, abuse.)


Till next time,


Awesome report. Friends Gifs, Zoolander, Tacos, AND information. Nice work Tash!

I always loved friends. They also happen to have some awesome and hilarious quotes.

Woo, great report. I'm jealous that you can get gifs to work....

I suck at markdown. :(

I can always help you if you need or you can ask Marick. He is a wizard with markdown. :)

Good answer, great report :D

But are you loco for tacos? :D

Nice report and lovely answers, Tasha!

Woo, great report. I'm jealous that you can get gifs to work....


The important thing is to make sure that:

  • You are using https
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If you find a gif on google that's not https, upload to imgur.com and then add the "s"

Hahaha, I'd love some tacos right now. :p

Great report

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