Shadow’s Bane BTL Report #2: Where are we going?


Shadow’s Bane BTL Report #2: Where are we going?


Good afternoon fellow Shadow’s Bane members! Welcome to my second report where I keep you guys up to date on current and future events.

Who’s this Darkblade guy?

Right, i'm now back in the action 24/7 and reachable just as often. No more vacations for me for the next few months, although i'm already looking forward to Prague in October. Until then, i’ll be here kicking booty alongside the rest of you! Also, i’ll be taking 1st place in Awakenings (I had a vision I would, so its gotta be true.. right?!)


If you have been living under a rock these past few weeks, I advise you to get out from under it and check your email. This Clan wide event has kicked off to a great start, and shows just how awesome Clan Naga Sadow is. So far Sebz, Jeric and myself have been able to post in the Run-On found here. I’m hoping a few more of you will take a peek and try to get in two posts before the end of the event at the very least.

Please take a look here for further Awakenings Competitions! I expect us all to participate and represent Shadow’s Bane, so wake up and make a move!


This has been a slow month, mainly due to Awakenings starting and the focus laying heavily on the Run-On and Joint Fiction. I hope to be able to write down more awards with my next report. Congratz Sebz and Jeric on your respective crosses, they are well earned! People come and go, and sadly we had to let go of Kyrath. However, we gained another in his place, namely Ingram Thorpe, welcome!

Jeric Cyrin

  • 1 Dark Cross

  • 1 Crescent with Emerald Star

Sebz Janrin

  • 1 Anteian Cross

Ingram Thorpe

  • Moved from House Marka Ragnos to Shadow’s Bane
  • 3 CoE
  • 1 CoI

Darkblade Bladedark

  • 2 CoI

Teu Bukhari Sadow

  • No visible activity


  • No visible activity

Kyrath Amaranthi

  • Moved from Shadow’s Bane to House Marka Ragnos

Current DJB News

Quite a lot of things happened since my last report. Valhavoc has some balancing things to mention and the introduction of FIST-o-matic on the IRC #dbgaming channel. Wally has released CS 2.0. The GM and DGM have more information on Path’s and Order’s, their release and a timeline for their implementation. Finally, our own CON and PCON have a report out.

Read the full reports here:

Future Plans

First, I'd like to touch up on the competition I ran a few weeks ago. You there! What is your purpose?! was a competition I had made so I could get to know your character better and incorporate them into future BT fiction updates correctly. To my slight disappointment only 2 of our members subscribed, with only 1 submission. I want to thank Jeric for his submission and insight into his character.

This was not just any other competition or fiction writing, it was a crucial fictional background I needed in order to develop the Battle Team. So, if you have time, please send me an email with a short description of your char, why he/she joined Shadow’s Bane, and what they hope to achieve in the BT. This being said, I hope that in future competitions on the BT level that there will be more submissions and activity, as these will be important plot progressions.

I'm still hoping to roll out the Battleteam’s wiki shortly, as Jeric and me have been working on it the past month. We hope to have things cleared up and given more depth as to the direction the BT will be going.

At the moment I am working on a project that will hopefully launch about 1-2 weeks after Awakenings ends, and will last for few months if all goes well. As this is in the makes I won't reveal much about it yet. Focus on the current Clan event and have fun!

Where are we going?

In short, I want to make Shadow’s Bane an active and fun Battleteam. I will be running competitions once a month in relation to the BT. We will be striving for greater performance and submissions in any and all future Clan/House and DJB wide events. We have very talented people in our team, and some need a nice kick in the rear. Looks at everyone

For now, we get used to working with each other and start preparing for the events planned in October. At that time I want to be aiming at a 90% participation level. As of now, for the first part of Awakenings we have a 50% participation level. Whilst not bad, I know we can do better. In order to work on this, I will be poking everyone on Telegram and email kindly reminding you to participate, even if it's just for a single event. I want you in, doing stuff and showing support.

After Awakenings, we will have an event in which I hope everyone will participate in, and steer us in the direction of defining Shadow’s Bane, and what makes us unique. I understand we all have real life and that that will always come first, but I shall not sit back and watch this team full of awesome talent go to waste. Hence, I will be watching, poking and doing other mischievous things to get you into the action.

I am really looking forward to the next couple of months, and hope that you are at the very least slightly curious as to what they will bring.

Also, I am available on Telegram, Whatsapp and email should you have any questions, concerns or feedback for me. I strive to reply within 12 hours, max 24. Please do not hesitate to contact me for anything, even if it’s just to send me a smiley! I am here for you, and all I want is for us to have fun and enjoy doing events.


I dont do this stuff, so read the report ya lazy git!

Faithfully yours,


Nice Report, Darkblade. Keep things moving forward and encouraging involvement and activity.

Great report, DB. Keep working hard guys!

Looks good, like the parts near the end. Keep it up!


Who is this darkblade guy...?! He seems weird.. must be the dutch blood :p

Solid reporting DB! Keep it going!

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