Shar Dakhan Quaestor Report - Because It's There!


Shar Dakhan Quaestor Report - Because It's There!



Kel Rasha Docks


0100 Hours

Sren Virak watched impatiently as the menial workers went about their duties in the warehouse, under a watchful eye of the armed security patrolling the warehouse's walkways above them. The last shipment was nearly ready, and after this they would close down and relocate, perhaps to Myrmidon or even Kar Alabrek. Sren's informants had hinted the ASF were aware of the facility and it was a matter of time until they came knocking. He glanced at the display on his wrist chronometer. “Get a move on people,” he shouted, “time is money!” The workers looked up briefly as their boss spoke, and then their gazes dropped obediently to their tasks. Most of them were on minimum wage, or had been brought into the Orian System in return for working their debt off by their employer. They kept their mouths shut and worked in the hope of a better life.

Sven looked them over, and then he suddenly turned in puzzlement as the doors at one end began to rise, with an ominous whirr of machinery. A pair of his security guards appeared either side of him, gripping their blasters as the door continued to rise to reveal a cloaked and armoured figure. His head was bare and Sren took in the features of the man lit by the torch above his head. His skin was pale and burned, the scar tissue permanent, and between the ripped ears and the lipless mouth two dark eyes regarded the scene.

“Who the hell are you?” the crime boss demanded.

The man looked at him, his fingers gripping a hilt that suddenly emitted a glowing red blade. The ruined mouth opened revealing broken teeth and a sound emerged. “RAAARRGGGH!” Before they had time to react, he leapt forward towards them.

As the Aeotheran Security Force officers approached the burning building, a bloody figure emerged from the door, his cloak on fire. He hit the ground hard and rolled several times smothering the flames, then lay still. A few seconds later an explosion rocked within the building and flames burst from the door, followed by the roof collapsing. Quickly they moved forward and surrounded the figure, scanning him. Then they signalled to a medical transport that was slowly descending towards them.

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Hello from your Quaestor

So hows everyone doing? We're still in this whole weird covid situation. Over here on the east side of the Atlantic we're moving back into fullish lockdown on November 5th, and for some reason I have an urge to watch V for Vendetta. I'm keeping myself amused with work and DB stuff and a bit of gaming and watching a medical drama, or at least watching it until a needle or someone's insides appears, at which point I watch the floor or the wall instead. It's all good fun anyway.

As far as our House goes I'm breaking with the tradition of my last two reports by NOT announcing a new Aedile. I'm very happy to have both Sanguinius and BTL Locke working with and advising me on changes to the house and thinking up some activities for you to do and there's some good stuff being planned for the future.


Fictional Update

So your summit are still on with fictional developments. I sent you all the document in September outlining some of the changes to our fictional status and we've been putting some of it into place.

For a start rather than creating a separate House Shar Dakhan prospectus we've put details of our new rule on the main House Shar Dakhan page, with the new government that serves us and how life has changed for our citizens. We've also taken off some of the details on obselete battleteams and locations that are already on the main Aeotheran page to avoid it being too long and untidy.

In addition on this I want to start to fill in the blanks on our recent fictional history. If you look at the page it's very detailed down to Morax Darkblade and Bentre as QUA and AED, and then nothing until myself and Sanginius took over. I want to bring this up to date and celebrate our history so I'll be looking for you to help us get this filled in.

We've also updated Seng Karash and Myrmidon, adding details of the new ministries to the Government district and how the curfews and restrictions are changing the feel of the Commercial and Leisure district. And though we haven't fundamentally changed Myrmidon as it's a very well written location, it's now the home of our ground forces rather than the old Devil's Shroud team.

And last but not least when I spoke to DarkHawk when he was QUA he said he wanted to bring back the lost Ludo Kressh base Marakith, but he wanted this as a temporary solution while we designed a new home for Shar Dakhan. As those of you who read to the bottom of the linked fiction or have been randomly djbwiki watching we now have one. Welcome to Mount Dakhan.

After speaking to people we wanted something large and imposing to show the people that House Shar Dakhan are in charge and something fun with lots of nice stuff. So we found the highest mountain on the continent in the middle of the map, hollowed out the top third and built a base there. It has an observatory, lots of defences, private members area with balconies offering mountain and sea views, an academy offering the best in mental and physical training, less impressive quarters for the staff and soldiers, a big hangar, terraces for eating and relaxing, and it's self sufficent and we can close the entire thing up and live there if things get bad. We've got the main text in place though this can be improved on but it needs more images and we will be looking for support in finding or creating some great ones to make it look good.

With all the above it is starting to feel like we are making good progress on our development though it is something that will continue to evolve and I am always happen to listen to feedback, constructive criticism and suggestions to make it even better.



As you are no doubt aware the Tensions in the Orian Empire Clan Competition is still ongoing and we've got a week left to get entries in.

There are nine great comps to get your teeth into.

Two Flash games both of which I was rubbish at but enjoyed.

Two graphics comps, design a wanted poster and a propaganda poster.

Not one but two gaming comps, with the new Squadrons game and the traditional DB ones

A fiction comp describing your characters participation in ongoing events

And two comps that allow you to create and describe a faction and an antagonist working against us.

So loads there to be getting on with, along with the usual DB wide competitions with lots to do here.


Member Activity

DA Macron Sadow – 2 competition organised, 1 competition entry, 3 Clusters of Graphite.

DA Malik Sadow – 1 competition entries, 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star.

Augur Sanguinius Tsucrya Entar – 1 competition organised, 1 PVE actity, 30 courses graded, 20 Clusters of Earth.

Augur Locke Sonjie – 2 competition entries, 1179 words of fiction, Crescent With Amethyst Star, Crescent with Topax Star, 2 Clusters of Ice, 20 Clusters of Earth.

SBL Malisane Sadow – 3 competitions organised, 7 competitions entered, Crescent with Amethyst Star, 2 Crescents with Sapphire Star, Crescent with Emerald Star, 7 Clusters of Graphite.

Seer Raistlin Sadow – 4 competitions entered, Crescent with Ruby Star.

Mystic Mactire - SA course passed.

DJK Malevek – SA Degree gained.


Final Thoughts

So I hope you enjoyed or at least read all that. Hopefully there's lots to do to keep you enterained and interested. I think we all appreciate this is a difficult time between covid and political stuff going on right now, so I think between activities and chatting in telegram, the DB is here when you need it.

Take care of yourselves, and each other.

Malisane Sadow

Quaestor of Shar Dakhan



Excellent HSD!

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