Spectre Cell Report #2: Witness Me!


Spectre Cell Report #2: Witness Me!


A Fond Welcome

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the Spectre Cell report! There’s a lot going on for the entire clan this month: criminals in the streets, riots across Estle City, and enemies around every corner. No doubt as Spectres we’ll be caught up right in the thick of it.

News and Updates

Brotherhood News

Big changes going on lately in the Brotherhood. Reports abound, and for those of you who haven’t yet seen them, here’s some of what the Dark Council has to say.

  • Fist Report&Fist Supplemental - Drac isn’t lying when he says you might actually want to read this one. Big changes have come to the DJB’s gaming community and for those of you into gaming out there you might want to read up. The supplemental report is no less important either, announcing support for a new gaming platform into the cavalcade of changes.

  • P:Fist Report - Gaming news seems to dominate the feed lately and even the Praetor to the fist has something to say on the matter. If the reports from the fist himself didn’t satisfy, you should be sure to give it a look.

  • Voice Report - Not to be outdone, the Voice has also issued a recent report. For those of you who strive to keep up to date on the brotherhood’s fiction, this is where you can find the latest updates.

  • Regent Report - If you spend the week agonizing over your characters loadout and endlessly customizing their equipment like I do, the Regents report might be relevant to your needs. Keep up to date about all the upcoming changes to the possessions system and get ahead of the curve.

  • Master at Arms Report - Reports from the Master at Arms are always a joy to read, and this one even more so because of a very special announcement. Qyreia Arronan, Galeres native and Quaestor, has been given a job as Magistrate to the Master at Arms. Give our the red devil a hand!

Clan News

  • House Galeres Report - A Galeres report prepared by our resident fake murder-lizard, Skar! Be sure to head over and take a look at what that warm-blooded pretender has to say.

  • Arcona Consul Report - Some of the biggest news Arcona has gotten in a long time, the latest consul report annonces the continuation of the long-awaited Sins of the Past storyline. Join in with the rest of the clan and find out how the slothfather managed to screw it all up this time around.

A Wild Project Appears!

More locally here in Spectre Cell, I'd like to start searching for people to work on updating Spectre Cells wiki page and related lore. Right now what we have is rather bare-bones, and scattered in a number of places, so I'd like to get a small team together to work on getting everything polished and up to date! Shiny kudos abound for anybody interested! Be sure to contact me either over Telegram, or through my email at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Ongoing Competitions

  • Sins of the Past Episode 4 - It’s here folks! A continuation of Arcona’s clan storyline. If you want a chance to be a part of crafting the clans future, here’s your chance!

  • Monthly Gaming Challenge - The Fist staff continues their proud tradition of monthly gaming challenges, offering a fun and easy source of medals for the joystick jockeys around here.

  • MAA Puzzle Series - A casual, fun way to spend an afternoon doing some puzzles for the fist. Have fun, relax, and you might even get a medal out of it!

  • Operation Tempered Iron - A competition near and dear to my heart, the ACC is currently running an open competition! Join in on the matchmaking and show your combat-writing skills by kicking butt and taking names in the ACC

In Closing

In keeping with my last report I’d like to reiterate how proud I am to be the leader of Spectre Cell. Really, you guys are awesome and the community we have here in the DJB is like nothing I’ve ever been apart of. So as I sign off my report I’d like to offer my thanks to all of you for being the crazy frakkers that you are.

~Your favorite murderlizard, Grot

You have been witnessed. Carry on, Spectre Cell.

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