[Taldryan] Consul Report 1.2


[Taldryan] Consul Report 1.2



Taldryan News

Like I have announced in my last report, Justinios has been elevated to the position of Ektrosis Quaestor and since then has started with the development of the Ektrosis unique identity. To explain this you can read up all the relevant infos in his latest Report here: Ektrosis Quaestor Report #1 – With a Bang

For more informations on the backgrounds of the Sphere of Research and Intelligence, you can hit up the wiki of it here: Sphere of Research and Intelligence

I am really excited on this and look forward to see this coming to life.

News from the Brotherhood

The Combat Master is still looking for a new judge, so if you feel you have the skills it takes, feel free to look up his news post and good luck to anyone who plans on applying to it: Combat Master #13: (Not) the last Changelog

There are also reports and news out from the Voice, Regent and Fist:


Clan Fiction

This reports fiction update was written by yours truly Consul and marks the final fiction update before the start of the Caelus Chronicles depicting our arrival within the Caelus-System:

"Given your words I assume its Caelus then." Andrelious concurred with the Consul, though part of him wasn't happy with the fact they were heading back into a system full of former Imperials but he knew as much as the Consul in how much of a need the Clan was in terms of supplements after the recent events.

Rian turned back towards the holo image, his mind already setting up plans based on what he had heard from Andrelious. "It is and to increase our chances we will disguise ourselves as former Imperials."

Shutting down the display Rian ended the meeting. "Good job Andrel, now let's inform the Clan."

A few days later the leaders of Taldryan stood on the Paragon's main-command bridge, each dressed in formal uniforms, the unreal streaks of hyperspace filling its forward viewport.

Rian plucked at his collar. "Wearing this, reminds me why I refrain from wearing this sort of uniform." Looking sideways at Andrelious, the Consul saw that the Rollmaster felt similar.

"Rian this was your idea, now you have to live through it – " Andrelious said, not taking his eyes from the viewport.

"Master Taldrya if I may interrupt, we are entering the Caelus-System now," the ensign on duty said as the stars outside turned from streaks to single spots that dotted the space around a white dwarf and a gas giant bathed in colorful blues-and-greens. "First telemetric data coming in, there is a lot of traffic around one of the Giant's moons. Also picking up three Nebulon-B Frigates, they are changing their course for us. Shall we raise our shields Master Taldrya?"

"No," The Consul replied. "Shooting first only let us look like we are aggressors invading their space. After all there could be more capital ships on the backside of that giant. Continue our approach on the current vector."

"Aye my Lord." The ensign said before relying the orders of the Consul to the other officers on the bridge.

"Are you sure to not even raise our shields?" Andrelious remanded. "Those pilots may not have been the best of them but there is a difference between some small laser cannons and capital ship grade turbolasers being fired at us."

"I know," Rian agreed. "one right shot and we may not be able to raise our shields but if we want to be welcomed as guests we can't be considered any threat to them no matter how little or big their fleet is."

"Master Taldrya there is a call incoming, they want to know our identity," the officer on the Comm said.

"Put them through, only audio." Rian ordered, again plucking on his collar even though he had commanded that the signal the Paragon sent would contain no visual data. "This is Rian Aslar of the former 1172nd imperial Fleet. We are in need of supply goods, and –"

"In case you didn't know, the Empire has fallen and since then this has been an independent system." The voice from the other side cut the Consul. "However, we are offering supply goods to any who can afford them. You may enter an orbit around our capital moon Chyron. Welcome to the Caelus System."

You can find the full fiction update here: Into the Wild(space)

In case you have missed one or more of the other Clan fiction updates leading into the Caelus-System, you can find them all here: + Part 1: Mission: Errand + Part 2: A Positive Lead + Part 3: Consequences

Caelus Chronicles

It's getting serious, not only have we finally arrived in the Caelus-System, the first three chapters of the Clan event are also ready for a final review before I am going to create the competitions, for this reason, I am going to break down the first three chapters of the event as teaser for you:

Chapter I: A rising Shadow

Chyron the capital of the Caelus-System is under attack of a crime-lord calling himself Vishes (viSHəs) who the Caelus System in a fashion yet unseen for its ruler Astor Ky'Lian. While Astor's son Drayen has set out with his forces to find and stop the terrorist, he always seem to be one step ahead of his pursuer. Feeling that there is more at stake, Astor Ky'Lian secretly called Taldryan to aid his son in his quest to stop the terrorists.

Chapter II: In the Trenches

Vishes has moved his operations from Chyron to Iosan where he attacked a research facility owned by Kagu shi, a new won ally of Taldryan and businessman within the Caelus-System. While the local authorities are unable to regain control over the facility, Shi requested the assistance of Taldryan to infiltrate and retake the facility before the terrorist are able to cause permanent damage to it.

Chapter III: The Bastion

*At the sacrifice of his men on Iosan, Vishes was able to once more managed to remain uncaught by Drayen and the members of Taldryan and is now attacking the Prison on Orth. While the Taldryan Summit is caught in negotiations with the local government, Drayen had sent specially trained members of the Caelus Security to Orth with the orders to interrogate Vishes men when the contact to the Prison is lost. *


Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae

  • 4x Clusters of Ice

Andrelious Mimosa-Inahj

  • 1x Legion of the Scholar

Andan Taldrya Marshall

  • 1x Legion of the Scholar

Raistline Taldrya Majere

  • 2x Clusters of Fire
  • 61x Clusters of Earth

Alaris Jinn

  • 32x Cluster of Earth


  • 1x Cluster of Fire

Kromtal Bloodfyre Stormfyld

  • 1x Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • 1x Crescent with Sapphire Star


  • 1x Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • 1x Cluster of Fire
  • 61x Cluster of Earth
  • 3x Cluster of Graphite

Justinios Drake

  • 22x Cluster of Fire
  • 86x Cluster of Earth

Joe Durham

  • 1x Crescent with Emerald Star

Looks like Raistline will again be sneaking himself the title of Gatekeeper of Taldryan for the next month again, but the race is still up till the next report.

Lastly, please join me in congratulating Joe Durham on his promotion to Hunter. Well done Joe, next stop Knight!


Brotherhood wide






I would also like anyone to remind on the Clan run-on that has just started:

If you are a member of Taldryan you should definately take a look at it and if you are interested grab at least one other member of Taldryan and start exploring Chyron


That's it for this bi-weekly report and the list of things to be working on is still long and includes a lot of awesome things like Clan related venues for the ACC and the final start of the Caelus Chronicles, so stay tuned on updates.

~Rian Taldrya

Son of Taldrya

Consul of Taldryan


Woo! New Fiction!

Nice report and great fiction brother. Will be exciting to follow for. The outside looking in on where your Clan takes this.

Caelus shall be an exciting new chapter in the history of Taldryan.

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