The Wardens BTS Report #5


The Wardens BTS Report #5

Time To Step It Up Wardens!

I've been talking to Sid on IRC and through e-mails more and more often and we've come to the conclusion that even though we are mildly active, we can do better. Sid brought it to my attention that some of our most active members are regulars in the #Taldryan (and even #DB) channel on IRC. I strongly encourage you all to pop in every once in a while and see how people are doing. Now that that's out of the way, lets get into the report.


News and Other Reports

Ok, So I feel like there's going to be quite a bit to talk about in this section since Sid missed his week of reporting (It's ok Sid, we still wub wub you :P), I'd like to start off first and foremost with the biggest thing in my opinion and that is The ACC! Yes thats right, we now have a solid date on the Fading Light part 2 and its ACC based so the first part of the news section shall be ACC news. Lets do this!

  • Our residential Combat Master, Mav, has an update to the way Character Sheet administration will work. I highly recommend giving it look to perfect those CS's for the ACC

  • Pravus updates us with a recent Dark Council meeting in an interesting time format. The ACC date is confirmed and sign ups begin on April 30 and end on March 14, so get those Character Sheets approved and get Qualified ASAP!

Now onto some other DB stuffs I won't give a whole lot of detail on.

  • Solari tells us about Star Wars Celebration Anaheim next year and gives even more info in this report

  • Solari has another news post about Disney's plans on releasing 4 new books on Star Wars

  • Yet again more news from Solari (geez he does a lot of these :P) this time he talks about the happenings going on with his new position in the Recruitment Tribune

  • Our very own Yacks drops a report about our knowledge of Star Wars EU being thrown out the window

Now some Clan Reports that will get nothing more than a simple link because I am far too lazy to go into detail


Awards and Stuff

I'll be combining this weeks and last weeks awards and merits here, which is pretty cool because it'll look like we did a lot :P

  • Catmatui earned 58 CFs
  • Aiden Dru earned 109 CFs and a Crescent with an Emerald Star
  • Raistline earned a Crescent with a Topaz Star and 83 CFs which helped them achieve GMRG III
  • Retden earned a Crescent with an Emerald Star Shaz'air(Sid) got ACC Qualified!



No details this time around, just linkage



All I have to say to conclude this weeks report is, Sid....please let me know if you can't report ahead of time so I don't have to go digging so much :P

DJK Aiden Dru / BTS

Battle Team Wardens

House Ektrosis

Clan Taldryan

Great report Dru.

Besides the fact I forgot to put an asterisk before Shaz'air lol

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