Voice Report #22: It's Gonna Be...


Voice Report #22: It's Gonna Be...


Since I probably won’t post this until past midnight (EST), I can safely say that for this report, actually:




DGM Report

The DGM has released his latest report.. In it, we are proud to drop the latest fiction update of [Brotherhood Rising] — Chapter 1: The Sevarian Principate. The Sevarian Principate is a new faction that we are introducing. Originally created as an entry in the RoS entry by Arch, Blade, and Tarvitz, the Principate is meant to feel like something created as much by members of the Brotherhood as by the DB Storygroup. This balance should make them a bit more relatable for newer and veteran members alike while giving ample opportunities for world building together.

Speaking of world building, we also have a new series of comps for you to get involved with this new faction. We have a create an NPC competition, a create a cadre (crew), a fiction, and a technical writing competition (wiki page contribution). I cannot stress enough that these are all opportunities for you — whether you are a regular member, staff member, or unit leader — to have a chance to contribute ideas to this new faction. You will also have a bit more freedom in how you/your clan view or interact with the faction due to its currently neutral stance with the Brotherhood — how that stance stays will depend largely upon your entries and interactions going forward!

You can find the container comp here.

ACC Championship

The 2019 ACC Championship continues into the semi-finals!

The following matches are now LIVE!

Loadout Updates

Thanks to the magic of James, we’ve been given an update to the Loadouts system for Possessions. You’ll notice that you now have a “Backpack” slot that allows you to carry a few more items with you. This is meant to add more options for when writing Fictions, Run-Ons, or your own writing. The only limitation is that the backpack slot will not be active for the ACC. This was done to make sure that the ACC didn’t get overly complicated.

The Combat Birb has a good breakdown and explanation in his latest report.

CS System Update

On Thursday evening (5/2), I will be deploying a major re-write and update to Beast Control and Beast Riding in support of the Regent’s new Creatures system that will be launching Friday (5/3). Please keep an eye out for that report for more information.

In the meantime, I wanted to first outline the changes to the Character Sheet system before deploying them:

Beast RidingCreature Handling

An individual's ability to “handle” (interact, mount, and ride) a creature. It also measures the individual’s level of empathy and understanding when interpreting a creature's intent or actions.

Creatures are classified as either: Domesticated, Tameable, or Untameable, with the individual’s Skill level offering different degrees of control and proficiency in relation to the creature's respective classification.

The reason for the name change is to first align with the system designation (“Creatures”, similar to how we call robots “Droids”). Second, the Skill mirrors Animal Handling in DnD, and just seems to better communicate how we’ve re-written the Skill description.

We’ve also updated the 1-5 tiers to reflect the different degrees of control respective to the classifications of creatures: Domesticated, Tameable, Untameable. The 1-5 Skill and FP tiers will be live on the Wiki when we update the CS database Thursday night.

Beast ControlCreature Control

The Force connects all living things, and with training, a Force-user can develop the ability to reach out and make a connection with a target creature.

Dependent on the Force-user’s concentration and ability to maintain their connection to the creature.

Creature Control is a basic power, meaning it can be used multiple times in the heat of battle. However, it can be draining on the user when used on creatures that are harder to control.

Again, we are changing “Beast” to “Creature” to align with the Possessions system designation. We’ve also updated the 1-5 tiers to reflect the different classifcations of creatures: Domesticated, Tameable, Untameable. Those will be live on the Wiki when we update the CS database Thursday night.

We’ve also had to re-write some of the existing Feats related to Beast Control and Beast Riding.


These Feats will replace the existing Feats currently in the system. If you are using them, I recommend checking your sheets. Keep in mind that re-arranging Skills or Force Powers does not require approval, and will automatically be approved. The only time you have to get approval is if you change a text field.

Creature Affinity {{member}} has a seemingly natural and easier time controlling and connecting with one category of creature, such as reptile, mammal, amphibian, or avian. (The creature category must be cited in Loadout Description).

Just The Two Of Us {{member}} has formed a lasting bond with a single Domesticated or Tameable creature. This bond exists without the need of a Force-connection, and is instead something more primal and natural.

We are Legion {{member}} can spread {{gender:his,her,their}} Creature Control power to two or more creatures with scaled focus and concentration respective to the type of creatures.

Seize the Boy Through Creature Control, {{member}} can exert {{gender:his,her,their}} will entirely over a target creature's conscious mind, directing them to carry out a specific task or function that might go against their base nature.

Deep Bond You create a deep bond with one Domesticated or Tameable creature through the Force, allowing for easier control and communication without the need to maintain concentration for an active connection. (Bonded creature must be cited in Loadout Description).

Fiction Feature

For my last competition Voice Workshop: Catalyst, Tasha did not place but had a really lovely entry that was very personal to her character. You can check out her entry here.

Going forward, I will continue to highlight and keep all Voice’s Fiction Selects here in this folder. You will be able to find this under the Fiction Resources article on the wiki as well.


  • Continue to support the Brotherhood Storygroup with macro-level plot developments, while also writing micro-level updates to help with the worldbuilding aspect of Brotherhood space. This includes the fictional roles of the society, and the importance of Arx as the Brotherhood’s home planet and base of operations.

  • I will continue to run Monthly Fiction Competitions to help set the example/bar for what I believe non-Vendetta, DB-wide competitions should be. I will continue to monitor the data of closed fiction competitions and use this information to make informed decisions for the remainder of my time as Voice.

  • Fiction Society Leaderboard version 3 is currently being drafted. I have emailed every member of the Inquisitorius Rank 8+ for direct feedback on my proposal. So far it’s been almost unanimously positive, which gives me hope. That said, I still like hearing all feedback, as it helps me make sure my proposal to the Grand Master is as tight as possible and aligns with thoughts and impressions from the membership.

  • Transparency and collaboration are important in anything I do for this organization. I try my best to explain every decision I make, share my reasoning, and make things as fair as possible for all members. I hope that in doing so will open a better understanding for the types of things Dark Councilors do for their respective areas in the club. I believe very strongly in my Fiction Leaderboard idea, and think that while I know a few people have concerns, it’s going to be a positive addition to our club. I hope you can join my optimism and keep an open mind to it! :)

Arx Updates

We’ve also added two new locations to the Arx map. Kelviin, who made the original map, was able to add these two icons per Evant and I’s ideas. We appreciate him. Best Wookiee. These locations will be introduced in the upcoming fiction update due this week. In the meantime, enjoy.


Keep an eye out for the fiction, and an update to the Arx wiki page.


That is all for now. My inbox is still the best way to reach me: [Log in to view e-mail addresses] but feel free to hit me up on Telegram as well.

Thank you,


oh, niiiiice!!!! I can not wait for these creatures to roll out, hell yes! So many cool things rolling out!

Woot, I am excited and can't wait!

Eeeeeeeeee!!! OMG I love all the creature stuff. <3 <3 <3 But damn you Wally!!! I want most if not almost all those feats! Now I have choices faints :P :P
Love everything Wally!! Will also be sending you an email soon :) <3 <3 <3 :D Thank you for all your hard work dude, seriously! And Evant's

hard work in making the creatures happen.
*Don't how this got deleted off :/

Love the world building that’s going on and Kelviin did great on Arx!

Gonna keep a close eye on that Wiki

Feels from Tasha, a map from Kelviin, and four wonderful ACC matches. What more could a longneck want?

...creatures. A longneck could want creatures. Friday can't come soon enough.

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