House Shar Dakhan Aedile Report - December 26th, 2014


House Shar Dakhan Aedile Report - December 26th, 2014

Inos System
Marauder Corvette Reaper's Call
After Operation: Vengeance

Locke was pleased as he surveyed the information Captain Keithel had provided him with. After the mixed results at Tarthos, it was nice to see that something had gone well in his absence. He had recently returned here onboard one of the Clan's Lambda-class shuttles, along with supplies and equipment that would allow the Assembly to survey the moons surrounding Inos 7 and locate what usable resources there may have been.

Still, even with that, they would have to be careful. These moons were treacherous. They were rumored to be home to ancient Sith beasts and abominations. There were rumors of smuggler and pirate activity as well. The dark side seemed to quietly...pulse from some of the moons, and Locke had decided to avoid those for now. He did not know what was going on there, and did not want his people subjected to some madness.

"Captain, I am pleased with your efforts here. Move our new equipment to the base and I will be down to inspect it shortly," Locke said.


Hey guys, I hope you all had a great holiday! In this report, I'm going to talk about the Vengeance results briefly, then mention some DJB news about the GJW and stuff, and then talk about currently running Clan competitions.

The End of Vengeance - Dakhani Accomplishments

The Vengeance Operation is over, and members of Shar Dakhan have brought glory and prestige to our House. Shi Long and Daedric Turelles have placed first and second, respectively, in both the Runon and the overall competition! These guys deserve a pat on the back for not only doing well throughout the competitions of Vengeance, but also making solid, consistent posts in the runon. For these efforts, Shi has earned Diamond and Ruby Crescents, two of the highest levels possible, and Daedric has earned Ruby and Amethyst Crescents, which is no small feat, especially for a relatively new Dark Jedi Knight. Great job, guys!

As a whole, seven members of our House participated in Vengeance, so that's just shy of half, as we currently have fifteen members. That's a great start, but come the Great Jedi War, maybe we can take that momentum and get more people involved!

Great Jedi War And Stuff

Yes, that's literally the name of this section! The timing of the Great Jedi War has been announced by our Deputy Grand Master in his latest report. It will run from January 9th-23rd, with a break in the middle. There's a total of eleven competitions in this one, which means it's shorter than previous wars. On the other hand, if you've been with us for awhile and experienced the Dark Crusade and Fading Lights, you're probably okay with that. I highly suggest reading said report, located here.

Right now, Herald Style Hanukkah is also going on. If you're new here, basically this is a thing the Herald's office does every December, where they release a series of new lightsabers and robes for the selector. HSH is in it's second day, you can find Day 1 here and Day 2 here

Honestly, I'm kind of in love with the sabers from Day 2...

Also important to gamers on our roster is that the Fist has made changes to the Rites of Combat, which you can find here.

There's a couple of other things on the news page that you should also read, but I wanted to link to the most important stuff that's currently going on. For the complete list, simply go to, login, and read the news. If you are logged in, it will automatically load news pertaining to you, such as Clan and House reports, as well as Brotherhood-wide news and reports.

Clan Competitions

So the GJW is on the 9th of January, which means we still have some time left. You might be with family and friends. You might have new toys. You may be drinking. You might, like some people, be drinking a lot. If not, if you get bored, we have competitions!

The Trap the Thief series of competitions is still on, including fiction, gaming, and graphics.

Then there is a Black Guard competition for both Kalon and Shirai. They are poetry and fiction, respectively.

Next is the CNS Recruitment poster competition, found here.

After that, there is the Investigation fiction competition.

Last, but not least, is the gaming competition that runs until the first of January, called Mine Racing X-Wing Style. You can find it here.

Finally, there is a quick and easy word search competition, running until the 31st, which you can find here. You might even be able to do this one while hungover, if you are that certain someone...


That's it for this one. There's competitions. There's gifts from the Herald. And there's Great Jedi War on the horizon. Until next time…

For Sadow!

Wohoo. First post!

Konar won at something, and to celebrate, he kicks his feet up and does a small, strained victory dance before ceasing briefly to take a gulp or air, sitting back down and continuing to fuel his alcohol addiction

Once again, brilliant report! And Merci d'avoir parlé about all the competitions that are running in CNS. Much appreciated that for all us lazy souls, we need not leave the couch, expend energy and worst of all, manually search the competition pages to find these hidden gems.

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