Rite of Supremacy: Meridian


Rite of Supremacy: Meridian


In its aim to fight Force users on every front, the Collective has spread throughout Brotherhood space and no Clan has remained unharmed. Rath Oligard's massive propaganda machine continues to spread and 'illuminate' the masses of non-Force users on many Brotherhood planets and beyond. The Technocratic Guild, ever improving their fleets of warships and spy network capabilities, continue to be the bane of the Inquisitorius and Clans alike, while the Capital Enterprises board consolidates even more corporate holdings to keep the effort alive.

But a crack has formed in the Collective's nearly impenetrable veil of secrecy. An Inquisitorius Listener ship carrying important data on enemy movements was destroyed beyond the borders of Wild Space. A missing agent and an artifact of unknown power, last seen in the Kessel sector, drew the attention of the Dark Council and, through them, the Clans. With divided goals but a unified purpose, the Clans and the Dark Council face off against their mutual enemy once again.

A buildup of enemy forces in the Kessel sector looks to be a formation of a new front in the war for survival.

Welcome to Rite of Supremacy: Meridian

Fiction update

Prologue: The Search for Meridian

Psi Termina I Inquisitorius Listener Ship Wild Space 2 weeks ago

A long bead of sweat trailed down captain Dalla Fenn’s forehead as the proximity alert resounded through the ship’s interior. She spared a glance across the sensor screen indicating incoming enemy contacts. Instinctively, she shut out everyone around heras her analytical, cybernetically augmented mind ran through every conceivable scenario. Her tactical officer yelled out the IFF codes and identified every enemy ship in turn, but even as he finished, Dalla knew what the outcome would be.

“Ma’am!” the tactical officer drew her attention finally. “Your orders?”

Dalla gave him an uncomfortably long look before acting. “Keep them at bay as long as possible. Power to shields and automated defenses. We have to transmit what little information we have before...” The venerable Akan Dreadnought-class cruiser rushed into real-space as its complement of fighters opened fire on the Psi Termina I’s shields and made the small, modified freighter shake in defiance.

Read the full opening fiction click here

Competitions list

First of all you can find the main competitions listing here: Competition: Rite of Supremacy: Meridian

You can find additional info on the RoS: Meridian Wiki page

Competitions are split into three weekly phases and one event-long phase, as detailed below.

The event-long competition run the full length of the event (Hi, my name is Captain Obvious Vyr) and include single and team based competitions. These are intense competitions that will require cooperation in many aspects.

Phases I, II and III run for one (1) week each and include simpler competitions for solo participation.

  • Phase I of the Rite of Supremacy runs from October 14 until October 22

  • Phase II of the Rite of Supremacy runs from October 27 until November 5

  • Phase III of the Rite of Supremacy runs from November 11 until November 19

We have left one week between each Phase so participants can focus on event long competitions or simply chill until the next intense Phase starts.

Event long competitions

Phase I competitions

Phase II and II competitions

Phase II and III competitions will be submitted upon the start of their respective phases, but will follow largely the same formula as Phase I.

Heroes and winning Clans

This event will award both individuals and Clans for excellent performance.

  • The top three individuals earning the most points in Rite of Supremacy will be awarded Hero titles. Members with tie scores will be broken following an Olympic-style Novae and placement ranking.

  • The top Clan will earn a Possession item, a weapon skin and an accessory skin

  • The first runner-up Clan will earn a weapon skin

  • The second runner-up Clan will earn an accessory skin

Participation and placement points

The Rite of Supremacy is using a similar system to the one used during the Twelfth Great Jedi War, the details of which you can find in one of Mav’s old news posts here.

In essence, as members participate, they increase the total pool of points that go towards placement values. But unlike GJW XII, in this RoS, participation is worth far more of the total points. In GJWXII, only one fourth of total points earned came from participation. In the RoS, three fourths of all points will come from participation. In this event, participation will be extremely important.

Mav will elaborate more on scoring and other design choices in an upcoming news post, so stay tuned.

Time to fight!

That’s about it for now, ladies and gentlemen!

Take your war faces into the fray and show us what you can do. May the best Clan win!

Don't die. Have fun.

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