P:Fist Report # 2


P:Fist Report # 2


Hello gamers, it is time for my second report! Make sure you read over everything, for there is a lot of important news that have been released. I’ll start with briefly recapping Drac’s FIST Report. Make sure you read it as well if you missed it. Also, read over the Supplemental #20.1 Report from Drac.

The gaming portal has been updated, basically meaning now you can only earn 30 CE and 30 CF clusters per platform. I’m not going into big details for Drac has already done so in his report. This was the original intention and came into effect at the beginning of the month. If you have any questions or notice something is missing or incorrect, please let Drac or myself know.

Heroes of the Storm 1v1 was announced as a supported mode! Make sure at all times the RoC rules are followed. Look forward to seeing this being utilized! For the BGL Tournament the bot now must now be utilized.

Drac also gave an update on the BGL, it has been officially decided that the top winner of each platform will receive a specialized title and trophy in honor of Frosty. The top three will receive crescents as usual.

Since there’s a great interest in Fortnite, it is now being tested and reviewed for support. Fortnite: Battle Royale is free to play! Also it has cross platform support! Make sure you check out the Test Competition and please leave a comment with your feedback. It is available on PS4, Xbox. PC and Mobile.

Then finally Destiny 1 has taken a fall since Destiny 2 has came out. Being there has nearly been any activity reported it was on the chopping block for a couple weeks. Being its “dead in the dirt” it will no longer be a supported mode within the club. Sad, we know but it happens and new things come out. The gaming world is always changing. Don’t be discouraged we still have Destiny 2 supported!

Wiki and Battlefront II Updates

The staff has been at work to update the Pendant of Blood and Supported Games wiki. They now have example screenshots for each platform. For if you ever wonder what is the proper screenshot to submit. Please refer to this first, any further questions feel free to reach out to a staff member.

After review Battlefront II requirements for clusters has been changed. Before it was you must get one kill for clusters. It has now been revised to you must register at least one kill or score to qualify for clusters.


Gaming News and Updates:

Overwatch for the second month in a row has been the top in activity within the DJB! The second weekend you could gain double experience. Within the month of June they have reworked Symmetra, love how I can place turrets from afar. Endorsements have been added into the game to give a person an extra thumbs up. Also a new Looking for Group feature has been added. A new hero “Wrecking Ball” was announced, which is a little smart hamster named Hammond. For more information make sure you check out Blizzards Overwatch page.

Heroes of the Storm again came in behind Overwatch for the month of June. Starting at the middle of the month the event Echoes of Alterac was live until July 9th. Thru questlines you could earn new rewards within the game. Also a new hero was added Yrel. Check out the latest patch notes for more information.

Diablo 3 came right behind HoTS of the month of June. Season 10 has been kicked off “Season of Greed”. Make sure you check out the competitions for this season.

Battlefront II had a Han Solo season. Making new characters available young Han Solo, Chewbacca and Lando. Also new maps and modes to play. There is also news of New Clone Wars coming in the fall. For more information make sure you check out the news page.

Hearthstone had a new event Taverns of Time started mid June, ended July 3rd. And gave out a free golden pack on June 13th. A new event Witchwood has came out, check it out and make sure you submit your progress to the competition.

Destiny 2’s Year 2 expansion will be arriving this fall. At the beginning of July Moments of Triumph became available and will be around until end of August. Which includes various in-game objectives to earn progress towards Triumph Points to unlock unique rewards. Check out the latest news on Bungie.


FIST Gaming Competitions:

Member Created Competitions

Would you like to see a certain type of gaming competition? Feel free to create one, any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact a member of the FIST staff.


Grand Master’s Royal Guard:

Gamers join the ranks of the GMRG! How do you join you ask? Read over the GMRG-History course and pass the exam within the Shadow Academy.

The 2nd Quarter has finished and 3rd Quarter has started! Congratulations to the following top 10 of the 2nd Quarter! The top 10 get to choose a Dark Council to guard!

1th Place * 2nd Place * 3rd Place * 4th Place * 5th Place * 6th Place * 7th Place * 8th Place* 9th Place * 10th Place
Rulvak Kelly Arvalis Arcia Luna Kordath Raistline Maaz Catmatui Jafits

To qualify for the leaderboard you must reach rank X - XII

Congratulations to the following for elevating their GMRG rank in the month of June!

Elevated from II to III : Kul’Tak

Elevated from III to IV : Calenhad & Mune

Elevated from IV to V : Rian

Elevated from VIII to IX : Qyreia & Kelviin

Elevated from IX to X: Ayden

Elevated from X to XI : Justinios , Zednich & Catmatui

Elevated from XI to XII : Arvalis


Weekly and Saturday Pendant of Blood Awardees:

Congratulations to the following:

Weekly PoB’s

  • 10 -15 June 18: Rulvak

  • 17 - 22 June 18: Matches forwarded to following week. Not enough participation.

  • 24 - 29 June 18: Rulvak

  • 1- 6 July 18: Matches forwarded to following week. Not enough participation.

  • 8 - 13 July 18: Matches forwarded to following week. Not enough participation.

Saturday PoB’s

  • 9 June 18: No Matches Played.

  • 16 June 18: Justinios

  • 23 June 18: No Matches Played.

  • 7 July 18: No Matches Played.

  • 14 July 18: No Matches Played.


Gaming Information

  • Supported Games - List and information on games supported by the brotherhood.

  • Rites of Combat - Rules to follow when gaming.

  • Fist-O-Matic - Report PvP matches against other DJB members.

  • Pendant of Blood - How to obtain six medals within the different gaming platforms.

  • Cluster Values - List of the gaming platforms to view cluster values and modifiers.

  • Discord - DJB voice server for gaming.

  • Telegram - Chat program that is used within the DJB. Click Here to join the Gaming channel or one of your liking. Make sure you follow the rules at all times.



Contact the FIST Staff

Any questions\concerns or ideas please reach out to us. We are here to help.


Hope you all enjoyed this report. I would like to thank Kris for the awesome report graphics! I’m a happy camper. Also, thank you to the Fist Staff. It’s a pleasure to work with you all. To all you gamers, GAME ON!


Great report, Juna. Nice work.

Nice report! Just remember that Fortnite is also available for PC :)

Note that you have Rian going from VI to V; which is backwards. Possibly meant IV to V

Woohoo fortnite support. Might have to get a bit more active 😁

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