P:FIST Report #3


P:FIST Report #3


Hello Gamers! It is that time again for the P:Fist report! Just a few things to go over for this report along with the usual news and announcements. A brief recap of Drac’s Fist Report, review it if you missed it.

Again, welcome Raiju as our new magistrate! Look forward to working with you for your term. Thanks to those that had applied!

Fortnite despite the hype prior to the test unfortunately did not pass to be supported within the brotherhood. It had great hopes for it has cross platform capability. Thanks for those that participated in testing it out!

Drac also went into detail on gaming test methods and how he considers games to be tested for support. I will not go into detail for he had covered this in his report, go and check out his report if you have not done so. Also he had mentioned a new method to test games in the works! Stay tuned!


Gaming News and Updates:

Overwatch again has been the top in activity within the DJB! At the end of July the new hero Wrecking Ball was released. Which is a cute little hamster by the name of Hammond inside a mech which turns into a ball. At the beginning of August the Summer Games has started and goes until 30th of August. For you Lucioball fans it is back! Also there have been updates to different heros, make sure you check out the latest patch notes for more details.

Heroes of the Storm again came in behind Overwatch for the month of July! A new hero, Whitemane has been added. She is an aggressive ranged support character. Also there has been new skins added along with some adjustments to heros, check out the latest patch notes for more information. Remember 1v1 has been approved to be supported within the brotherhood. Make sure you are taking advantage of this and participate in the competition for the month: HoTS-1v1.

Destiny 2 for the month of July came up in activity right behind HoTS. At the end of July Solstice of Heroes was started. For further news and updates visit the bungie website.

Battlefront II is getting closer to the new clone wars era to be added in. There is a write up from the interview with director of Battlefront II, Part 1 and Part 2. He also speaks of the upcoming clone wars additions. You can check out the roadmap here.

Diablo 3 season 10 Season of Greed is still going on. Make sure you check out the competitions for this season!

Hearthstone on August 7th had a new expansion added: Doomsday Project! Join with Dr. Boom, build different cards with science, check out more information here. If you would like some guidance on building a deck check out the first entry on the Cheap Shot Series, which is tips from the winner of the 2017’s Americas Winter Playoffs.


FIST Gaming Competitions:

Member Created Competitions

Would you like to see a certain type of gaming competition? Feel free to create one, any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact a member of the FIST staff.


Grand Master’s Royal Guard:

Gamers join the ranks of the GMRG! How do you join you ask? Read over the GMRG-History course and pass the exam within the Shadow Academy.

Congratulations to the following for elevating their GMRG rank in the month of July!

Elevated to II: BigWhaleCale

Elevated to III: Kul’tak, BigWhaleCale

Elevated to IV: Mune, BigWhaleCale

Elevated to V: Jael, Mune, Erik

Elevated to VI: Shaz’air

Elevated to VII: TuQ’uan

Elevated to VIII: Tisto, Omega, TuQ’uan

Elevated to IX: Omega

Elevated to X: Saba

Elevated to XI: Catmatui

Elevated to XII:


Weekly and Saturday Pendant of Blood Awardees:

Congratulations to the following:

Weekly PoB’s

  • 15 - 20 July 18: Rulvak

  • 22 - 27 July 18: Tasha'Vel

  • 29 July - 3 August 18: Matches forwarded to following week. Not enough participation.

  • 5 - 10 August 18: Justinios

Saturday PoB’s

  • 21 July 18: No Matches Played.

  • 28 July 18: Tasha'Vel

  • 4 August 18: No Matches Played.

  • 11 August 18: Arden


Gaming Information

  • Supported Games - List and information on games supported by the brotherhood.

  • Rites of Combat - Rules to follow when gaming.

  • Fist-O-Matic - Report PvP matches against other DJB members.

  • Pendant of Blood - How to obtain six medals within the different gaming platforms.

  • Cluster Values - List of the gaming platforms to view cluster values and modifiers.

  • Discord - DJB voice server for gaming.

  • Telegram - Chat program that is used within the DJB. Click Here to join the Gaming channel or one of your liking. Make sure you follow the rules at all times.



Contact the FIST Staff

Any questions\concerns or ideas please reach out to us. We are here to help.


This concludes my report, thank you for stopping by! Be fabulous to each other and GAME ON!


Good report, Juna.


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