[Arcona] New Beginnings


[Arcona] New Beginnings



A Message from the Consul

Hello, darlings! Welcome to my first official report as Consul! It has been a busy few weeks, what with redecorating the Citadel to make sure it matches my wardrobe getting settled in, but things are moving apace.

I am very excited about landing in this position and am looking forward to getting my nefarious plans underway. What plans, you may ask? Well, I am hoping to advance Arcona’s general storyline, to develop fun events for ya’ll to enjoy. There will also be behind the scenes work, such as helping to develop future leaders within the clan, improving retention of random joins. And, as always, maybe getting the wiki updated. Rhylance and I will be working closely to achieve as many of these goals as possible.

And, if there’s time left over after all that, then I would like to increase Chiss immigration to Selen. Because Chiss!

Of course, none of those things can be accomplished without you! And so we are rolling out a survey to gauge your interest in future events and storylines. You can find the survey here. Please take a few and let us know your thoughts about what you would like to see!

And now, without further ado, on to the rest of the report!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. House Fiction Update
  3. News
  4. Awards, Promotions and Transfers
  5. Crescent Leaderboard
  6. Competitions
  7. Ask The Deadly Duo
  8. In Closing...

Fiction Update

Citadel Council Chamber,
Estle City, Selen

Beneath the tapered ceiling of the Grand Council Chamber a delegation of Arconans sat around a large table. At the head of the room sat an empty chair, grand in design and scope. A vacuum had been created, a void needed filling. The continued arguments over the power within the Clan had stretched on for hours, with little end in sight.

“This has gone on long enough, it is paramount that a new Consul be chosen.”

“And who would you select?”

“The Proconsul would be a safe choice.”

“Safe? The Chiss? He’s not even really an Arconan! Has he fought for this Clan? Has he spilled blood for this throne? No! Another Clan called him Consul and look how that turned out!”

You can read the rest of the fiction here.


Arcona News

  • The House Galeres event has concluded! Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming report, where Aldaric and Skar discuss the results!

  • A big thanks to all of you who have applied for the House Qel-Droma Aedile and Battleteam Leader! I was so gratified to see such an interest in these positions! Tali, Rhylance and I are in the process of conducting interviews, and we will be making an announcement about the new minions leaders soon!

  • Yes, the application period is closed for HQD Aedile and BTL, but the hiring spree isn’t done yet! Now we’re looking for a Rollmaster! Zujenia has served with distinction, but she has more than earned a break! If you’re interested, then check out the details below!

DB Wide Updates

  • Do you like gaming? Then be sure to check out the Fist report and the subsequent supplemental. Bonus points for checking out the P:Fist Report.

  • Mandalorian madness has struck! Here you can find Atra’s spoiler-free Mandalorian review. And, for even more Mandalorian goodness, there’s also a Mandalorian themed event. Participate in all of the comps and you’ll get access to the Celebration store!

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is out! If you want to know more, be sure to follow this cleverly crafted link to see the spoiler-free review!


The application period for the HQD Aedile and Voidbreaker BTL has closed. But we’re not done yet! Our marvelous Rollmaster, Zujenia, has decided to step down to attend to real-life matters. So, we are looking for a new Rollmaster!

The Rollmaster plays an integral role in guiding our Journeymen on their quest to attain Knighthood. Responsibilities will include:

  • Matching Journeymen with more established members as part of our Master/Apprentice program
  • Assist the Journeymen in their path to Knighthood.
  • Helping to develop our wiki to make sure that our lore is clear to newer members

All in all, this is a great opportunity to help guide our newer members! If you’re interested, send your application to Rhylance and myself. Applications are due by December 18.

Activity and the Discretionary Funds

Money! Thanks to your efforts in participating and placing in competitions, your Houses are a little bit wealthier! This month, members of House Galeres earned 140,550 credits, while members of House Qel-Droma earned 100,350.



Ask the Deadly Duo

  • Kordath has many questions:

    • Whats next?
      • Lucine: “Next, I start enacting my plans. Mwahahaha, and all that.”
      • Rhylance: “My laboratory has been neglected for far too long. I believe some experimentation is due.”
    • How much does a coup really cost?
      • Lucine: “It is more of a question of whether it was worth it.”
      • Rhylance: “Depends on the one hired to do the job. But some apparently charge too much, and then fail.”
    • So, how long before the backstabbing resumes as Chissyface jockeys for Consul?
      • Rhylance: “I am right where I want to be.”
      • Lucine: “Do not worry, darling. I fully intend to keep a very, very close eye on my dear proconsul.”
    • Target acquired? Clan on Clan action? Hot, sweaty, points heavy action?
      • Rhylance: “Sounds like material for your new business, would you not agree Lucine?”
      • Lucine: “It does sound like an idea with merit.”
    • I left you guys with almost 100 million in the bank, how much has Lucine spent on clothes already?
      • Rhylance: “I was knowledgeable enough to keep a measure of this capital from her. A simple stipend was available for her fashion.”
      • Lucine: “And even if he did not, it is less fun now that it is my money that I am spending.”
    • Ya get that smell out of the throne yet?
      • Lucine: “So far, we have tried fire, acid and a wide variety of Rhyance’s more unique chemical concoctions. Nothing has worked.”
      • Rhylance: “Perhaps replacing the throne is the best option…”
  • Hellmower (Aru Law) asks: hallooo, what are your plans as a partner duo in leading Arcona?

    • Lucine: “Oh, so many plans! Mwahahaha, and all that.”
    • Rhylance: “I will offer strategic support and knowledge for our dear Shadow Lady.”
  • Xenna asks: Did you find Kord's "private" room yet?

    • Rhylance: “Which one? We have found several. I would not advise searching for more. What we found was quite disturbing.”
    • Lucine: (rocks) “The things I have seen….”
  • Murderlizard 2.0 (Grot) asks: When can we expect purple children?

    • Lucine: “Do not get me wrong, darling, I am all for accessorizing, but purple children? That seems a bit extreme…”
    • Rhylance: “The DNA modification needed to turn any offspring of myself or our Consul purple seems unnecessary. Especially for something merely cosmetic.”
  • Cawthren asks: Is there a plan for cyberwookies yet?

    • Lucine: “Why yes! I currently have three plans in place that involve cyberwookiees!”
    • Rhylance: (Observes plans and schematics with a glint on his glasses)
  • Aru asks another one! can I open a cantina with half baked twilek females? (Whispers) don't tell Tali

    • Rhylance: “As long as the revenue stream is worth it, I have no objections.”
    • Lucine: “Well, seeing that Tali is currently in charge of building projects in Port Ol’val, I am afraid that is not possible. II have had my secretary forward your request to her. I have no doubt she will be getting back to you soon.”
  • Xenna asks another one too! Can you confirm or deny the allegations that Kord has planned to turn Ol'val into a battering ram?

    • Rhylance: “I can neither confirm or deny anything in our former Consul’s mind. I have tried to say out of that deplorable place.”
    • Lucine: “I can, but I will not.” (Tosses Operation Battering Ram into the shredder.”
  • Satsi asks: Would you approve this song for Satsi vs Lucine? For our battle and possibly in general?

    • Lucine: Seems like a good one! Slayer’s “Payback” also works. Also, metal riffs.
  • Atra asks: Arcona has a worrying track record of Consul marriages that is fast becoming a streak. Are nuptials on the menu or are we going to see some breakups with the likes of Odan-Urr and, more importantly, Kord?

    • Rhylance: “There are more important matters at hand than...nuptials.”
    • Lucine: “Well, at any rate, I look forward to continued conversations with Clan Odan-Urr about the potential future of our alliance.”
  • The Log (Uji) asks: Who's next to fight? A new faction? another Clan? the DC? who's next on Arconas list?

    • Rhylance: “The Collective remains a top priority. Their involvement in our dearly departed Consul, Atyirus’, demise is sufficient reason to take them down. For now, the Principate is a non-issue. Should that change in the future, our efforts shall be re-examined.”
    • Lucine: Taking off my IC hat for a moment, that depends on ya’ll! So check out and complete the survey mentioned above! While I have thoughts, they will be prioritized based on the outcome.
  • Last but definitely not least, the Shiny Sith (Alaisy) has a few questions:

    • Planning to do anything about them Skitters?
      • Rhylance: “The skitters have their usefulness. And now that they are under Lucine’s control, they shall be more effective in their duties.
      • Lucine: “Oh yes, I am planning to do something with them! Err… about them. I meant to say I will do something about them.”
    • Feels good when everything you've planned falls into place right?
      • Rhylance: Sits back and relaxes after his scheming worked out.
      • Lucine: “While I schemed a different scheme, I am certainly glad that someone’s plan worked!”
    • Did the Deadly Duo Dynamic change now that Lucine's the one on top?
      • Rhylance: “You mean I get to enjoy myself and she gets to do all of the work? I approve of this.”
      • Lucine: “Personally, I am really enjoying the dynamic.”

In Closing…

That’s it for this month! As always, if you have concerns, ideas, recommendations or a general need to chat, we are always here for you. Whether on TG (@Lucinevasano and @Rhylance) or email, feel free to reach out. We generally only bite if asked.

Great report Lucine! I always like to know what other clans are up too. :)

Great Report Lucine. Do The Survey All!!!!

Awesome report, lots of news! Nice work on the Fiction as always

Congratulations again on your new role and I hope you lead Arcona to further and further heights.


Q&A was fun to read!

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