CNS Consul Report #0: Help Wanted


CNS Consul Report #0: Help Wanted


Good evening, Naga Sadow. Given the recent change in command, I figured it was time that I took a moment to talk about a couple of things. Don’t worry, I won’t hold you here long. Sang’s report was not long ago and I want to take some time to get a proper ‘regular’ report come the first of June. So without further ado, let’s get under way.

Clan News

It is no secret. Due to needing to focus on things outside of our crazy little community, Sanguinius has stepped down. If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to thank Sang for his service to the Clan. Seriously, he has been a great chap. Besides taking on the stress of being Consul, he has dealt with me. There is his crown of gold right there. Thankfully, he has not left us, deciding to slide off to House Marka Ragnos.

In other Clan news, we have a closing fiction for Inferno. Keep reading the report and you will find it down below. Now, it is short, sweet and to the point, but there will be following fiction to give us a bit more detail into what is going on.

New Proconsul Needed

Now, my ascending to Consul means a few different things. The one we need to address first is that I need a replacement. As such, I am requesting that interested parties send an application to my email at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Applications should explain why you feel you are well suited to the role, should provide your previous leadership experience, give an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses you have observed in the Clan- on both an administrative level as well as in general- and detail at least one idea you have on how to develop the Clan storyline.

The expectations of a Proconsul are pretty standard. As my second in command, you will be helping me with a plethora of activities. You will be working together with me to expand and develop the Clan’s fictional role in a modern Brotherhood, help by monitoring activities of the House Summits, help with determining where promotions/awards are deserved by members, as well as helping to promote activity and helping with the creation of events/competitions. More than just typical expectations of a PCON, I need someone who shares my desire and vision for the Clan. Which is, in short to keep moving forward and upward as a Clan. At the risk of sounding cliche, to keep Naga Sadow the greatest Clan to be part of while helping us to grow and expand. I look forward to seeing applications. Just be sure you get them in before May 30th, as that will be when applications will close.


Reports and News


Inferno Closing Fiction

Bridge of Venator Star Destroyer Damnation

Warhost Fleet

Ruuria Orbit

The star destroyer was positioned so Ruuria was visible below. It's green surface was tranquil aside from one continent near the equator - where a distant cloud indicated smoke from the last Collective bases on the world. Naga Sadow had extracted quick and deadly retribution for the crime of destroying their headquarters. They had pushed the so-called Collective back on the defensive, and had shown their new enemy that they were a force to be reckoned with.

It would buy them a well-earned reprieve.

Sanguinius Entar Sadow turned away from the view port and walked to the middle of the ship's command bridge. He turned his eyes to a massive, three dimensional hologram that showed Ruuria to one side and it's moons to the other, with the Sadowan fleet gathering in the middle.

As if to answer his thoughts, a Warhost officer approached and saluted. "All ships report they are ready to depart, Consul."

"Excellent," Sang answered, being careful not to show the weariness he felt in his voice. "As soon as our scouts return, make the jump back to Orian."

"Inbound hyperspace signature now, Sir," another officer said. "It's scout Gamma-Five-Three." The officer held her headset, expression growing concerned as she listened to someone on the other end. "They said they found something important."

"Very well," Sang said. "Have them wait in my ready room." He relinquished control of the bridge.

Several minutes later, Sang watched the chaotic vortex of hyperspace flash by outside. The scouts had found a Collective fleet, which - if their scans were accurate - was much larger than the one that had been at Ruuria. Sang knew something was strange about the situation. He had had a feeling - whether just a hunch or from the Force. Something was wrong.

The Collective fleet had jumped to lightspeed before the scout could do more than run a quick scan, so it was impossible to know what their ultimate destination was. One thing was certain, though:

Sang wanted the Clan back home as quickly as possible.


Ask the CON #askbenny

Syntari asks: what are your goals for your term as Con?

My goal for CON is a lot like my general leadership philosophy. I want to help build the position, the fiction and the activity of Clan Naga Sadow to the point where with or without me, the Clan will flourish. Ideally, I want to grow our Clan membership and make us as much of a force to be reckoned with as a home for people. I want the Clan to be equal parts haven and home as well. My key goal is that CNS should be a great and fun place to be. I believe that if we achieve that, we will see an increase in activity. When I leave, I hope to see a CNS that can easily continue on in the hands of capable leadership without skipping a beat. My dream as a leader is funnily enough that one day I will no longer be necessary because of how well the Clan flourishes.

Might be idealistic, but I firmly believe we possess the ability to see it become reality.

Sang asks: When are you going to strip me of the Clan title? / What do I have to do to get the Clan title stripped from me so Muz stops using me as bait? :P

Well, Sang, I don’t think that losing your Clan title would do anything more to keep Muz from using you as bait than anything else you can do. Just remember, dead bait is useless bait, so you are probably pretty safe, all things considered. :P

In Closing

There you have it. A brief closing fiction to bring us a little further up to date with the Clan storyline, a call for Proconsul applications, a chance to shine a light on Malik’s appointment to Star Chamber and to point out a couple of things going on about the club. My official first report will be coming out in the beginning of June, so be sure to stay tuned for that. Keep being awesome, Naga Sadow.

I remain, as ever, your Servant in Darkness,


Consul of Naga Sadow

Congrats dude. you are the right man for the job.

I know how hard you've worked behind the scenes as Proconsul from talking to Sang, so I'm excited to see what you can do for the Clan in a more visible role.

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