Consul Report (Christmas Edition)


Consul Report (Christmas Edition)


Hello Taldryan, welcome to my second December Report. As the dust settles on the recent RoS, the Clan moves forward with new members on the summit, another fiction update leading into the final chapter of the Caelus Chronicles and a first batch of both Clan and House-wide competitions.



Clan news

Changes on the Summit

As I have mentioned it in the intro, there have been some changes on the Summit. Starting with the appointments, please join me in congratulating on Nihlus Vexrii, aka Noobis, on becoming the new Quaestor of House Ektrosis. Accompanying him, Morax Darkblade has joined him as Aedile.

Continuing with another appointment, Aldaric from Arcona will be joining Andrelious as Aedile of Archanis.

All three of them had submitted outstanding applications and I am looking forward to work with them.

However with the appointment of Aldari, Morax and Nihlus, I have been approached by Justinios and Quejo, both stating to me that they feel like the time has come for them to move on and give new faces the opportunity to bring their ideas to life for the Clan.

While the position of Ektrosis Quaestor has been filled already by Nihlus, I am hereby opening the position of Proconsul of Taldryan.

As this is a Top Level Summit positions, I am sure that those who are interested to apply are aware of the requirements that come with the position, if not you can find them here: Expectations of a Consul

Despite that your applications should include your personal ideas on how you want to bring the Clan forward in regards of the plans of the current Taldryan Summit to make the Clan's fictional development much more depending on the decisions of the members participating in our Clan competitions. You may also include any other idea you have to move the Clan into a successful 2019.

Applications will be open to the entire Brotherhood and remain open until January 20th. Please send your applications to myself as well as Mav and Vyr

Reports from the Clan since the last Consul Report

Brotherhood news

Rite of Supremacy: Meridian Survey

The Dark Council has released a survey for the members to give their feedback on the recent Rite of Supremacy, you can find the survey here: RoS: Meridian Survey

Reports from the Dark Council since the last Consul Report

Biggest news outside the RoS survey is Atra announcing his resignation as Combat Master, please join me in thanking him for more than 2 years of outstanding work as Combat Master and let's see who dares to take up his shoes in the future. You can read all about that in the Dark Council reports posted below


The second part of the final chapter from the Caelus Chronicles is now life and it is the starting point to a set of competitions leading into the final part of the chapter:

Caelus Chronicles: Chapter V – Endgame

The blast door to the docking bay slid open, revealing two regularly uniformed Caelus Security Force officers and the slim female form of Ceyra Ky’Lian centered between them. Drayen dropped the soldier to the floor as the remaining guards surrounding him attended to the traitor, turning his attention to his sister. The three in the doorway proceeded forward, a look of pure uneasiness forming across Ceyra’s face as she examined the interior of the docking bay.

An individual she did not recognize, and somewhat frightened her with their appearance stood in the center of some of her brother’s most trusted soldiers, while the crumpled and bloody body of another lay dripping against the right wall from her entry point. Ceyra clenched her fists and bit her lower lip as they approached. Two of the soldiers stepped out of the line towards the party, readying their rifles.

Drayen raised his left hand, covered in a gauntlet, motioning the guards to stand down. As his hand fell back to his side, Ceyra and her CSF escort stopped. Her gaze shifted from the dark armored man’s feet to his helmet and back down again, before turning to the escorting officer on her right.

“Dra-Drayen? Is that you?” her soft, shaky voice asked. She feared she already knew the answer, and it froze her in place. The Chancellor took two steps forward, looking down at Ceyre from behind the dark helmet on his head.

“Yes, sister,” his cold voice stated. Ceyra jerked back slightly, still in disbelief.

“I don’t believe this!” she shrieked, “What happened to you?!” her senses exploded and every nerve tingled. Her mind raced as fear and anxiety overcame her. Was she about to join their father in the afterlife?

The Chancellor was cold in his determination, and continued with his plan. None would make him falter or change his mind. He was the Chancellor of the Caelus System.

“Welcome to our revolution, dear Ceyra. I’m afraid due to your sympathies, you won’t be allowed to join the festivities.” The elder Ky’Lian grinned, slightly. He moved to stride past his younger sister, but stopped for a moment to whisper quietly in her ear, “Just like our father wasn’t.”

Did you like the excerpt? You can find the full and all other fiction updates here on discourse: Caelus Chronicles Chapter V: Endgame (Clan Fiction)

Along the fiction update there has started a first batch of competitions for you to have some work over the holidays:

  • Chapter V: Endgame - Fiction 1: Together Jiq Morvit and Ceyra Ky'Lian managed to escape the imperial spaceport TR-934. With members of the Caelus Security Forces hot on their heel, the pair is searching for a way to warn the Consul of Taldryan about the intentions of Ceyra's brother Drayen Ky'Lian. Eventually they managed to reach the Sector of Chyron controlled by Clan Taldryan. In a story of at least 250 words (no maximum) describe where they find you, what informations they give you on the plan of the Chancellor and how you proceed with what you were hust told. Will you inform your superiors and wait for orders or will you immediately leave to aid your Consul against Drayen Ky'Lian? Or will you simply let others deal with the problem.

  • Chapter V: Endgame - Graphics: Constructed by the ancient Sith Lord Abaddon and centuries later taken by Drayen Ky'Lian, this lightsaber has become a weapon of terror. But how does it look like? This is your chance to create a depiction of the lightsaber utilized by Drayen Ky'Lian.

  • Chapter V: Endgame - Puzzle: Clan wide Puzzle Competition following the standard puzzle competition format.


Honorable Mentions

I would like to thank my entire Summit for their dedication and diligence during this last year. Also a big thank you goes to every member who has supported us with their participation in the events we created for you. Without each of you none of what we have achieved would have been possible and I hope to keep up this drive for the next year.



Clan wide

Outside of the Caelus Chronicles, Nihlus has gone straight forward giving a headstart with his first SRI miniproject:

Brotherhood wide






Despite the Clan wide comps run by Nihlus and myself there are plenty of DB-wide competitions run by members of Taldryan so go and support them:



That's it, this is the end of my final full report for 2018. One year has passed for me as your Consul, one year in which we not only found a new fictional home but we saw the rise of House Archanis. But all this is only the beginning and while for the moment I am wishing all of you and your families a calm and reflective merry christmas I hope that all of you will be back in 2019 to help us rock the Brotherhood and return to our former glory.

~Rian Taldrya

Son of Taldrya

Consul of Taldryan

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