[COU] High Councillor Report #11: A Hand to Hold


[COU] High Councillor Report #11: A Hand to Hold



Today’s report will cover a variety of things but community is chief among them. Whether it be a Great Jedi War, a clan event, one of our weekend events, or something else, I wanted to take time in this report to celebrate all the things you’ve done for Odan-Urr recently and all the awesome things we have in store for you all. The Great Jedi war is over but we still have plenty of adventures to go on. In this report we’ll be going over what’s been happening since the war ended, some great things you can do to have fun (to include a teaser for an upcoming event), ways to help the clan, member shoutouts, and my usual updates. I just want to start off by saying that I’ve been so proud of you all over this past month or so. Allons-y!



Great Jedi War XIV - Much Proud. Wow.

Last report I did my very best to motivate you all to try your very best, whatever that meant personally for you. I wanted you all to achieve that giddy high five/fist pump moment as you personally conquered your competitions and helped Odan-Urr try to win. Well, the war is over and looking back I can honestly say that I am very proud of all who participated in the war. I’ve spoken to many of you about your war efforts and in the process saw you work hard and do your best. That in itself makes me incredibly proud of you.

We still don’t have the results yet and I don’t know if we will win, but I know that as a Clan we came together, tried our best, and had a lot of fun. That fills my heart with joy. To all who participated and tried their best, know that I greatly appreciated the time, energy, and effort you put forth for not only yourself but the Clan. I’ll be personally reaching out to you all to thank you for your war efforts, but till then I wanted to thank you via this report. This club can demand a lot of you at times so thank you for caring about our little slice of the galaxy. :)

That said, I want to share some initial kudos based on war participation alone!

Here are some facts that I’m incredibly proud of:

  • 36 Unique Odanites participated in the war, ordered by number of participated bins:
    • Augur Takota Okami
    • Augur Vez Hirundo
    • Knight Elyon de Neverse
    • Lieutenant Colonel Essik Lyccane
    • Master V'yr Vorsa
    • Mystic Agate Gua'lara
    • Peacekeeper Gui Sol
    • Seer Revak Kur
    • Vanguard Jafits Skrumm
    • Warden A'lora Kituri
    • Warden Aurora "Aura" Ta'var
    • Hunter Tassk Adroc
    • Lieutenant Colonel Len Iode
    • Ranger Lu'aisha Gresee
    • Knight Zeon Blacktooth
    • Knight Ryan Hawkins
    • Privateer Jon Silvon
    • Padawan Irhan Lo'Vex
    • Ranger Reiyden Rosenau
    • Warden Celevon Edraven Erinos
    • Augur Edgar Drachen
    • Vanguard Maximus Alvinius
    • Savant Ethan Martes
    • Reaver Yuki Suoh
    • Knight Nijalah
    • Acolyte Yud
    • Warden Lambow
    • Seer Tisto Kingang
    • Neophyte Vuxox Doveo
    • Savant Sa Ool
    • Peacekeeper Jalen Ramz
    • Knight Zanothi Nightblade
    • Knight Revs
    • Professional Shayna Phantom
    • Acolyte Ruti Tar
    • Vanguard Kah Manet
  • Based on my own clan size estimates during the war means we hit 72% participation!
  • House Sunrider had an outstanding 96% participation!
  • 11 Odanites hit all bins!
    • Augur Takota Okami
    • Augur Vez Hirundo
    • Knight Elyon de Neverse
    • Lieutenant Colonel Essik Lyccane
    • Master V'yr Vorsa
    • Mystic Agate Gua'lara
    • Peacekeeper Gui Sol
    • Seer Revak Kur
    • Vanguard Jafits Skrumm
    • Warden A'lora Kituri
    • Warden Aurora "Aura" Ta'var

To everyone who helped Odan-Urr in this war and did their best, I just want to repeat to you how proud I am of you. We came together as a team and did some special things together. When I look back on the war I have some fond memories. I remember the moment I found out we had a hidden Thor, the moment I read a fiction that has my new favorite nickname for Howlader( How-How), and the moments where I saw some of our youngest members crushing competitions even though it was their first war. On behalf of the summit, we very much appreciated it. For myself, this is why I love Odan-Urr. We come together as not only a team but as friends. Well done. :)

For Odan-Urr. May the Force be with us and our light shine through!


2020 May Scimitar of Lord Hoth results


It’s my pleasure to announce another batch of winners for the Scimitar of Lord Hoth. For those new to this, we tally up all your activity and whoever gets the most gets that above fancy sword. Each month’s tallies are counted for an overall winner at the end of the year. So without further ado let’s get to some May results!

Everyone join me in congratulating our may winner, Agate Gua’lara, as well as our runner-ups who placed in the competition! We had some new names take the top three this month, which is wonderful to see. :)


Moreover we had 24 participants, which was amazing to see. All who participated in May’s Scimitar made me very proud. Remember that each month’s total adds up to a final amount at the end of the year so keep earning those points! If you want more info on how it works though, look here for more details. Congratulations again to our May winner and our runner ups!!

June and July Scimitar of Lord Hoth results have been delayed so that we can count the final Great Jedi War results when they come out. :)


Upcoming Clan Event!

We have another chapter of Seven Pillars coming up in August. For those new to the event, they revolve around Jedi archeology, ancient Jedi secrets, and how they relate to our own Velastari temple on Kiast. Here is a video teaser that Vyr made a while back if you haven’t seen it yet. I’m also linking the previous event below it. :)

Seven Pillars

Seven Pillars: Episode I

Your Proconsul will have more details on this but hopefully this gets you excited for another episode.

Sunrider - The Kiast Development Initiative

Your House Summit has an interesting competition series for you all to partake in, which gives you the opportunity to roam around Kiast in the goal of understanding your fellow citizens and making a personal impact on what is now our home. Learn more about the planet Kiast, especially the little details. For example, this is your opportunity to walk through its streets, talk to their vendors, and taste their foods. Interact with the world around you and the people that fill it. Describe what you find in it and what you learn.

Entries will be used to fill in House lore and become official House canon! You’ll get a new location to explore each competition. ^^

The first one up is a settlement called Foothold. I highly suggest that you check it out. Details are in the link above.

Post Toxic! Fiction & Escapades of Odan-Urr

Where is my fiction update!? Well, to be honest it has been procrastinating on a beach somewhere. Writing energies aren’t always constant and the Great Jedi War put it on hold for a fair bit but I wanted to let you all know that I haven’t forgotten about it. It’s next on my list after this consul report. I appreciate the patience you’ve given me so far. I’m targeting a fiction release on August 9th. I’ll be including all characters who participated in the Toxic! event and the impact we had on the galaxy itself. ^^

I would like to take a minute to expand further on this impact. With each new peacekeeping mission, we spread our light to those in the galaxy who need it most. They carry a piece of that with them and spread the word of our good deeds with them. After saving slaves on Felucia and taking on a drug cartel on Dorumaa, our reputation has definitely grown. To those we save, we are a shield between them and those who prey on them. To those we oppose, we are making enemies. Enemies that don’t forget our actions. Despite that, we will continue to show the galaxy what it means to stand up for what is right. Our adventure has just begun.

That said, we have plenty of Odan-Urr stuff going on right now with Seven Pillars and House Sunrider so I’ve decided to give you all the opportunity to enjoy your just rewards from saving the galaxy. I present to you all a series of easy, chill competitions called Escapades of Odan-Urr, that allow you to explore what we all do when we aren’t doing missions or fighting people. Join us for some fishing, some music, chilling with the squad, and waiting for our clanmates to just pick one already (this go its pants). And this is just the start! We have plenty of hanging out to do in the future. ^^

This is a long-running series with an overall winner so sticking around for the long haul is well rewarded. Competitions will last either 14 or 28 days so make sure you check the due dates!


COU Fiction Guide Reminder

Recently, I’ve run into a bunch of people who have never read one of our fiction guides. They are called Novice Guides to COU, but I assure you that they are very helpful to everyone in the clan. It has key information like why we exist (mission statement), our view of the Force and the reasons we fight, a brief history of the Clan, good characters to know, information on groups and organizations we interact with, and locations we use. A new one has to be made but here is our most current version or now.

I highly suggest you check it out here.

Group Opportunities

Our group activities have kicked off again once more. Every Saturday and Sunday we plan group events and try to get as many people as possible to do things together. This club is all about making friends and hanging out with them. What better way than on the weekend when everyone is free? We usually do gaming get togethers and roleplays, but there are other events we run from time to time. I highly suggest you attend the events, which are posted each Friday.

If you have a particular activity in mind you’d like to do, just let us know and we’ll try to plan it. And of course, if you’d like to help the clan out we are always looking for more event hosters!

Activity Shoutouts

Several Odanites did exemplary work during this last month, whether it be competitions, Shadow Academy or something else. As such, I’ve dedicated this section to their excellent efforts for the Clan. Please take a moment to look over the triumphs of Odan-Urr and congratulate your fellow Odanites.

Gaming Stars:

  • Jafits Skrumm
  • Reiyden Rosenau
  • Revak Kur

Graphic Stars:

None :(

Fiction/ACC Stars:

  • Tassk Adroc
  • Jon Silvon
  • Vez Hirundo

Shadow Academy Stars:

  • Raziel
  • Tassk Adroc
  • Ryan Hawkins
  • Reiyden Rosenau

Miscellaneous Stars (think puzzles/flash gaming and stuff):

  • Vez Hirundo
  • Agate Gua’lara
  • Edgar Drachen

Event Hoster Stars:

  • Tassk Adroc
  • Revak Kur

Event Attendees:

  • Raziel
  • Tassk Adroc
  • Ruti Tar
  • Natro Pewil

Great work to all that participated and placed. Thanks for all the energy and effort you put into the club. You make Odan-Urr a great place to be. :)

Merits Medals, Sacramental Awards & Promotions

It is my absolute pleasure to announce the following promotions. Please congratulate your fellow Odanites and their recent accomplishments!!!


  • Elyon de Neverse promoted to JM4! Congrats on reaching Knight!!
  • Tassk Adroc promoted to JM3!
  • Tassk Adroc promoted to JM2!
  • Natro Pewil promoted to JM1!
  • Gwowk promoted to JM1!
  • Vuxox Doveo promoted to JM1!
  • Natro Pewil promoted to NOV4!
  • StarMighty promoted to NOV4!
  • Natro Pewil promoted to NOV3!
  • ShadowBlazer promoted to NOV3!
  • Oby Swan promoted to NOV3!
  • Gax’Loren promoted to NOV2!
  • Natro Pewil promoted to NOV2!
  • ShadowBlazer promoted to NOV2!



Club News

DB News

Clan News


Competition Highlights

For the full list check out here

By the Clan

  • Eyes of the Beholder: A fun fiction competition brought to you by Gui Sol where you write how others view your character. ^^
  • Sunrider Kiast Development Initiative Corps - Foothold: A fun fiction competition brought to you by Revak Kur where you the opportunity to roam around Kiast in the goal of understanding your fellow citizens and making a personal impact on what is now our home. Learn more about the planet Kiast, especially the little details. These are the voyages of Odan-Urr. ^^
  • Escapades of Odan-Urr: A fun fiction competition brought to you by yours truly where you write what Odan-Urr does when we aren’t doing missions. Come join us. The water is fine.



Recruitment [ACTIVE]

This club requires people doing things together. This project is nothing less than bringing in more members. Have a great idea of how to do it? Want to help out? Feel free to let us know! Here are some current things we are working on.

  • Active Recruitment

POC: Gui Sol

Tabletop-style Roleplays [ACTIVE]

The idea of integrating our character sheets with roleplay has always been something we’ve wanted to do. I am pleased to announce that Tassk Adroc has taken charge on this project and is looking for volunteers to help craft the final project. If you want to help and care about making those +1 survival skills finally matter, or even a good tabletop-style story, please reach out to Tassk.

  • Create Initial Version of the system
  • Test it out in a community event

POC: Tassk Adroc


Our wiki pages always need work and we’ll be cleaning things up. This helps us remember our history. We have all the volunteers we need at the moment but if you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to Vyr Vorsa.

  • Wiki updates
  • Wiki page restructuring

POC: Vyr Vorsa

That’s all the projects for now. This list will change over time so if you want to get in on some project work just let one of your leaders know. My door is always open. We don’t have all the good ideas and you get cool shinies/promotions for helping out the clan!

Future Leaders of Odan-Urr [UPCOMING]

Many years ago, I joined Odan-Urr and fell in love with it. Fictionally, I stepped out of the darkness and into a much brighter world full of heroes of all walks of life. I saw light-side characters unabashed to be who they wanted to be. I saw characters putting up the good fight for what they believed in, unafraid to stand up for what was good. Since then I’ve worked tirelessly to give back. I want to make the light of Odan-Urr shine as bright as the sun. I want to make sure that Odan-Urr gets stronger and even better than we are today. If you care a lot about Odan-Urr and want to help me build its bright future, I am offering you the opportunity to learn more about what it means to be a clan leader at all levels. ^^

  • Tell me if you want to be a clan leader one day or once more!

POC: Aura Ta’var


Gui Asks: “What do you see happening to COU, fictionally, after the latest war?”

Well, if you mean in response to the latest GJW, I am not sure yet. I still need to talk to my boss but I do know that for the war we did what we came there to do, which was save some lives after the Sith and the Collective needlessly put them in danger. For our own stuff, we have a Seven Pillars event coming up, which showcases our “Indiana Jones”/Force exploration style events. Peacekeeping events are still major events for us as well but right this moment we have Seven Pillars and some interesting House stuff (go explore Kiast and bring me back a souvenir) as well.

Elyon Asks: “What do you think about this war and how long time they spend to prepare war?? Thank you.”

So I really enjoyed this war. It was fun and I got to see some great teamwork from you all. I really enjoyed many of everyone's entries (The ones I could see). I look forward to looking at the rest. As to how long it took to prepare, I’ve never run one yet. :)

Zappius Asks: “What is best in life?”


Evant Asks: “How hard is it keeping the peace?”
Creon Asks: “Is it the Jedi way?”

A good question. I think it’s quite hard. So many people to help and only so many bodies to do that. But so far Odan-Urr has been successful and people in the galaxy are starting to take note of us, especially after toxic.

As for if it is the Jedi way. Definitely. The Jedi knights of the old republic had this as their duty to the republic. But then even like now you do not need to be a Jedi to be a peacekeeper. It’s more are you willing to put in the hard work to help others and fix problems in the galaxy.


That’s it for today’s report. I really appreciated all the work you all put into the clan for the duration of the Great Jedi War. Your participation percentage alone made me a very proud Consul. Whether you did one competition or all of them, I thank you for your time you put into our community. And remember, our community events are live again. Come hang out with your fellow Star Wars friends. We are a message away. :)

Report done, dance floor time!

#forOdanUrr #lightsideRepresent

~Signed with Pheromones


It's been an even busier month than most realised then, and I certainly look forward to us getting back to the Seven Pillars storyline. Thank you for the report.

My pleasure.

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