[COU] High Councillor Report #12: Poke it with a Stick


[COU] High Councillor Report #12: Poke it with a Stick



I can’t believe that September is already well underway. The year is flying by it seems. I have some exciting news to share with you all pertaining to past events, updated Scimitar of Hoth results, new Clan fiction, some awesome things the House has cooked up for you (House event among them), and our plans for the rest of this year. Let’s dive in!



August in Review- Seven Pillars Episode II

Last I left you all, I teased an upcoming Clan event. More specifically another chapter of Seven Pillars. This series revolves around Jedi archeology, ancient Jedi secrets, and how they relate to archeological finds like ancient temples. In this most recent chapter we follow the story that started on Kiast (where we found the Cave of Light) to a planet known for its plethora of artifacts, a planet called Jedha. While the moon itself had been nearly destroyed by the villainous Empire years ago, many of the faithful remained, as did thousands of sites, artifacts, and scrolls of the ancient religions. It is here that our explorers continued their search for key relics and long-forgotten information. After some time, our Odanites found an object of interest they called the ‘Cradle of the Wanderer’, after a ruined ancient Jedi statue guarding the spot.


Isn’t that a lovely partially-broken statue? Not going to lie, for a moment I thought it was a rock but it seems even stone Jedi robes blend in quite well with the scenery. But anyways, we tasked you all to look into this particular point of interest as it might hold secrets to the ancient Jedi or Disciple of the Whills or someone who predates them both. :o

We should have results for this soon for you all but for now I wanted to thank all of you who participated in this event. It made for a fun August and in addition your entries will impact the Seven Pillars storyline. Whether it was uncovering the exploits of a legendary Jedi warrior over the Sith, investigating ancient histories, defending the excavation site from raiders or slavers, or making new friends, your contributions were very much appreciated. :)


2020 Scimitar of Lord Hoth results


It’s my pleasure to announce another batch of winners for the Scimitar of Lord Hoth. For those new to this, we tally up all your activity and whoever gets the most gets that above fancy sword. Each month’s tallies are counted for an overall winner at the end of the year. So without further ado let’s get to some June, July, and August results!


Everyone join me in congratulating our June winner, Agate Gua’lara, as well as our runner-ups who placed in the competition! We had some new names take the top six this month, which is wonderful to see. :)


Moreover we had 34 participants!!! That’s just great to see. I’m so proud of your June performances. To those who placed in the top 3, very well done. You had your work cut out for you but you preserved and one hell of a job. ^^


Everyone join me in congratulating our July winner, Essik Lyccane, as well as our runner-ups who placed in the competition! This month was quite the turnout and it toppled our reigning champions’ streak!


Moreover we had 40 participants!!! We broke our own participation record. :D Well done to everyone. Well done, my friends. To those who placed in the top 3, very well done. You did even better than June and it warms my heart to see how many of you were active. <3


Everyone join me in congratulating our August winner, Essik Lyccane, as well as our runner-ups who placed in the competition! This month was quite the turnout and a very close race!


Moreover we had 28 participants!!! This is awesome to see right after a war. Well done on another great month. To those who placed in the top 3, very well done. Your activity is not only amazing but very much appreciated. I’m so proud of you.

Some Scimitar of Hoth Final comments

I think I’ve come up with a good way to share some additional Scimitar rankings in a way that's useful for those who want to improve their scores each month. I’ve got some feedback from some of you who would like to see just where they stand and after some consideration I think that can be accommodated. You’ll see more from me soon on that front, most likely a clan mailer announcement, but just a heads up for now!

Also, remember that each month’s total adds up to a final amount at the end of the year so keep earning those points! If you want more info on how it works though, look here for more details. Congratulations again to our monthly winners and our runner ups!!


New Clan Fiction - Toxic, An Aftermath

It’s my pleasure to finally share with you all today the aftermath fiction for our second peacekeeping event called Toxic!. As a short reminder of the past, here was its story crawl:

Toxic! An addictive deadly new drug has hit the market and is spreading fast. Every man, woman, and child that consumes it dies wanting more. Concerned citizens, who find themselves targeted by dealers, cry out for help but their governments are unequipped or unwilling to take on lucrative blackmarkets. Moreover, the Perlemian Cartel, a powerful crime Syndicate, actively protects its distribution channels, silencing any who threatens the operation. But alas, one voice broke through, sending a coded message to Odan-Urr. It reads “Help. Found the source. Deep Sea Facility. Hurry” along with coordinates to a moon called Dorumaa. Intelligence has confirmed an industrial site that matches the description but local authorities, Dorumaa Investment Group won’t let anyone closer for safety precautions, afraid of what might happen if the Cartel makes good on their promise to release it into the planetwide ocean.

Odan-Urr has volunteered to help shut down the operation for good, without harming the ecosystem. A team has been sent and the deep sea awaits. Will they make it in time?

But now, the question remains. Did we make it in time?! Well, let’s find out. I present to you ‘Peacekeepers: Toxic, An Aftermath’.

Click here to read the new clan fiction.

Did you read it? If not, here is a snippet I’d like to call out though because it's Odan-Urr’s impact on others' lives that matters the most.

2 months later
Lower Slums
Nar Shadaa

Odan-Urr had worked well with Coruscant volunteers but nonetheless its leaders decided to send a few agents to check in a few months after the ordeal on Dorumaa. A frenzy of activity occupied the main thoroughfare, people of all species walking to and fro on their way to another busy day. The sometimes broken overhead lamps had long lost their bright luster and the streets were most definitely still dirty, but something was different. The bright lights on cantinas vying for customers and the call of peddlers were all the same. The shady alleyways and the threatening glances from within were business as usual. The pitiful moans of street urchins could still be heard, begging for food or credits. No, what had changed was something much more subtle. It was their expressions.

For once in a long while, people were less sad. Smiles were still a rarity but for most of the inhabitants of this sector, life had finally taken a turn for the better. Some semblance of normalcy had returned and the problems of the day were much the usual. Instead of cleaning up the dead, they spent their time with their remaining family and friends, who all took great pleasure in complaining about the Hutts or gangs. Those able and willing helped throw away the lethal drug they had come to call ‘Serenity’. Safe incineration stations were installed every few blocks and every once in a while robotic attendants would tend to them. Slowly day by day, the product was gone from the streets and everyone was all but forced into rehabilitation. It wasn’t always pretty but at night so many of their loved ones were thankful that everyone was alive and that they could give them a hug.

Moreover, it brought with it a renewed hope, something few dared to keep. Like a single spark in a very dark night, the acts of kindness by others reminded them that at least someone out there cared about others. They weren’t alone and you could help others without being hurt. Agate Gua’lara, Jafits Skrumm, Lu’aisha Gresee, Vez Hirundo, Essik Lyccane, and Elyon de Neverse had been chosen for this post-mission reconnaissance. Each had chosen their own cover and their area to patrol....

But wait Blade...that isn’t the starting scene. Correct! You’ll have to read the full clan fiction to get the rest but overall here is a breakdown of the 5 major scenes in this newest clan fiction.

  • 1: Dorumaa Resorts and Odan-Urr speak of the mission results and possible rewards for those that answered the call to help. (Everyone who participated. Fun fact, did you know that this resort was quite the reward back in Republic times?)
  • 2: We gain some new allies on Coruscant who dearly want to say ‘Hello There’ to us but we are being shy at the moment.
  • 3: We pissed off the Perlemian Cartel and they threw a bit of a tantrum. Our skills at meddling with nefarious plans are growing but so are the targets on our backs.
  • 4: Dorumaa makes good on its promises for reward and we get to see all the Odanites kick back and have some fun from sun bathing to deep sea fishing. (Have you seen a Wookiee do a cannon ball into the pool?)
  • 5: View of Nar Shadaa a few months after our efforts, focusing on the results of our campaign and showing our current operations to check up on them.

I hope that you enjoyed this recent clan fiction. It was certainly a pleasure to write. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions on it. :)

Putting the Clan Events all together & Where we are heading

That said, I know some of you have been confused on how this all fits together.


So I’d like to show you how all the pieces work together and where we are moving towards fictionally.

  • 1- So far, you’ve seen Clan fictions from two distinct clan storylines, each focusing on its own theme.

    • Peacekeeper Clan Events: This is a series of separate stories, each constituting a mission for example, that all further our progress towards a singular goal. The goal of making the galaxy a better place, regardless of borders or the consent of those that own them. This is our quest to protect those who cannot protect themselves, fulfilling the role as guardians of peace and justice. Odan-Urr makes a lot of new friends this way but we also make enemies. These after effects connect these distinct missions loosely together and help inform future missions as we keep striving to obtain our singular goal.
    • Seven Pillars Clan Events: This is one connected story broken up into a number of episodes, just like Star Wars. The theme for this story is exploring the mysteries of the Force in an “Indiana Jones” sort of way. Exploration, the thrill of discovery, and the inevitable conflict for possession are key elements. This allows us to travel amongst the stars to further our understanding of the Force, particularly the Light side, and of our own place within it. You won’t know the end destination until you get there but the journey is where the fun is at.
  • 2- So we have Peacekeepers and Seven Pillars? How do they interact with each other? Well, they don’t really. That isn’t to say they couldn’t but each has its own focus. If you have a story idea, feel free to share it with me. ^^

  • 3- So what progress have we made on the Peacekeeper goal of making the galaxy a better place? To judge this I think it’s best to look at our previous assignments and to keep an eye on our public galactic image. Another way of looking at it is “who is asking us for help”?

    • Kidnapped! Event: The first event saw us going to the planet Felucia to free some of our own fellow citizens, the Quorahi, from a life a slavery. The Zygerrians weren’t so happy to see us messing up their operation.
      • Who asked us for help: Kiast (our home system)
      • Beginning of the event: At this point, our adventures outside the confines of DB space were limited to our old staging ground Haven, Talus, a vacation/mission to Canto Bight where we call had covers, and a visit to Florrum to stop Plagueis from killing innocents. Few knew about us, who we were, or what we stood for.
      • End of the event: We successfully saved our fellow citizens and all the other slaves we found. The Zygerrians pretty much hate us, but they never got our name. At most a symbol. Lacking an appropriate name for us, I would expect the Zygerrians told their bosses about some meddlesome “do gooders” and may have mentioned the name “Jedi”. The Kairn village on Kiast loves us and the others we saved brought back stories of our deeds to their home planets (Lah’mu, Nar Shadaa, Felucia). Some of them know our name but SeNet has come up with creative ways they can securely get in touch with us without blowing our cover. You could call it out tips network aka our “inbox”.
    • Toxic! Event: The second event saw us going to the moon Dorumaa to permanently stop the distribution of a vicious drug now known as “serenity”. This pit us against the dangerous Perlemian Cartel, who had their manufacturing center deep in the depths of the moon’s oceans. Making things more difficult, we had to stop their operations without harming the ecosystem.
      • Who asked us for help: Someone from our tips network, most likely a contact made during our Kidnapped! Event. SeNet suspects the planet of origin is Nar Shadaa, given contextual clues.
      • Beginning of the event: Some people already knew us by symbol or name but no one knows anything else about us. They know where to securely contact us to give us requests for help. For those that do know us by name, we have asked them to keep our identity a secret for the time being. Our non-DB enemies only knew us by a symbol but would very much like to learn more.
      • End of the event: We successfully put an end to the production of the horrible drug the Perlemian Cartel was trying to distribute around the galaxy. We are working with an anti-drug organization on Coruscant to remove and destroy any existing stock still circulating. As a result, we are the number one target of the Perlemian Cartel, who already knows our name and our symbol. They have started an information campaign to learn more about us. SeNet is currently watching their activities to ensure they stay in the dark. Meanwhile, the leaders of Dorumaa are now our ally. The rest of the galaxy doesn’t know who stopped the production of the harmful drug, but are thankful nonetheless. Odan-Urr has let anti-drug groups take the credit.

So that was a lot of information but in summary, where we stand now is we have just started to make a name for ourselves and some denizens of the galaxy know how to send us requests for help. We still have a lot of growth to do in terms of expanding our peacekeeping efforts and getting more galactic tips, but we have helped out the galaxy pretty well so far. As we grow to fill the shoes of those who were once the guardians of peace and justice, so too will our enemies…

  • 4- What about future Clan Events?

We will still be holding both Peacekeeper and Seven Pillar events. As stated earlier, Seven Pillars is one story broken up into episodes. We have only completed 2 episodes but there is more to come still! As for Peacekeeper events, we will keep exploring new planets and continuing to grow our reputation as guardians of peace and justice. Occasionally, we will have bigger events as our enemies start to gang up on us. Old enemies may return and we’ll make plenty of new ones. Remember that our enemies will not forget our actions but despite that we will stand up for what is right in the galaxy. One day at a time.



House Story Update and House event from your Quaestor

Over the past year a fire has been burning. The Quorahi people that once consisted of independent tribes have come together, put aside their differences and drafted the framework of what has become known as the Quorahi Nation. Working together has brought prosperity to the states. However, a plight has seeped into their infant nation. An old Dominion leader, Commodore Arcturus and his fleet of warships, have empowered the leaders with the idea they can overthrow the Vatali, claim Kiast as their own and gain the power they've always sought.

Help us quell the Commodore’s uprising and end the war between the two people by taking part in the event’s exciting event competitions. First decode a scrambled radar image then take to the battlefield in three different theatres to battle the Quorahi invaders and save the fleeing Vatali. Recount the tale of your stand against the Commodore in the Vatali Throne Room and continue your mission with the capture of his command ship, the Storm. When it’s all over, celebrate the victory with a poster that’ll hang on every street corner marking the end of the conflict.

Only one of you will claim the ultimate prize, the title of War Hero. So get your submissions in by October 15th for your chance at glory and to shape the story forever.

Tython Squadron Story Update from your squadron commander

For some time, the Squadron has been engaged in a system-spanning race against a fleet of pirates, in search of a long-lost Vatalie treasure: the legendary ship of heroes, The Light Of Ki’Asma. Whoever controls this ship, the old stories say, controls the destiny of all Kiast. Interested? Want to help shape this adventure?

For more details, check out the parent competition here.

COU Fiction Guide Reminder

Recently, I’ve run into a bunch of people who have never read one of our fiction guides. They are called Novice Guides to COU, but I assure you that they are very helpful to everyone in the clan. It has key information like why we exist (mission statement), our view of the Force and the reasons we fight, a brief history of the Clan, good characters to know, information on groups and organizations we interact with, and locations we use. A new one has to be made but here is our most current version or now.

I highly suggest you check it out here.

Group Opportunities

Our group activities have kicked off again once more. Every Saturday and Sunday we plan group events and try to get as many people as possible to do things together. This club is all about making friends and hanging out with them. What better way than on the weekend when everyone is free? We usually do gaming get togethers and roleplays, but there are other events we run from time to time. I highly suggest you attend the events, which are posted each Friday.

If you have a particular activity in mind you’d like to do, just let us know and we’ll try to plan it. And of course, if you’d like to help the clan out we are always looking for more event hosters!


Activity Shoutouts

Several Odanites did exemplary work during this last month, whether it be competitions, Shadow Academy or something else. As such, I’ve dedicated this section to their excellent efforts for the Clan. Please take a moment to look over the triumphs of Odan-Urr and congratulate your fellow Odanites.

Gaming Stars:

  • Jafits Skrumm
  • Celevon
  • Revak Kur

Graphic Stars:

  • Agate Gua’lara
  • Jafits Skrumm
  • Elyon de Neverse

Fiction/ACC Stars:

  • Essik Lyccane
  • Raziel
  • Vyr Vorsa

Shadow Academy Stars:

  • Nobu Tek
  • Raziel
  • Essik Lyccane
  • Elyon de Neverse

Miscellaneous Stars (think puzzles/flash gaming and stuff):

  • Vez Hirundo
  • Agate Gua’lara
  • Raziel

Event Hoster Stars:

  • Revak Kur
  • Tassk Adroc
  • Raziel

Event Attendees:

  • Raziel
  • Revak Kur
  • Natro Pewil
  • Tassk & Elyon

Great work to all that participated and placed. Thanks for all the energy and effort you put into the club. You make Odan-Urr a great place to be. :)

Merits Medals, Sacramental Awards & Promotions

It is my absolute pleasure to announce the following promotions. Please congratulate your fellow Odanites and their recent accomplishments!!!

Promotions: Special congrats to those that hit Knight (JM4)!

  • Jon Silvon promoted to EQ2!
  • Zeon Blacktooth promoted to EQ1!
  • Creon Okami promoted to EQ2!
  • Tassk Adroc promoted to JM4!
  • StarMighty promoted to JM1!
  • ShadowBlazer promoted to NOV4!
  • Gax’Loren promoted to NOV3!
  • Via-Torr Duskk promoted to NOV3!



Club News

DB News

Clan News


Competition Highlights

For the full list check out here

By the Clan



Recruitment [ACTIVE]

This club requires people doing things together. This project is nothing less than bringing in more members. Have a great idea of how to do it? Want to help out? Feel free to let us know! Here are some current things we are working on.

  • Active Recruitment

POC: Gui Sol

Tabletop-style Roleplays [ACTIVE]

The idea of integrating our character sheets with roleplay has always been something we’ve wanted to do. I am pleased to announce that Tassk Adroc has taken charge on this project and is looking for volunteers to help craft the final project. If you want to help and care about making those +1 survival skills finally matter, or even a good tabletop-style story, please reach out to Tassk.

  • Refine Ideas for Initial Version of the system
  • Test it out in a community event

POC: Tassk Adroc


Our wiki pages always need work and we’ll be cleaning things up. This helps us remember our history. We have all the volunteers we need at the moment but if you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to Vyr Vorsa.

  • Wiki updates
  • Wiki page restructuring

POC: Vyr Vorsa

Future Leaders of Odan-Urr [STARTING IN OCTOBER]

Many years ago, I joined Odan-Urr and fell in love with it. Fictionally, I stepped out of the darkness and into a much brighter world full of heroes of all walks of life. I saw light-side characters unabashed to be who they wanted to be. I saw characters putting up the good fight for what they believed in, unafraid to stand up for what was good. Since then I’ve worked tirelessly to give back. I want to make the light of Odan-Urr shine as bright as the sun. I want to make sure that Odan-Urr gets stronger and even better than we are today. If you care a lot about Odan-Urr and want to help build its bright future, I am offering you the opportunity to learn more about what it means to be a clan leader. ^^

  • Tell me if you want to be a clan leader one day or once more!

POC: Aura Ta’var

That’s all the projects for now. This list will change over time so if you want to get in on some project work just let one of your leaders know. My door is always open. We don’t have all the good ideas and you get cool shinies/promotions for helping out the clan!


Essik Asks: “#AskAura May I ask this point in time, fictional or otherwise, what does Odan-Urr need the most?”

Arch Asks: “#AskAura What keeps Aura up at night?”

Put simply, what keeps me up at night is the fact that we sometimes don’t make the time for our fellow clanmates. The club is great at paperwork and behind the scenes stuff. Moreover, the DB can be a single player game if you wish, but at its heart we are strongest when we do things together. A community in short.

I get that real life can make setting aside time hard or even impossible. But when opportunities present themselves, whether they be for 5 minutes or something much longer, we need to reach out to our fellow clanmates and do things with them. That could be a conversation or a game or even a proof! It’s especially important for leaders to bond with their members.

As I’ve told others in this club. I didn’t join the DB because I got to “beat the crap out of others”. If I wanted that, I’d just join a competitive league, practice a crap ton, and try to make money off that. I joined the DB to hang out with people who loved Star Wars and wanted to hang out. As we go about our lives, remember to hang out with your fellow clubmates. It’s key to our community’s health.


Another report done. I hope the above was useful and helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at any time. This extends to anyone on Summit as well. Great work these last few months. I’m proud of you all. Make sure you check out Sunrider’s House Event and Tython’s comps! To finish out, here is a video explaining why the Summit doesn’t always get things done on time. :)

Totally not procrastinating, very important

#forOdanUrr #lightsideRepresent

~Signed with Pheromones


Thank you for nice report! 🙂 Congratulations to all!

Nice Report.

That was quite a wealth of information to take down. Thank you for recording all of it on here, and for the lengthy fiction.

I mean why aren't you reporting overall yearly totals and expanded placements anyway? I mean when I ran it we had all that info every month.

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