[HMR] QUA November Blurb - Baby It's Cold Outside


[HMR] QUA November Blurb - Baby It's Cold Outside


November 2018 Report

What a month. The RoS has come to an end and I hope you all did your best to do everything you could. I sent out a few emails to touch base with the House but never had any responses so I’ll assume you all did well each week and had fun. With the end of term exams coming up for me next week, and the utter joy of trying to get a third move sorted I have fallen behind a little in my own duties to the House. However, starting in two weeks I’ll have a full joyful month off so huzzah.

This time of year for a lot of people is the busiest. Exams, increased workload for jobs, holidays with family and the likes so it’s expected the club will go a little quiet. Saying that come December I’ll send out some Holiday comps for you to do to tie us over into the New Year.

For that reason, our House news is rather limited to what's been said before. The RoS took its toll on development. Once the dust has settled and results are out, this weekend apparently, we can move forward. So here is Novembers Blurb of things going on and what's to come!

Meanwhile, I shall go back to studying Anatomy and Physiology with a joyful dread of exams.


Clan News

A New Empire

I am gonna keep this bit here as it’s super important for the future of CNS, so skip over if read before!

So what is this all about, this Sith Empire thing? Well for those that may or may not know their legends story the Sith Empire was an all-encompassing organization that spread terror and ruled with an Iron Fist at several points throughout the Star Wars legends timeline. Possibly the most famous would be the one highlighted in the KotoR games and it’s an online counterpart, The Old Republic.

Here’s Bennys report as it gives more details about what he wants for the Clan: Bennys Report

So what does this mean for us as a House? Well, I have developed a story going forward that will drive HMR forward into a new future whilst paying homage to our past. For the purpose of not ruining any potential story, I won’t go too much into it for the sole purpose of enjoyment. What I will say is we will be going on a journey of self-discovery and lore. Whilst rebuilding who we are as a House and returning to ideologies we once held dear.

But in the apparent words of Sir Francis Bacon:- Knowledge is Power.

Club News

New Shiny Site

The site recently got an update. It’s more user-friendly and works beautifully on mobiles. If you haven’t seen it since yesterday, seriously go have a look. Though if you are reading this report I am positive you must have seen it. James Report

Frosty Invitational Tournament

A gaming tournament is coming up to honour Frosty. Ensure you sign up to what you are able to. Here

Job Openings

CSP Procon Here

Tal Openings Here


Benny report is Here

Ash recently put out her report which can be found Here

Tasha’s Last Report


A busy month has been and gone. A busy month is to come. This time of year is one full of slowness and lack of doing anything. Unless you live in Australia and are backwards. Keep an eye out for the results to drop and have a good December!


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