[HMR] QUA Report September 2018 - All The Things!


[HMR] QUA Report September 2018 - All The Things!


September 2018 Report

Good day ladies and gents. Today's report is brought to you by the letters SE, L, FN, RO and ACC. The most important aspect of those letters is the SE. This stands for the beauty that is Sith Empire which is the new ideology and goal of Clan Naga Sadow as Bentre recently discussed in his reports. The L stands for Locke's luscious new mini-event I want you all to jump in and do as it follows on from Sanctuary, helping to get supplies to continue the war effort. The FN represents the new competition in the works to name our Ragnosian Forces, at last. The RO represents the clan wide Run On that’s currently running. Finally, the ACC stands for the current ACC tourney that everyone should be taking part in, Tempered Iron is currently running so go take part!

That's a lot of letters, I hope they never ask me to run an episode of Sesame Street.

Moving on!


Clan News

A New Empire

So what is this all about, this Sith Empire thing? Well for those that may or may not know their legends story the Sith Empire was an all-encompassing organization that spread terror and ruled with an Iron Fist at several points throughout the Star Wars legends timeline. Possibly the most famous would be the one highlighted in the KotOR games and it’s online counterpart, The Old Republic.

Here’s Benny's report as it gives more details about what he wants for the Clan: Bennys Report

So what does this mean for us as a House? Well, I have developed a story going forward that will drive HMR forward into a new future whilst paying homage to our past. For the purpose of not ruining any potential story, I won’t go too much into it for the sole purpose of enjoyment. What I will say is we will be going on a journey of self-discovery and lore. Whilst rebuilding who we are as a House and returning to ideologies we once held dear.

But in the apparent words of Sir Francis Bacon:- Knowledge is Power.

House News

Dark Flame

So Locke has been a busy bee and thrown together a mini event that runs over the course of two weeks it follows up after the events of Sanctuary. I will again let his report do the speaking as I will just be copying him. However, what I will say is go and take part. It’s only four competitions and I feel everyone can at least get two in before it finishes.

Locke’s Report on Dark Flame can be found Here

And the link to the competition itself is Here

What's My Name? (Ragnosian Forces Edition)

Just a quick punt out for this upcoming competition. Once it is approved and launched it will have you name our new Ragnosian Fleet and ground contingent. I will update everyone by email when it has launched so you can get involved.

Other Items of Interest

  • Calenhad and the upper summit have launched a Clan wide RO to steal things, named the Heist! It can be found Here

  • There’s a club-wide ACC tourney ongoing, find it Here

  • Locke Recently earned himself an SC!

  • Shimura grabbed a DC!

  • Teu nabbed herself an AC!

  • Alexander also earned an AC!


I have a few wiki projects I need to be done now that Sanctuary is complete. These include pages updated: HMR history and our Military Forces. Pages to be created - Rixad’s Criminals, the Sanctuary and its Crew. Battlegroup Damnation and its ships and crew.

I want to thank Darkblade for setting up some new shiny pages for the recent Sanctuary Event as well as others. His work can be found Here


Ash recently put out her report which can be found Here

Voice Report is out Here

The Fist put out his report Here

The Combat Master has his report out and it relates to ongoing ACC event! Here


And that’s that for the month. I look forward to seeing everyone on Telegram. Remember participation is key to success so do your best when you can! There is going to be lots of changes incoming. About who we are as a Clan, as a House and even who our characters see themselves as. I will do my best to lead you through them. Locke and Muz likewise will help us kick ass.

There's a Vendetta on the books too for the future. I will talk more about that in an upcoming report once we know more!


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