Hoth Summit Report #2: Close Encounters of the Porg Kind!


Hoth Summit Report #2: Close Encounters of the Porg Kind!


Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Fiction
  3. Competitions
  4. Awards
  5. News
  6. Questions


For this report, I will be talking about the Battle Team which will affect the course of the House Hoth functions as well as what our focus as a house will be upon.

General Announcements:

As some might have been told and made aware, the biggest change to the house is the removal of the Wildcards Battle Team. This removal was done of various reasons of which I will explain but the team has been inactivated and the Battle Team Leader position is put on hiatus because of some other reasons as well. I will begin to walk through the state of mind and the general points I have for doing this.

Removing the Battle Team:
Reason one involves the fact that if you look at the general numbers of who is active in terms of Hoth only members and Battle Team members, there is a lot of overlap. We have a large amount of inactive members who are not involved with the team at all. I want the battle team to be a thing that people who are active are a part, sure, but I would like to see activity sparked for those who are not in the team and see the House get more attention than the team right now. Truth be told, Hoth is suffering without her members. We’ve had a large amount of inactivity, not just as the basic member level, but also at leadership, including myself as Battle Team Leader, for whatever reason (whether it can be helped or there were emergency situations requiring more attention). This is not to say that past or current leadership are bad at their jobs. Just that there has been inactivity which is a fact.
Reason two involves the fact that there has not been a direction or a drive for the Battle Team, the Wildcards. Even if there was another Battle Team Leader, I feel like, objectively, this team concept could be used as a fictional faction with the addition of possibly recreating the Knights of Allusis as a faction for Jedi heavy characters.

Now there are other reasons that are more minor but these are the main reasons for removing the Battle Team at this time. Does this mean that the Battle Team will be gone forever? No, but at this moment, we will not be opening up the team or the position for the Battle Team Leader until further notice.

The reason the Battle Team Leader position will be closed until further notice involves the decision to shut down the Battle Team and not reopen the team up, even with a new concept. Discussion about the Battle Team can still go on in regards of what ideas people have and such, but know that we, Creon and I, would take all discussions made about the team with each member of Hoth as importantly and objectively as we can to assure the success of the House and her members.

Other announcements will come as the Rite of Supremacy ends as this has our focus right now. I encourage everyone to go forth and work your hardest against the other clans to assure victory! Long live Hoth!


[[Fictions will continue soon after the Rite of Supremacy is done!]]


DB Wide


Tracked from last House report until this November 6th.

Celevon Edraven Erions

  • Crescents of Amethyst - 1
  • Clusters of Graphite - 3

Edgar Drachen

  • Clusters of Fire - 25

Saba Astor Tarentae

  • Clusters of Fire - 19

Luna Okami

  • Crescents of Sapphire - 1
  • Clusters of Fire - 409
  • Clusters of Earth - 175

Ka Tarvitz

  • Crescents of Ruby - 1
  • Crescents of Amethyst - 1
  • Crescents of Sapphire - 2
  • Crescents of Topaz - 1
  • Clusters of Fire - 6
  • Clusters of Ice - 12

Jael Chi’ra

  • Crescents of Emerald - 1
  • Clusters of Fire - 259
  • Clusters of Ice - 3
  • Clusters of Earth - 67

Creon Saldean

  • Crescents of Ruby - 4
  • Crescents of Amethyst - 4
  • Clusters of Fire - 77
  • Clusters of Ice - 38
  • Clusters of Earth - 85
  • Clusters of Graphite - 6
  • Legion of Scholar - 3
  • Scroll of the Master - 1
  • Pendants of Blood - 1

Iios Singuard

  • Pendants of Blood - 3
  • Clusters of Earth - 24

Nefin Nightfire

  • Pendants of Blood - 6
  • Clusters of Earth - 24


Clan and House Wide:

New Members
  • Dael Provect - Activity Tracked from 9/30
  • Iios Singuard - Activity Tracked from 10/29
  • Nefin Nightfire - Activity Tracked from 10/28
  • Anu - Activity will be tracked next report!
  • cas ovo - Activity will be tracked next report!
  • Dia Zoler
  • Bon Riverio
  • Wolfe Whitehorn

Clan Wide

DB Wide


  • Tarvitz asks: May I ask what the most important lesson you have learned from your tenure as a leader thus far?

I think the most important lesson I’ve learned is to reach out when you feel like you are alone in leadership. No leader or summit position is completely alone and should not see themselves as an “island”. You shouldn’t leave yourself completely to the devices of whatever hardships come and should always look to others for help when you need it, even if it is from someone who has been previously a leader and is not in a current position. All avenues have their worth and value in assisting anyone in any position, even those who are believed to be under experienced.

  • Celevon asks: Do we get regulated nap times and snacks?

Snacks shall be open to all who want them and the nap times will depend upon your prescribed regimen by the doc- I mean leaders.


That is quite the major change there. However, with how things went, I imagine it will be one for the better.

Great report Kris!

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