House Imperium Report - December 2016


House Imperium Report - December 2016



Good day Imperials, and welcome to the December edition of the House Imperium report! Happy holidays to you all!!

I am so excited for this season, I can finally sit down with my xbox, kick my feet up with a Buur and game for the rest of the nights. As you guys know, Operation: Midnight has begun, and phase 1 ended yesterday. I will do a run down as to what happened for us Imperials to notice and feel for. Also the Voice has released a report which features the seven clans and their respective fictional updates. You should definitely give that a read! And finally as Celebration day came around this month, Seals of Loyalty were gifted to the members who have committed and gave it their all for the Brotherhood.

Now, I believe there was something I was missing...Oh yes!


Thumb-tacles up!

Clan News

Firstly, let’s link the Midnight Competition up here so you don’t lose it.

So there’s three phases of competitions, each with their own series of things to compete in. You have fictions, graphics, trivia, poetry, as well as unique wordsearches, flash games, and comics. There’s also something for the hardcore competitors, as Xen and Eli offer us a long fiction to write, multimedia, two runons to choose from, and a battleplan for those of you more strategically wise than myself.

The first ten placements on each competition gain you points, ranging from 10 points for first place, to 1 point for tenth place. Then there’s additional multipliers that give you extra points based on the difficulty of the competition you enter. So, for example, if Jo Bloggs entered the epic fiction and gained first place, he would receive 20 points, instead of 10. However, if he then entered for fiction phase 2, he would receive 15 points, 5 short of the epic fiction placement. Geddit? Good!

In the phase 1 fiction written by Xen and Eli, we saw that Fallax had successfuly moved into the Ohmen royal palace, Rylla, the head of intelligence, has established her spy network and is netting the streets, and Delak passed away to Fallax’s lightsaber. Which wasn’t Fallax’s, but the apprentice who turned on Fallax and killed him, then later passed down to Xen’Mordin...ANYWAY! Delak died, and his brother Jurdan witnessed this and brought us his body.

Eli also wrote his own fiction, of Elincia Rei’s perspective in the castle as a captive and then later, a Rebel again. There was an email sent out with it attached, if you go into google groups and search for emails sent by Eli, you can read it.

The second phase is different, as you can see here!

We have Watop processing Kylex as he hangs by his wrists, Watop shares this insane moment with the young Sith and a bond is cemented. Very cute, cuddly and with sharp, pointy blades. Everything Kylex loves! Then BOOOM!!! Dek busts down the door, shooting blasters here and there, looking totally badass, and ready to wreck some SHIZZLE! But where is Watop? He’s...sneaked out the back. Great.

We also have a moment where Fallax and his right hand man, Sadon, share intelligence and point to a holographic map that appears infront of the throne. Sadon holds his ground, despite Fallax’s anger getting the better of him. And finally, we have us, the rebels in my sneaky humble abode I picked for us. I hope you don’t mind shaggy carpets ;D ;D

The New Dawn are closing in, we have an escape route, but one they can find. How do we make certain they don’t follow us? Major Sparky Von Wagglehorn III makes the ultimate sacrifice. Taking one for the team, he trenches down and fights the New Dawn off, killing as many as he could until their blasters found their target. As his corpse dropped, his hand released the trigger and the entire building went up in flames. It caused severe damage to Merkak, while we escaped successfully.

Thank you for your sacrifice, Sparky. holds tentacle to heart

Phase 3 begins with some jolly news for us rebels! Laying dead on the floor are Desric, head of indoctrination, and Kadryn, head of recruitment. Two solid strikes at the New Dawn filth, mainly because this will slow down the amount of people joining their armies, including our own soldiers and fleets. But it also decreases the amount of people we have to kill, and cuts the number of loyal men to Fallax.

There’s also a very touching moment in Teyr, where Jen and her kids are herded like cattle to the plaza square. We see Sadon stepping in for Kadryn and delivering a message to the entirety of Cocytus, that if they spot the rebels, to turn them in. The message of failing to comply then began, as the citizens of Teyr, Jen included, were shot down and killed in public display for the holonews.

Finally, we have a covert moment inside of Fallax’s royal chambers. He rises from his bed, sweat beading from his skin as he is unable to sleep or walk properly. He collapses into Haera’s arms and is given a one way ticket to prolonged health. Stabbed in the heart and shooting up to augmented health, Fallax resumes to be his normal self. But at what price?

Let’s kick this competition into gear, folks! Let’s lead the battle, charge the enemy without a shred of fear and conquer them. Let’s take back what is ours!

LET US ALL UNITE FOR THE EMPIRE!! Ahem, speech over.

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Below, are some competitions that are still running, you can fill your boots and pockets with as much crescents as you desire:

A friendly reminder that it’s that time again! Can you hear the sound of ringing in your ears? Because the WINTERBELLS HAVE ARRIVED!!

Yes that’s right, the club favourite game of Winterbells is back again and has a competition run by that evil Fallax on the throne! He is coaxing us rebels into the open to play with white rabbits in snow…AND IT’S WORKING!!

Join in on the fun, and there may be a crescent for you too.



Great job on another month of supreme activity, Imperials! You give this soggy squid a big grin!

You can find the sheet below.

Activity Sheet!

Special shoutout to Landon, Corm, Jurdan and Neckar for rising up to the challenge this month!!


We have just the one today, a picture Jurdan drew of Jyn Erso limping to fight the TIE Fighter. An amazing and accurate black & white, if I’ve ever seen one. Enjoy!

Jurdan One

Final Thoughts

Alara asks: What will you be doing for the holidays? What will Squiddles be doing for the holidays?

Lex: There is about sixteen people coming for dinner, in a four-bedroom house. There will be lots of food, lots of crying, lots of alcohol, but lots of fun. Christmas to me, isn’t right without the entire family involved. As for Squiddles, during these holidays he could take an hour or two just to break from the strategy tent, find a nice, isolated part of the mountains. He will take a bottle of rum and a cloak, sit in the tall grass, then reminisce on old times. An old picture of his parents will be in his palm, and tears will be shed.

Landon asks: What's your stance on not having an Aedile. In the past this position was used to help train that member to move up to take the reigns of the House after the QUA left, or even for vacations. It was also a means used in the club to help mentor leadership and allowed members to earn different perks for instance in the Shadow Academy certain degrees. Do you feel there is a positive way to utilize this position like many other Clans have?

Lex: I’m pretty sure we’ve answered this question times before, but I’ll make a written clear answer here for you to read. The job of the Quaestor of Imperium is to make the activity , welfare and happiness of the house members his top concern, he must put them first and make sure all their needs are filled. This means that I will happily talk with each and every one of you in a comfortable scene, answer whatever questions and comments you have, offer advice, tips and best practices from my experience, and try my best to solve your problems.

The other side of my job, the part you don’t see is this, writing reports, awards, promotions, competitions and what not. If a member is becoming abusive and foul-mouthed, it is my job to take them aside and cool them off, then see if there’s a way to help them. I monitor each and every part of your activity here, from clusters to crescents, crosses to blades, and submissions to hostings. All of this gives me a pretty good idea who the active members are, and if they are benefitting the house and clan.

Now while all of this is pretty overwhelming and heavy administration for regular members and rising stars in our club, we all come from different backgrounds. My job for the past five years was being an office administrator, which is not very different from what I do here as a Quaestor. So taking a break due to over-stressed workloads doesn’t happen to me, i’ve done all this before. And if I do need a break, there’s a Rollmaster, a Proconsul and a Consul to fill in the things I do anyway. Delak (Is he Delak? Jurdan? Jurdan!) is a leader too, he does the same things I do. Check for activity, reward people if they need it, inspire goodwill towards all and the rest of it. While he is still learning the ropes, I can still trust him to lead Imperium if I decide to go on vacation.

We don’t really need the extra staff if all of the summit are doing the same jobs regardless. And when I do leave, I’m sure either Jurdan or someone else would fit right into the role without issues, as Xen and Eli are excellent teachers.

Jorm asks: I currently don't remember if I already asked that, so I'll just do it and hope to not be beheaded for repitition.

Xen as fictional character has proven to be corruptible to the point of being physically usurped and turned aginst the Houses, of which Imperium is the more official one and staunch pillar of support.

How will the Quaestor and by extent the whole House react to the fact that their liege lord can just turn on them? WILL they change, will they continue to hope for the best?

Lex: This is literally the keystone is the entirety of Imperium’s mission statement. To protect and defend the Empire and Emperor at all costs. But when we need to defend the Emperor from himself, it turns into an Alice in Wonderland scene. Things are turned on their heads and the very person we swore to defend we are sworn to destroy.

So Imperium will try our best as we always have to defend this Empire, but here’s a question you may not have thought of. If we are defenders and the sword of the Emperor, why haven’t Imperium decided to join Fallax’s side?

Lithar asks: With your Consul corrupted to the point that he turned on his own subordinates will you turn to the light side and join COU, where only sane people work?

Lex: Sane? Sane!? Where the Consul wears bikinis and the PCON has a gnome for a pet? I’ll pass.

Mune asks: Why is our RM such a sexy beast?

Lex: Idk man, he’s just got one of those… Thrusts UGH, UGH, UGH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH BABY!...Those nice personalities, ya know?

From now on I’m going to keep this diagram here for you, in the hopes that you read it and give me some feedback. Speaking of, I sent an email out containing a survey to all House, if you could kindly take five minutes of your time to say something that praises the house or is one of your concerns about the house, I will read it and try my best to fix it.

Imperium Diagram

Until next time folks! Have a good holiday!

I'll just cuddle this boat until they're gone...

Kraken with plushie boat

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Clan Feedback



  • Midnight is here!

  • Festive squid!

  • Well done Imperium!

  • All the art, gaming and poems

  • Ask the Thulhu is here! Were we bred or programmed for this?

Signed with Love

Quaestor Lexiconus Qor

I'll drag you to join COU anyway. :P

Great report, boss. Lots of exciting things going on! Jurdan Krennel and Sparky von Wagglehorn III will be fondly remembered :-P

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