House Excidium Report #3: Midnight Before Dawn


House Excidium Report #3: Midnight Before Dawn


Midnight Before Dawn

Another month gone. It gives me great pleasure to share a number of fictional updates with all of you that have already left their mark on the Clan. In addition, they will help inform our future fictions as we drive forward to another big DB event sometime next year. Not only that BUT we have another chapter in our Clan fiction about to unfold called Midnight. Overall, a lot of great stuff. First, I’ll share with you the final results for our last Clan event named ‘Starfall’. Second, I’ll briefly speak about a Clan fiction called Bloodlines that explores the events that happened at the Imperial Palace that take place between ‘Starfall’ and ‘Midnight’. Third, I’ll re-look at some House projects. Fourth, I love bragging about all of you.

Lastly, get ready for the upcoming Clan Event, Midnight!!!

Let’s dive right into it.

The Order Campaign: STARFALL!!!

Our Consul Xen’mordin and Proconsul Elincia Rei have finished judging ‘Starfall’, our most recently finished Clan competition. Personally, I am proud of the House’s performance. I am going to get into some numbers but first I want everyone to catch up on the newest entry in the ‘Starfall’ fiction series. Story is important not only to the development of our Clan but also our House. If you haven’t already please read the fictions released for ‘Starfall’:

Read FULL STORY here.

Did you read it? Please read it.


Assuming some haven’t read it, here is a short summary. Our Clan was successful in taking over Aesirus, but in the process we were all lured underground into a mine, save for the Emperor Xen and his Proconsul, Elincia Rei. Where did everything get fwec’d up? Well, Xen is being possessed by an evil Force ghost that calls itself Fallax. After Fallax detonated some charges in the mines to trap all of the Clan underground, the despot attempted to destroy us by activating the other charages. We were the fish and he had the dynamite. In order to ‘save’ the Clan from Fallax’s wrath Xen destroyed the unused detonators, thus preventing the remaining charges going off. Elincia was not so lucky and was taken captive. (Fiction updates to be revealed a little further down)

Awesome. We are stuck underground. How did we get out? Well, that was left up to us. Xen put out a fiction competition and the winning entry may be considered for Clan canon. The competition just ended today so we should find out soon how we all got a welcoming breath of fresh air. :)

Either way, we all got out. Now what? Well, now it’s time for Excidium to save the day along with Imperium in the next chapter called ‘Midnight’. I am super excited for this Clan event because it the perfect opportunity for Excidium to show a little of a rebellious streak. Let’s be frank. Excidium was ordered to a trap the size of a planet. As a House, we should have said no and left a sizable chunk of the House behind to protect the Empire and its interests. Excidium is not a military unit full of robotic troopers and ‘Starfall’ had us playing that role. Therefore, I urge everyone in Excidium to not make the same mistake and learn from what has been dubbed the “Fallaxy Rule”: Don’t trust the Emperor and his office blindly.

Some homework for each and every one of you:

How would your character deal with this betrayal due to blind following of orders? Would they still follow every order of the Empire? Would they rebel? Would they take a more cautious stance towards the Emperor?

Now I want to shift gears and congratulate everyone on a job well done. You are all awesome people, so cheers! First, the Final Standings...

  • First: Blade Ta’var
  • Second: Lexionus Qor
  • Third: Delak Krennel
  • Fourth: Alara Deathbane
  • Fifth: Lucyeth

Full report with standings from the Consul

Some high points I’d like to call out:

  • A good job to everyone who helped develop the Clan story further. You may or may not realize it but it has such a big impact. This is always the best result of any big Clan Event. Words can’t express this properly but Thank you.

  • Excidium really brought it home during the back half of ‘Starfall’. So much activity for ‘Starfall’. It was amazing and I loved it. Special Recognition to our heavy hitters: Lucyeth, Alara, and Shadow. #SoProud #ExcidiumPride

  • Excidium had an advantage in ‘Starfall’ placements in the competitions and the overall standings. I tip my hat to all of you. Bravo!! Special Recognition to Alara, Lucyeth, Zehsaa, Shadow, and Jorm for your placements! #ExcidiumPride #Wow

  • Thank you for your wonderful entries. I urge everyone to check them out immediately after reading this report. Yes, immediately! Give yourself a pat on the back and admire all our wonderful creations from both Excidium and Imperium.

thank you

Bloodlines: An Interlude between ‘Starfall’ and ‘Midnight’

Our Proconsul, Elincia Rei, has written a wonderful Interlude for the events that occur at the Imperial Palace while we are all stuck underground.

Bloodlines Clan Fiction

In summary, it is a tale of escape and some insight into the struggle Xen undergoes under occupation by Fallax, the Force ghost that has possessed his body. There are some nice fights in the middle and some cool uses of the Force. In addition, we learn a bit about Elincia Rei’s secrets, which is useful to know when interacting with the Proconsul in future. I encourage everyone to read it. I won’t spoil the good bits but the punchline is that Elincia Rei escapes with some unexpected help. ^^ Just another character we could write helping us beat up Fallax!

New Clan Event ‘Midnight’

Check out all the details here!


House Projects

Excidium, A House Structure


From now on, I am just going to keep this here. Why? I want everyone to keep this in mind whenever they write anything having to do with Excidium. This is how our House interacts with the Clan itself and we should ALWAYS be aware of its consequences. The current Clan events are a great example. Excidium was ordered to fully participate in a operation it should have held back a bit on. The ‘Fallaxy Rule’, which states ‘Don’t trust the Emperor and his office blindly’, was not followed. This was an issue for Excidium because it is our duty to protect the Empire against all external and internal threats. Xen, our Emperor, is one of those threats right now, even if he is possessed. We can’t let this happen again.

So just remember that when you do ‘Midnight’ competitions, keep the House Structure in the back of your mind and explore how it interacts with the Clan itself. Play with loyalties if you want. It’s fun!!

Some Requests:

  • I need more name ideas for the ‘Mission board’. What we have works but I feel like we can do better.

  • MOAR FEEDBACK! I haven’t heard back from everyone yet so I am hoping there are no questions, but if you do have some feedback for me please pass it on. I want this to be as collaborative as possible.

So continue to think about how your character makes their mark on Excidium because before you know it the Clan Event ‘Midnight’ will be upon us and this is a wonderful opportunity for some House development.

Personality Matrices for Everyone!

Some time a while back, I urged everyone to do a Personality Matrix and promised to share them with the House. It is now done. Everyone who publically published their Personality Matrix to the DB as a whole has been added to a shared folder with everyone’s matrix. This is an excellent resource for writing and a good resource when you are first learning about someone’s character. This should be particularly useful for upcoming fictions and run-ons!

Personality Matrices

Wiki Updates!

Plenty of change has happened with regards to Excidium and one of the tasks high on my radar is to have it properly recorded in the DJB Wiki. I have done an exhaustive read of the Clan Lore and made a note of all Excidium references. What’s left? Some needed updates. Now everyone knows I love the DJB Wiki, but this amazing experience is too good to not share. Therefore, I am calling for willing volunteers who would like to work with me to ensure the voice and spirit of Excidium is well represented. As a bonus, this would count as helping out in a House project, which is particularly useful to Equites or those aspiring to become one.

Now for those who are scared, I understand. I really do. But together we can beat the DJB Wiki and we have Dek Ironius II, who won the DJB-wide Wiki competition, to help us out. It’s like a strange adventure park with plenty of weird neighbors.

scared but totally doing it


Tacitus Athanasius

The biggest thing going on right now for this battleteam is the Legacy competition series. I highly encourage everyone in the battleteam to participate as it’s goal is to accomplish some serious battleteam development. Shadow and Alara have put together a series of competitions that will explore the legacy your character leaves behind on Tacitus Athanasius. This is your chance to expand the storyline of your team and make your mark on its lore! Don’t pass up this wonderful opportunity. All of these competitions end in one month so you still have plenty of time. Do all the things!!

Some links for your ease of use:

Interested in all the excitement? JOIN TACITUS ATHANASIUS!

If you have any specific questions about the team, reach out to Shadow Nighthunter or Alara Deathbane.


Great job everyone! Another solid month. Give each other a pat on the back. You deserve it.

  • Jorm Na’trej promoted to Battlemaster (EQ2)!!

  • Alara Deathbane promoted to Mystic (EQ1)!!

  • Lucyeth received an Anteian Cross!

  • Zehsaa Hysh received a Dark Cross!

  • Shadow Nighthunter received a Dark Cross!

  • Shout outs to some heavy hitters this month! Great job Lucyeth, Jorm Na’trej, Alara Deathbane, Zehsaa Hysh, Kylex, and Shadow Nighthunter! #Proud

  • Several Excidiacs placed during the second half of Starfall. A big congratulations to:

    • Poetry: Blade Ta’var for placing first, Shadow Nighthunter for placing second, Alara Deathbane for placing fourth, and Lucyeth for placing fifth!
    • Fiction: Blade Ta’var for placing first and Lucyeth for placing fourth!
    • Graphics: Zehsaa Hysh for placing first, Shadow Nighthunter for placing second, Alara Deathbane for placing fourth, and Blade Ta’var for placing fifth!
    • Comic: Blade Ta’var for placing first, Alara Deathbane for placing second, and Shadow Nighthunter for placing third!
    • Trivia: Jorm Na’trej for placing first, and __Blade Ta’var for placing second in trivia!
    • Overall Fiction: Blade Ta’var for placing second, and Alara Deathbane for placing third!
    • Overall Gaming: Blade Ta’var for placing first!
  • ACC fights!: None finished :(

  • Congratz to Alara Deathbane for the most Clusters of Graphite in Excidium!

  • Congratz to Alara Deathbane for the most Clusters of Ice this month in Excidium!

  • Shadow Academy Star: Alara Deathbane did a wonderful job in the Shadow Academy this month, earning herself a Dark Savant Tactics! Special mentions go to Kylex and Zehsaa Hysh. Congratz!

  • Society Rank Promotions!

    • Alara Deathbane to INQ Rank VII
    • Alara Deathbane to SA Rank VIII
    • Jorm Na’trej to INQ Rank VI
  • Lastly, I want to recognize everybody for your efforts and accomplishments. Every bit adds to this community and I want to thank all of you for taking some time to ensure the craziness of Excidium reigns supreme. You’re the best.


Competition Spotlight

A Clan event is just around the corner so we will be focusing on that, but rest assured there is plenty to occupy your spare time. For now, here is a quick summary of ongoing competitions. For the full list, please look here. Remember to check out all the tabs!

House Excidium Sponsored:

  • Oops, wrong universe by Kylex: A fiction competition with an interesting twist where your character ends up on the USS. Enterprise Medical Bay. How would your Star Wars character react? (I can’t wait to have Blade meet an Orion...) 1 DAY LEFT!!!

  • Legacy: Your Story by Shadow Nighthunter and Alara Deathbane: Write a fiction about a mission that led your character to a revelation about who they are as an assassin. It is also recommended that you include how Tacitus Athanasius had an impact on them or what it means to be part of Tacitus Athanasius.

  • Legacy: Your Greatest Success by Shadow Nighthunter and Alara Deathbane: Write a fiction about your character’s greatest mission to date that will thrill future generations of assassins to come, so that they learn from your legacy!

  • Legacy: That One Target by Shadow Nighthunter and Alara Deathbane: Create a picture of that one target that your character will always remember. Perhaps this target is from one of your Legacy fictions (Your Story, Your Greatest Success).

  • Legacy: The Ballad Of... by Shadow Nighthunter and Alara Deathbane: Write a poem about your character for the ‘Hall of Memories’ to hold so that future assassins can listen to tales of your greatness.

  • Legacy: The Wisdom I Leave You by Shadow Nighthunter and Alara Deathbane: Write a fiction where your character passes down your knowledge into a holocron for future generations. Maybe it’s bits of advice and maybe it’s a warning, but wisdom is one of the best things to leave behind…

  • Beware of Cackles in the Dark by Shadow Nighthunter and Alara Deathbane: Write a fiction where your character survives Dathomir and its shadowy inhabitants.

  • A new wardrobe by Kylex: A simple graphics competition where you draw your character in an outfit from outside the Star Wars universe.

Clan Scholae Palatinae Sponsored:

  • MIDNIGHT: This doesn’t come out for a few days but take a sneak peak at it. I will send out a separate email once we get more details on the 2nd of December. It’s time to beat up Fallax!

  • CDW: The Fire Within by Mune: Explore your character’s emotions through poetry. Any poetry style will do! 2 DAYS LEFT

  • CDW: The Devil by Mune: A tarot card is given your character. You get the devil. Write a fiction exploring the depths of what this card means to your character and incorporate it into a story.

DJB Sponsored:

  • Guests of the Matron: DB ACC wide tournament! Highly recommended!! Just a reminder to read all the rules and that the minimum post length has been increased for this tournament.

  • Scarlet and Darkblade’s Puzzle Party: Puzzles every two weeks. Give it a try!

  • The Thirteen stories: This collection of fiction prompts has you simply responding to a quote and writing how your character would interpret it. If any quotes speak to you it is an excellent opportunity to write about how your character view it. I recommend this one.

  • Don’t I Know You Three: You, You, and Me: Another wonderful fiction competition where you get to meet new people for the holidays. Pick anyone you have been dying to meet, ask to use their character and then write away!

  • Christmas Room Escape: Flash game competition where the fastest time for the escape wins!

  • Star Wars Trivia: Very Simply. Take the Star Wars Quiz and then report your results!

Member Spotlight

We do so much more than just the numbers that are tracked on the website. We are a community and I’d like to take this time to show off some awesome things we’ve done as a House that don’t quite fit anywhere else. Thank you for your contributions!


Gender Bend Part 1! (Jormica (Jorm), Xennifer (Xen), Lexia (Lex) by Zehsaa Hysh


Gender Bend Part 2! (Shad (Shadow), Edge (Blade), Alaric (Alara), Eddy (Elincia), Zehssa breaking the fourth wall) by Zehsaa Hysh


Brax and Kylex (dressed in sailor moon costume) by Zehsaa Hysh


Kylex, by Kylex


Fiction: Tales of Craziness and Mayhem

ACC fights: So many time-outs :(


DJB News

  • DB fiction update!! Check it out here! If you missed the first part you can read it here.

  • Next GJW in late Spring/Summer!

  • M:VOICE position open to all applicants. Applications due by December 4th. More details here.

  • There is a new fiction DB podcast going on! Check out the details here. You can also reach out to Atra Ventus and Qyreia.

  • New fiction rubric out. Please follow this from now on!

  • Possession Open Beta is here! Everyone go buy stuff here and here. More links are in Evant’s latest report here.

  • Possessions to go live around December 6th! More details here.

  • Trial of Acquisition now available to all who have obtained the rank of Knight. Go to your Admin menu and grab your sweet free possessions!

  • More Possession Info from the Regent. Take a look here!

  • Rogue One Celebration. Check out the details here and here. It will also include an awesome run-on where you can meet people from different clans!

  • Shadow Academy is restructuring some degrees, rewriting some courses, and removing old ones. Take a peek at the Shadow Academy to see what changed. A summary here.

  • New Course: Ranged Weapons Studies!

  • SA Magistrate position open. For more details check it out here.

  • Wiki updates as it pertains to possessions have been released! Check it out here.

  • GMRG ranks XI and XII now permanently earned! XI requires 3400 Clusters of Fire and 12 Pendants of Blood. XII requires 4500 Clusters of Fire and 14 Pendants of Blood.


The next month will be quite exciting. The Dark Brotherhood has a lot for you do during the month of December so don’t be shy. A big Clan event ‘Midnight’ is just around the corner. A big month long celebration for Rogue One is taking place in December. Tacitus Athanasius has a number of number of character and battleteam development competitions. In addition, there are some fun events going on. Now I know this month can be busy for some so do what you can and have fun. Lastly, I look forward to writing with all of you in the Clan event ‘Midnight’ and everything else in store for us in the new year! Enjoy your holidays and have a wonderful holiday season!

Reminder: Continue to explore how your character leaves their own mark on Excidium. Talk to the rest of the House about how the details might look. Apply this to your stories and complete your character sheet if you haven’t already. Also, remember to ask for ACC extensions if you need one. There is no need to time out. Email the ACC staff and it will be extended. Lastly, reach out to myself, Shadow, or Alara if there are any competitions you would like to see but haven’t got the chance to participate in yet.

To the Future of Excidium!

_To the Future!_

Desktop Telegram

[CSP Chat - Log in to view join link]

Clan Feedback

Ask CuddlyBlade!

Alethia asks: “Who’s next?”

Blade: Looks down naughty list... ALL OF THEM!

_Run away_

Xen asks: “ARE YOU HYPE?!”

Blade: Damn you, Wally. Such a deep question. :D As it stands right now, Blade couldn’t kill an innocent child to prevent a war. It has no connection to anything bad. It didn’t protect a bad guy. A complete innocent in short. She couldn’t and would find another way to prevent the war. It would be easier to kill an adult that might have some dark spots to them.

Zehsaa asks: “What is your favorite Xmas cookie?”

Blade: Sugar cookies I decorate with my childish art.

Zehsaa asks: “What would Blade do if she has a bad hair day?”

Blade: Take another shower. Hope it fixes itself. If it was still stubborn or she was in a rush...probably say fwec it and go out anyways. Be amused by anyone who thought she was out late all night.

Xen asks “If you could be any kind of soup, what would you be?”

Blade: Matzo ball soup with turkey. Short life but so much yum.

Xen asks “Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?”

Blade: stabs Fallax for the good of the clan, accidentally kills Xen. "oh no...what will we do"

Atra asks “Why is she cuddly?”

Blade: One can only really know when you hug Blade. Come here and I'll show you.

Wally asks “if Blade could fight the ultimate sith warrior, or an animate, tangible form of the Wiki, who would she want to fight and defeat more?”

Blade: The wiki as it is the true Sith Lord. Pravus' power pales in comparison to it. Everyone is already its slave.

_Run away_



  • Operation Starfall Results!

  • Bloodlines

  • New Clan Event ‘Midnight’!

  • House Projects

  • Tacticus Athanasius

  • Such activity, much wow

  • Competition Spotlight

  • Member Spotlight

  • DJB News

  • Final Thoughts

  • Q&A Time!

Signed with Pheromones


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