HQD Summit #2: Is This The Main Entree?


HQD Summit #2: Is This The Main Entree?




Short report from us this month, but still full of delicious, custard-filled goodies. We’ll be covering the shifting positions up on high in the DC, ARCou-op event, and more! So, sit tight and prepare your reading glasses.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. The Consul Bride
  3. Projects
  4. News
  5. Competitions
  6. Transfers
  7. Crescent Leaderboard
  8. Closing Words


The Consul Bride

An Arconan–Odanite Tale of True Love and High Adventure

Chapter I

A group of people, some shimmering holoprojections themselves, sat in a dim room around a miniature holoprojector in the center of a rectangular table. On one side of the table sat the Odan-Urr delegation, which consisted of a longtime Chiss agent named Len Iode flanked by two holographic colleagues that had aided in his investigation. On his left was a Zabrak male and skilled Arcanist, Akaarn Tayl’cor, and on his right was an elderly Human Jedi who had lent his considerable talents in peering into the Force. On the other side of the table sat the Arconan delegation lead by a redheaded Human Sith named Lucine Vasano, flanked by two minions of her own; a half-Sephi Sith, Rulvak, and half-Selonian female named Eilen Jath who had piloted the other two to the particular location. Both Clans had sent representatives from what remained uncompromised of their respective intelligence branches, the Sentinel Network and the Dajorra Intelligence Agency, to the rare Lotus meeting, and the stakes had never been higher.

“As you can see, the interference in our affairs was subtle and indirect, yet nonetheless potentially has long-term consequences. They tried to attack us through pre-existing local enemies and even through a rogue Inquisitorius cell. Both have been dealt with, but they are still winning the war. Simply put, the Collective has successfully been building its assets and we have reason to believe that they are mounting for another attack,” explained Len.

“And why should that bother us at this juncture? We have been able to coordinate proper responses where needed thus far and kept you well-supplied with information from sources closer to, hmm, home. What is so urgent here?” asked Lucine smoothly, her polite visage impeccable.

“We believe that these smaller attacks may be symptoms of a more serious leak. We think they are going after you again,” replied Liam Torun matter-of-factly.

“We already drove them away. Why would they come back for more?” asked Rulvak.

“All evidence points towards a long-term game that won’t favor either of us. I can walk you through the data again,” offered Akaarn.

“No, darling, we understand the data perfectly well. What eludes me is how it is you believe it can benefit us to engage now. Are you quite sure of this intel? Your ranks were a bit more…ruffled than ours,” replied Lucine while Eilen shuffled and shifted uncomfortably next to her, large ears pressed flat to her head. “The DIA supports your hypothesis, of course, even if it is a bit academic.”

“We are very sure. And as you say, your investigations also support it,” Akaarn replied through gritted teeth. Rulvak was pensive, his usual silent self, as Akaarn and Lucine debated the finer points of just what exactly was ‘academic’ about the argument. Len simply watched his Arconan counterpart as she swiped through the report again, ready to answer her questions. Finally, the Jedi intervened in what was becoming a pointed discussion between the two as to the credit of one another’s agencies; tensions were still high following the defections before and after Nancora.

“Remember, we are all on the same side here. The Collective wants us to fight. Peace, my friends,” reminded Liam.

“…um," spoke up Eilen, her tail tucked tight and fingers jittering. “Forgive me if I’m not understanding, but, these Collective folk you’re talking about, you all beat them, right? Last time? That’s what I was told…”

“Yes, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping them,” stated the Chiss.

“We only cut off one head. A piece of one, even. We still must destroy the rest,” commented Rulvak quietly. He waved a hand, and more data appeared to scrawl over the holoscreens. “Our summit has been digging into the heads of each of the three pillars and their lieutenants. A few key assassinations would buy us much time to dismantle them while they regrouped.”

“Jedi do not assassinate their opponents,” Liam intoned gravely, surely speaking on behalf of the more moral-minded of the Light Clan’s legions.

The half-Sephi twitched his ears, his microexpression disdainful before it went back to smoothness. “Perhaps then Jedi should simply provide support for those of us intelligent enough to do our work, and not protest when it is done. Your hands can stay ‘clean.’”

“We don’t need your coddling,” snapped Akaarn, and before Len could focus the group again, Lucine waved her hand.

“Gentlemen, gentlemen…now now. We all have what we are best suited for, let us not argue about it when we could make each other richer simply by applying our skills most effectively. And, speaking of…Len, dear, you mentioned some additional reports off of that tip I sent you, no?”

“Indeed,” responded the Chiss. He pulled out his datapad, scrolling for a moment, before sending along more files. “Your contact returned favorably. We were able to access some of Capital Enterprise’s expense reports. The banking guilds respond rather more nicely to inquiries from a representative of the Vatali Empire.”

“As I said, roles that we are each best suited for.” Lucine’s smile put a pouncing nexu to shame.

The new data was put up on the holoscreens, temporarily quieting the room while everyone digested the additional information. After a moment passed, everyone simply stared at one another, the uncomfortable truth lingering in the air. Finally, both sides spoke out in unison, indistinguishable from each other.

“We have to do something—"

“An intervention is necessary—”...

Read the rest here…

Oh? A fiction? You are probably wondering a few things. What is this all about? Wait, haven’t I read this already? And more.

This is the opening fiction to our ARCou Coop Event!!! The Consul Bride. Go and read the discourse for the juicy details, many members were featured within it! The allied clans of Arcona and Odan-Urr had came across some startling details on the Collective. Now the clan seeks to hit their enemy where it hurts and have staged themselves undercover on Canto Bight. Unfortunately, the Collective gets wind of this and offers their own counterattack, stealing the past Consul of COU and past Proconsul of Arcona.

Also, Atty has dropped a couple news posts that detail the Collective perspective of the event! So, GO REEEAAD!!!

This event has several competitions ranging from puzzles, flashgames, gaming, graphic art, and a collaborative fiction. You can find the event comps here. Sign ups for the collaborative event can be done via this form.

Go forth and tango with the Jedi, loves. They don’t bite...much.



Wiki! As always, the Clan’s wiki articles are undergoing revamping and development. This includes both Houses and Battleteams. There is always room for more volunteers, from wiki coding, (re)writing of content, proofing, art development, and more. If interested, don’t hesitate reaching out to your Summit.

Co-Organizing Competitions Opportunity: I, Zuj, have a small series I would like to run for the djb. It’s focuses on personal spaceships and hopefully will be a load of fun. I mean of course it will be! Anyways, this is a great opportunity to learn how competitions work and/or provide back to your djb and Clan community! So if you are a Journeyman 4 or under rank, contact me and we’ll plan out some competitions.




GM, DGM, and Herald: We welcome Telaris "Mav" Cantor as our new Grand Master shortly after our last report. Since then. Mav has appointed Morgan B. Sorenn, or Vyr as we know him, as Deputy Grand Master. That had left a vacancy in the Herald position. Selika Roh has stepped up to fill the Pirate Queen’s shoes as Herald. Congratulations once again, you three!

Open Positions and Volunteer options

  • GM is offering Quick Tasks in his reports that anyone can message him via email or tg to claim. First come first serve for work that will look nice for the shinies. Example can be found in his last report.
  • The Voice has released his office’s project tracker. In it includes what volunteer work one could do to help. You can find out more here.

  • Social Media Tribune, a position in charge of managing the DJB social platforms, is looking to be filled, applications accepted till March 25th.

  • Clan Taldryan is looking for a Proconsul, March 31st.

  • Clan Naga Sadow is looking for a Quaestor, Aedile, and Rollmaster. Apps close the 29th.

  • Clan Scholae Palatinae is in need of a Quaestor, apps close the 25th.

If you are interested in applying for a position, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for tips or proofing, etc. We also can point you in the direction of helpful resources that would aid in applying and leadership in general, like the Leadership courses.


Kordath has sat on the throne — more like thrown on it! Read here for how our Shadow Sloth’s came to power.

Galeres is looking for a new BTL for Specter Cell! Applications due March 25th!



  • See The Consul BrideCB-comps, all of that, yes do it! I believe in you.

Additional competitions can be found in the Competition Center.



We welcome Edema R’uh-Kalinor or Rins as we know him back into Voidbreaker! Blithe and Etio have joined the team! Give them a warm welcome, all!


Crescent Leaderboard

Below you will find the numbers used to determine the scoring and the leaderboard itself.

  • Diamond: 7
  • Ruby: 6
  • Amethyst: 5
  • Sapphire: 4
  • Emerald: 3
  • Topaz: 2
  • Quartz: 1
Member   Points
Grot 79
Tali 34
Lucine 15
Zujenia 13
Eilen 10
Koliss 3
Lee 2


Closing Words

That was way shorter than I have ever written. Don’t worry, we will have a long one for you next time. ;)

You may have noticed that the Award and Promotion section was lacking from this report. That’s alright! You all have been busy and active this past month. In due time, we’ll be seeing more shinies and level ups before you know it. In the meantime, keep participating in those comps! We have our wonderful coop event with COU to join in to, many of the comps are easy and quick. Other activities that help increase eligibility for recognition is helping out with projects or tasks. The last and most important bit to remind you all is to have fun!!! Do activities that you enjoy, take things at your own pace, collaborate with your peers as a stress-free fun, etc. But just relax and have fun with this escapism from real life. <3

That’s all, Folks. Hope you all are doing swell. Our doors are always open, so do not hesitate to ask any questions or share any ideas, etc.

By the hammer,

Savant Zujenia
Quaestor, House Qel-Droma

First! Thank you for the mentions, Zuji. Great report :)

Lovely report, much information, do the things!

Great report, just one tiny mistake, mesa not in vb 😀

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