[HRLD] Praetor Report : Invasion of the Porgs #1


[HRLD] Praetor Report : Invasion of the Porgs #1


Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Graphic Competitions
  3. Awards Showcase
  4. Artwork Showcase
  5. Artist Showcase
  6. News
  7. Conclusion


Hello all of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood! My name is Ozosi, but I go by Kris. I am the newly appointed Praetor to the Herald (Vyr). I wanted to start publishing reports in order to get details of what will happen with regards to the Shroud Syndicate Society as well as the Artwork within the Department under the Herald.

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself a bit more, adding a little bit of humor with some questions posed by members in the art society.

Tasha'Vel asked these questions:

#AskPHRLD What are some challenges in drawing you have faced and how did you cope/overcome them?
For the first question, I want to say that there are some challenges of which I think every artist faces. “Am I good enough?” “Is this pleasing to others?”. One thing I think that works in this situation with self doubt is to remember that everyone has someone who will find them to be talented. You just got to find the right people and sometimes they even takes time. Many great artists who everyone believes in talented beyond the general public have this same self doubt. I share this as with many others within DB, but I’ve learned to overcome it by believing in myself regardless of what another person might think. If I’m karking proud of my art, then I’ll be proud of it.
#AskPHRLD What are some ideas/goals you are hoping to see happen with the new upcoming Graphics society?
For the second question, I want to say that I’d like to see the Graphic Society hold events for people to learn how to create great art from those within the ranks. I think showing people the process might create some growth within the artists of DB. I want to hold bimonthly reports of which list off some live streams with details schedules of when the live stream will be broadcasted so that the members of DB can watch and learn as well as appreciate the artist for their work. I also want to see ranks being used to show off more people within the Graphics Society besides the Herald and Praetor. I think giving more ranks to people might show that they are valued within the Graphics Society as well as rewards for obtain those ranks. .

Aurora "Aura" Ta'var (Blade) asked these questions:

#AskPHRLD What do you suggest as drawing exercises that might work well as TG chat challenges? I would suggest as exercises doing art swaps and allowing another member to look at your art and offer advice through drawing on the art piece what could be improved on or just suggestions on how to make it more creative with a new creative look. I would expect this to be completely confidential and consensual in terms of allowing someone else to essentially draw on your artwork. This excise, however, is very common, even with such examples of just drawing a line on a piece of paper and having someone else create something from it. I think this could be a good exercise to help people learn to have a more creative imagination.

#AskPHRLD How do we protect our porg friends from those wishing to eat them? We need to keep the porgs safe regardless of how delicious they look cooked. I would say to keep them in a locked stronghold with all the latest and greatest protection.

Bentre asked this question:

#askPHRLD what has helped to define your personal art style. What do you find particularly inspires you? As I stated in the chat, I think I defined my personal art style by trying to emulate others I see. Using qualities I personally like about someone’s style and try to match it or even surpass in my style. If I see an eye technique used by someone, I try to make something of the same effect or learn how they did it so I can understand and make my art different or unique because I understand the other artist’s own style better. As far as the second question goes I would say I’m inspired by seeing others who might be better than myself and trying to match their live of experience and expertise with my own progress. I learn from their style and their artwork so that I can better myself.


Graphic Competitions

Here are some links to some Graphic Competitions!


Award Showcase

Every bimonthly report, there will be an award showcase of which awards members are proud of will be shown as well sa the art of which won the award. If you would like to show off this award, please fill out the last question here.

  • Member Name/Dossier: Zujenia
  • Awarded: Gold Novae .
  • Artwork:

Here is an example


Artwork Showcase

Each report will show off a few artists and their artwork. If you would like to have your artwork shown off: Click Here and fill it out

“Anchorage Ruins”

The moment the planets aligned!

“Elemental Fire“


Artist Showcase

Each report will show off an artist of the community with some information about the artist. If you would like to be features, click here and fill out the form.

  • Member Name: Zujenia

    • Deviantart Link: Link Here!
    • About Me!: > Hi! I'm Zujenia, Zuji, Zuj, Kai! I have been a doodler since I could hold a crayon. Harking from Arcona, I dabble mainly with pen and pencil, some crayons and color pencil, inking, etc. I absolutely love sculpture, not ceramics, but more like wood, metal, random bits of things I can manipulate or hot glue together. Yes, I'm a diy-er. :P
    • Example(s):

Here is an example

(I'm not cheating! I swear!)




I am going to link to a lot of new reports of which have come out! Please don’t hesitate to read them all and pay special attention to the biggest news of which affects the whole Brotherhood.



Ozosi Vym
Praetor to the Herald

Sweet Ghost of Bob Ross that is some nice art. Nice report as well!

Yay, that is an amazing report can't wait to see more art and more reports. :)

There are far too many porgs in this report. I'm hungry now.

Great report, too.

Great report Ozosi!!! :) Thanks for the Art Showcase mention. Great idea btw ;) Love it. <3

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