Lemniscate: First Steps


Lemniscate: First Steps


Well Hello Chaps,

Welcome to our cozy little Battleteam’s first official report. I’ll let you know what’s currently up, running, or coming our way looking for trouble, and will briefly outline what you can expect from these reports in the future.

Current Events

Well, there’s a GJW on the door expected to hit October 13th, and every activity in the club appears to be geared towards it. The last official fiction update leading up to this event can be read here. Our own Clan has launched the Battleteams Pelleaon and Krennic, and the Voice has released a report which includes details on various aspects of your Character Sheets and Possessions

Soon! (TM)

Awards, recognitions, promotions and shout-outs once you start racking them up! I’ll also create a few more graphics to pretty these reports up.


For Leminiscate

Both have been extended to end October 9th, to give y’all a better shot at those shinies and bragging rights.

For Scholae Palatinae

** The whole worl... uhm, DJB**

I know I promised you two more competitions of my own, but I’ve decided to postpone them to better integrate them into the Clan’s Development Offensive coming up late this year. Sorry folks, that one’s on me.

Aaaand that’s all for now! If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t be shy to hit me on Telegram or email.

Jorm Na’trej

Nicely done, Jorm!


Woop woop! Great first report, Jorm! :D gives a gallon of rum

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