Naga Sadow: Live From Orian


Naga Sadow: Live From Orian


Hey Naga Sadow, this is your Consul, Bentre. This last month has been a mixture of interesting happenings. We have seen some cool numbers coming by from Clan Naga Sadow over the last few weeks, have seen an uptick in gaming and if you all have checked your email boxes I am sure you have seen that the Winter in Orian has been judged. So I am just going to get into things for this month’s report to give everybody a chance to rest a little bit before our next cooperative event.


“Well, that is unless you are the New Orian Empire of course. While rumors circulate that citizens are being abducted and brainwashed into military service, one has to wonder how so many loyal to the new order of Orian really go there. Perhaps it is all true. We live in strange times indeed.”

“Already we have seen several brash individuals carrying ancient Jedi weapons, also known as lightsabers openly in the streets of our cities. I would warn you all to keep your children close to you these days, Orian. If these individuals have already infiltrated our government, how far are we from attempts by these new masters to abduct children for indoctrination into their ranks?”

“Additionally, sightings of the black-eyed demon in the purple longcoat have been spreading amongst the populace again. You may remember that the most prevalent reported sightings of this man’s appearances spiked during and following the incursion that drove the Collective occupation from Orian space. Other abnormal sightings include a beastmaster with a head of long, white hair terrorizing the children of the system. So yes, a band of cultists and sorcerers have seized our seat of government while our military stands by and watches.”

“Speaking of unusual sightings, we have seen the likes of a scarred, walking corpse in black robes stalking Orian. In fact, the long-haired madman was seen chasing smugglers and other freedom-loving individuals on the outer borders of our system. Others have reported losing members of their crew to the combined efforts of a tattooed alien described as “a whirling tornado of blades and lekku” and a rotund and unkempt man sporting a ponytail.”

“These activities, so shortly after the unexplained appearances of what appeared to be New Republic cruisers, have sent many citizens to theorize. Some believe that these masters are cleaning up our spacelanes, while others postulate that the Republic may be planning an attack. Some even believe this new order will be short lived.”

“When we come back after a short break, we will start to discuss how the local huttball season has really taken off. Just remember that so long as there is injustice in our home, the Orian Frequency will be there to keep you abreast of the truth. While these tyrants, no better than the Collective before them, may hold our home worlds hostage they cannot crush our spirits. They cannot crush the truth. And their Overlord is a git.”

Soon the image of the faceless host disappeared as the communication system cut out and resumed their normal broadcasts, with many displaying a simple ‘we apologize for the technical difficulties’ banner.

Bentre meanwhile stared into the holographic display on his desk, which once again carried information about the galactic stock market prices. The current displayed price of tibanna gas might have been down to his disappointment, but the Corellian’s temper was now flaring.

Want to read the whole fiction? Well, you can find it in its entirety if you click here


News From The Club

What have we seen? Well, there are things like:


News From The Clan

  • Our Proconsul and friend, Darkhawk was recently named as a Son of Sadow less than a week ago

  • Quaestor Hades has put together a report for House Marka Ragnos touching on gaming and some reorganization of House assets

  • The WINTER IN ORIAN mini-event came to a close. This event saw our newbie, Nikana take the gold and claim a shiny Crescent with a Ruby Star for his work. Nikana was the only Sadowan that took part in every competition of the event. Even more than that, he took 2 first place positions and 3 second place positions in comps in the series giving him a pretty hefty lead. Taking second place with a first, second and third place each were Kojiro Keibatsu Sadow and Tasha’Vel Versea


Competitions of Note


Parting Words

We have been seeing some great gaming activity from Clan Naga Sadow. I went back through and counted. Assuming my counting is right we have seen Naga Sadow at the top of the cluster queue 16 times since the beginning of the month, second in the cluster queue five days, and in third another two days of this month. I say this not to brag, but to point out the sheer amount of gaming that Sadowans have been engaging in. It has been a lot of fun.

As we game as a community- and I am speaking to us as a DB-gaming-community, not just a Clan- we grow closer as a community. I hope to see more of us gaming, see more of the DB gaming, and hope that will be able to offer more opportunities like Locke’s Trial of Fire for folks to game together and compete together.

I could beat on a couple of other drums, but as we head into our event with Taldryan, I hope to see you all bring your A games. I would love to see a variety of Sadowan names on those participant lists and on our activity reports.

Bloom where you find yourself planted, or find your place to thrive, but I hope to see you tearing up whatever section of the Brotherhood you choose to participate in. In any case, I will be seeing you all around the Brotherhood, Sadowans!

For Orian, For the Clan,

And don’t forget: Conquest is our destiny; we shall not fail.


Overlord of Naga Sadow

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