Naga Sadow: March to Tenixir


Naga Sadow: March to Tenixir


Welcome to the monthly Consul Report for this third month of the year. With our return to Orian, things have already been exciting enough, but Naga Sadow has barely had enough time to rest before a call to action went out. Given the most recent turn in the club-shared narrative (which it looks like is supposed to precede our next Great Jedi War) this report is going to be a bit more short and to the point. So without further ado, let’s get to it!


A Changing of the Guard

The return to Orian has also seen two of our leaders to step down. One was our very own resident Grand Master in retirement, Muz Ashen Keibatsu. As he stepped down, he suggested that his second in command was ready for the hot seat. After some consideration, the Summit accepted this recommendation and Xolarin was promoted from Aedile to the position of Quaestor. Many congrats to him, and many thanks for Muz for his return tour of service for the good of the House and Clan. Really, words cannot express as much as I wish they could.

The mention of the Summit brings to mind the second part of that changing of the guard. Also retiring from ‘positioned’ service, Ashia Kagan Keibatsu has stepped down from being my Proconsul. So obviously, this leaves us a bit short handed for the time. But there will be more on that a bit further down. Before we get to that though, let’s go about hitting some of the usual beats of these Consul reports.


News From The Clan

  • Our very own Rollmaster took to bragging on a bunch of you

  • Muz gave us all a very nice fiction as he made his public announcement of stepping down from the Quaestor of Marka Ragnos

  • Ashia Kagan Keibatsu stepped down as our Clan’s Proconsul


News From The Club


Competitions of Note

  • The big take away for competitions is the just-mentioned Tenixir Prison Break. Enclosed within you will find a Graphics competition, a Fiction competition, a Run-On competition and a Create-an-NPC competition. This competition is more focused on individuals than Clans, so feel free to mix up your RO teams like I know some already have!

  • The Grand Master’s Royal Guard competitions are going on, as usual. This Month’s competitions are running for another couple of weeks

  • Qyreia is running a neat little mix of competitions of “weeaboo” flavored variety

Really though, I would think that the prelude taking place in Tenixir would be enough for you. I would suggest that if you can’t find a comp to your liking to create one, but that might just have to wait until this month’s event is finished. Still, there is plenty to do if you take a look at the Competitions Running page. There is always some fun to be had!


Help Wanted

You know, it might sound a bit weird but I find this moment more than a bit melancholy in writing this section of my report. However, it can be more than a bit difficult to operate a Clan all on my lonesome. As such, as the Consul of the Clan, I am officially opening applications for the open seat of Proconsul. I will warn folks, I am going to be eyeballing applicants pretty seriously. Ashia served the Clan faithfully (again) for two years, and she has left some big shoes to fill. I want to thank her profusely for her service, and to thank her for her part in helping set the direction of our Clan.

Now, we get to the brass tacks. Alongside my own position, Proconsul is a critical role in the Clan. It can have a surprisingly large impact on the direction of the Clan and by extension the Brotherhood itself.

I will break with the stiff, formal language that seems to be typical of most of these sorts of notices to let you all know that the position of Proconsul is not one to take lightly. If you wish to apply, I merely ask that you consider it seriously. The position is not one that comes without it’s own amount of stress and frustration. It can be a very rewarding experience, being Proconsul, but it is not an easy experience. The obligation, the responsibility is pretty heavy sometimes, most times, and while you will be working with your Consul-Overlord as part of a dynamic duo, it is not something I suggest applying for on but a whim. If you think you want to apply, or if you are considering it, take a peek at the wiki page for Proconsuls).

If you still feel you want to apply, there are a few things that are absolute musts for potential PCONS:

  • Firstly, be sure you are able to reply to emails within 24 hours. Telegram contact within the same time peripd is of course another must, but email is a bit of a classic yet and still the hard standard.

  • Second, you must have a general idea of where you feel Naga Sadow could improve, and more importantly, how you think we can make those improvements.

  • Third, hey, you gotta be willing to work with all the folks in Clan leadership, to help them build and develop their abilities.

  • Fourth, you need a go-get-em attitude! Proconsul is a challenge!

  • Fifth, you need to be able to write reports or joint reports with the Consul. This can range in content, and sometimes this means a bit of go-for-this or go-for-that gathering information or fact-checking, to things that are fun or zany if you are tag-teaming with the Consul. If you are doing your own reports, it might be more of the same, and then some!

  • Sixth, I want folks who are able to maintain relationships with other folks. This means you should keep good working and social relationships with your fellow Clan-folk.

  • Seventh, you have to be both able and willing to reward members appropriately with medals or promotions. Positive reinforcement is a part of the job.

  • Eighth, you need to coordinate with leadership on Clan and House levels for projects, events and all sort of other shenanigans. This means if it is DB-wide Vendetta or Clan-wide event, for example, you are going to be getting your hands dirty.

  • Nineth, sometimes meetings or other such things are conducted over Telegram or Discord. A passing familiarity with both is another part of the job.

I could give some particulars on applications, and what I expect, but I am going to give you all some freedom when it comes to your applications. If you feel that something is worth throwing into your application, then go ahead and do so. I am not necessarily expecting to see a SWOT analysis or one of those clunky three months plans that have been all the rage. Though hey, a 30/60/90 is not particularly bad. I am more interested in the content of your application than I am strictly in any particular format of application. If you feel an experience is relevant, include it.

Applications will be opened to Brotherhood-wide for the next three weeks. I will reserve the ability to make a selection early if a particular applicant is especially fitting, but otherwise, I look forward to seeing what you all hope to bring to the table. If that does not occur, they will close upon the 30th of March.


Parting Words

How do you really follow up the announcement of an open Proconsul position and an event which will help lead into the next Vendetta? Well, I guess it would be with a word of encouragement to you all. This prison break offers us all an opportunity to show our A games, and as such I hope that you all will flex your creative and competitive muscles. Take some chances, tell fascinating stories, and kick it as I know Naga Sadow and her Sadowans can.

I and your House Summits (and your Rollmaster) will be cheering you all on.

And of course, I Remain Your Servant In Darkness,


Overlord of Naga Sadow

Nice report out, Overlord. And march we all will!

good report

Awesome report.

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