Rollmaster Report 17: Spring Is On Its Way


Rollmaster Report 17: Spring Is On Its Way



Heya all, it has been quite a crazy start with this new year. It all started with a simple routine doc checkup on my pregnancy that ended up with me delivering my son and a long stay in NICU. Good news is he is finally home and now I am tasked with working on a daily routine with him.

That aside, we have had a couple notable joins that have been making progress and have gone up the ranks. We also have several who have just been killing it in the shadow academy.

Awards and Promotions

Dark Maven: Leadership and Legends

Dark Savant: Tactics

Dark Savant: writing and Philosophy

Anteian Cross awarded

Anteian Cross awarded

Scroll of Indoctrination

Steel Cross Awarded

Anteian Cross awarded

Dark Maven: Combat

Dark Cross awarded

Promoted from Proselyte to Neophyte

Dark Pundit: Essentials and Vendetta

Promoted from Neophyte to Acolyte

Dark Maven - Writing, Combat, Galactic History, Legends,Historical Legends

Dark Savant - History and Lore, Legends, Writing and Philosophy

Dark Sage - History and Lore

Scroll of Foundation

Congratulations all and well done! I am so proud of you all!

DJB News

Clan News


If you haven’t had a chance, check out the current competitions!

Ask the Rollmaster

  • Bale asks: How many sweet rolls can you make in one day, oh master of rolls?

In a day, I can probably make several trays of sweet rolls.

  • Idris asks: Also can we have some of said sweet rolls?

Yes, you can. I will make a special batch just for you.

  • Appius Wight asks: “What has been the biggest up and down you have had in the position so far?”

Well I have really enjoyed working with assisting our new and old members alike, the downside unfortunately is still retaining our new joins.

  • Scarlet asks: “What was the most challenging thing you ever had to do?”

Well, the biggest challenge was emailing and contacting people as I do have a slight fear of confrontation. This has helped me to reach out a lot more.

  • Xolarin asks: “What is your favorite “Babylord moment” So far?”

My favorite is when my son smiles in his sleep. It is the cutest moment ever.

  • Darkhawk asks: “What are good habits to have when we sit down to draft a fiction?

A lot of people have many different approaches to writing fiction. I would say have a story idea in your mind on what you would like to write about. Write out a short outline of the idea. “What is going on, what happens next, conclusion of the action.” Then start writing your story idea. Along the way, if you need ideas or inspiration, have someone to bounce ideas off of. Having a person to help you with formulating ideas is awesome.

Thank you for all the questions!

Again, if you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to reach me on telegram or email me @[Log in to view e-mail addresses] I would love to help you out,


Congrats everyone!! Thanks for putting this together, Tasha. And there are more to come! :)

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